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  1. Have any checked the windows from penny's appartment too? or just the justice league's?
  2. If you are to compare Princess leia's bikini with something penny has wore, then I would consider for the same parameter (being sexy) the hello hello kitty pj shorts that sheldon pointed out in an episode, of course, to be fair with the comparison. right?
  3. That was a great episode!! with a few personal point of view of having sheldon hanged but it was great!!! and I wasn't really off track when I mentioned "old kid" in the thread of next episode, they mentioned the same idea in this one lol :D and the dialogues were really great, and bernadette was excellent. A few well deserved paybacks, it really made me laugh the entire episode. The good thing is that next episode is next week instead of waiting for 2 weeks.
  4. Don't tell me that "just one guest" will be a dilema? it should obviously be penny, even if she doesn't know a thing about cern, the girlfriend must always be the number one priority, once she declined and if she declines, then you turn to the buddies and the "old kid" jejeje.
  5. I've been to 3 tapings of the show (episodes 2.22, 3.2, and 3.10) and actually going to my 4th taping next week on Tuesday So I've gone enough to be able to answer those questions in other words! That's trully great Shannon! Thanks a lot really a lot to tell me how it is and the process and details, what you get to do, see how it all goes through, I really want to go and try to get tickets when time allows it and you already have gone to 4!!!! now that's luck!!! I don't know, but I'm sure that if you go to las vegas you can win a lot too!! :D Really thanks for all this info, I was particular curious because long time ago, though I don't remember how long it was, I manage to go to the taping of the "mickey mouse club" lol yep, in orlando and that taping was really short and it was just the music number not the entire episode, we didn't get to talk, or wave or any autographs from the cast just the shouting and the applause, though at that time my goal of watching Jennifer Mcgill live in person or at least closer than the tv was accomplished, that's why I wanted to know if it would've been the same case going to a BBT taping. They should also have some sort of tourney or challanges with the fans for ping pong, that would be a good idea between the taping. So any spoiler would be welcome, one thing is knowing what its gonna happen and visualize it and another thing is when one actually see it and say: "it was the way I thought" "I didn't thought it was gonna be like that" that's why I can deal with the spoilers jejeje. Have fun next tuesday!
  6. that's great, the thing that I wonder mostly is if you get to see the taping of the entire episode or just a few scenes? or for how long will you be there? what you do in the beginning and at the end? and if spoilers and intel aside from the taping it would be great thing to know, even if it is by a private message jejejeje.Congratulations for being able to go to the taping.
  7. It was a good episode, like some things leonard and penny had really good lines and the one "sleeping with the fishes" I thought he would've said that before he did, though kinda obvious I know. Also for the "shenny" shippers out there, I'm sure you liked when penny told him that she would miss him, at least that's what I thought while I was watching the episode jejejeje. It seems that sheldon was really focused on finding a location to move since he didn't say anything to penny for sitting on his spot. Another thing, what are the models of the new laptops? we were right that they were bound to change them and the robbery was the perfect reason. They mention all the games and consoles that were stolen but I never saw them playing PS3, just xbox and wii and the nintendo 64 I do remember because it arrived when leonard had the date with lesley. I liked the episode and now just to wait for next week and for the preview in youtube lol :D
  8. thanks!, I can always count with the forum to watch a preview of the show since I'm not living in the US.
  9. I liked the showed, the sided plot with leonard and penny was good, all characters must have their chance for the main plot so I liked that, and how they also fight from time to time but hell!...all couples who care for one another do, if a couple doesn't argue or fight is because they don't care for eachother enough so that was fine. The lines of raj were really good as well as sheldon's, I like how the show is including more people and seperate plots for each character. Taking the lantern and using the gloves in plain conversation...lol :D. I know sheldon is a man-boy of science and that his mistress is the field but c'mon!!! he didn't even seek a kiss in the cheek!! that was wayyy too loyal towards the love of science lol, I was saying: "oh c'mon man!!". it really was a good episode.
  10. Amen!!!! or All Hail!!! or Hell yeah!! Thanks for the post and the news, however I believe that for those who are shippers of the subject will not cease to dream or talk about it that is not gonna stop them lol , but everyone is entitled to have an opinion. The good thing is that we are a day away for the new episode and even when I'm like the next garfield, (I hate mondays) I look forward to them when it comes about for the BBT.
  11. or maybe they'll have to make the design of the DNA all over again. As long the thieves doesn't touch sheldon's board because we all know how "inconsiderate" that would be.
  12. I saw Danica, she looks niceeee! though I'm still loyal to Kaley jajaja. Nice video and the episode seems to contain some kind of fair justice to sheldon, let's see how the episode develops.
  13. Well...he can always go back to the stairs and making mario to "hop hop hop" lol
  14. I think its the plot, afterall that's what makes people watching the show when it would be the first time, if the plot convince you you stayed tuned to the show and if you really liked the flow of the relationships and development of the characters then you are oficially hooked up but the plot is very important of course, tied in the number one reason with watching Kaley lol, that's my reason I have to admit it lol. But, I really think is the basic and the fundamental....the plot, then after that you add guest stars who can "thicken the plot" so, "the plot thickens" jajaja I liked that expresion, there is always something more.
  15. lol, it was an ok episode from my point of view, I still preffered the "bath item", at least in that episode the tequila (good reliable Mexican tequila, si señor!) had the effect on leonard and penny so I liked that episode more. So leonard is not embarrased about penny, he just like to have less communication with his mother and the "uhm" was a good safe to prolong any answer instead of getting into trouble, good one!! lol. Also the way how he responded the question with another question, just awake and he did manage to come up with a way to not get into trouble after the ambush his beautiful girl and mother had planned for him. No woman got insulted so that's good too. To mention something out of the episode: I loooove how Kaley's beautiful green eyes looked on the episode, My God! on the "tips" side: some tacos after the tequila are always a good option to have something in the stomach, the night clubs area in my city are full with tacos stands, hot dogs stands and some restaurants so the only thing to be worry about is the hung over, but that's untill next day lol.
  16. And yet he wouldn't do a thing to about it???? c'mon!!! there is a code to keep, you-always-have-to-keep-the-code!! I have to see the episode to see the reaction, one thing is being a good calm guy wich of course gained the most beautiful girl's affection because of it, but that?! On the other hand...the spoiler article remind me of a Mexican movie made by Alfonso Cuaron lol....
  17. She said it when sheldon went all the way back to the beginning of physics when she only wanted to know one thing, I have to admit a little hard to hear it but that's when. Still, I prefer her "holy crap on a cracker" phrase.
  18. I saw videos in youtube before the season started, but since I was surfing for a lot of big bang theory and Kaley Cuoco (it were a long 3 months), I can't pin down wich video was it, she made the relation with friends in the case of ross and rachel, saying "on and off" throughout the season and next season, and that they are from "different planets, but getting closer" and she said that penny wanted a nice guy and she starting to realise it lives across the hall or something like that, that's why I'm "psicologically" prepared if they brake up during the season lol, I just don't know when nor how and why. And people attack leonard because as in real life you attack or joke about a friend who knows can take it and he is not gonna take it personal, at least that's what I think my friends think when make jokes about me, the best part is when I return the jokes lol....payback!!!
  19. also "cream my corn" is good, every language has an expression like that and that one is good, but nothing like "holy crap on a cracker" she could not have said anything else when she said it so it was 100% fitting.
  20. the first thing I liked was the looked on penny's face when Bernadette was starting talking to leonard about physics, she does notice the alarm and warning that she does have to put some more effort for him and I liked that, the thing has to be reciprocate or equal for both sides. I think in the episode with Danica there could be some more "alarms", after all Danica is a great mathematician and pretty and we all know that danica is an expert of producing jelousy lol, if no one believes me, ask fred savage lol, but, we need to wait for the episode, but somehow and at some point they are gonna brake up, to make the relation longer, at least that's what Kaley commented in some interviews. I did liked the episode and the scene with howard and bernadette in howard's room, I knew it was "on the front" right away lol. And yes..Leonard does got the prom queen and I can't argue with howard on that regard.
  21. I knew that raj was as his father said, "mr. funnyman" his jokes really made me laugh in this episode and the experiment was cool, I thought it was meant to solidify but it turn into some kind of foam that was cool!!! props to the science advisor of the show and scene with penny being "settled" and leonard there, it remind me of friends, chandler did the same thing one time, good flashback.
  22. To be honest, not exactly my favorite episode but that's only my opinion, though the desert scenes after howards "family plot twist" I never saw that one coming. The sheldon and penny scenes didn't found them that great it was a constant getting on the nerves for penny, just because of the painkillers that she stoped having the torture from the shoulder and the migraine that I felt it would've been genuine if not because they were actually acting lol. I know sheldon is funny, otherwise he wouldn't nominate him for an award but a constant "getting on the nerves" could run out of being funny, at least that's what I think. Another thing that I noticed is that raj did a good job making fun of the other two, sometimes he is the guy that outside the group is quiet but within the group of friends he is a funny dude, that was cool, also because there is ALWAYS one in the group of friends that when stonned or drunk is funnier than a clown.
  23. Now Penny is doing something about it to be closer to leonard? that's new and good, she DOES like leonard, and the lesser evil is sheldon, raj has to be drunk and howard...he would be more interested in other physics than the actual science so sheldon is the more viable option.
  24. well shennys, there you have it, an episode for all of you lol. If there is another tournament in here after the season ends, I'm sure this episode is gonna be among the top contenders.
  25. I did mentioned too about holding his ground so at least I can see I wasn't off in that critic or observation, penny wanted him to not always give what the girls wants...there she have it is, just as she advised him, shown literally in front of her. And though I love penny (not only the character lol) what the...was she thinking!?!?! in a "non optional social convention", she is supposed to have a higher knowledge of such regards, also I did notice that both of them are insecure, penny is insecure because she thinks leonard thinks she is not intelligent enough, and leonard is insecure because....well we all know. Still, we can see that both of them try their best to have their relationship working and at the end at night, they do. Is never good going to bed angry. As for sheldon, now we know he doesn't like couple fights, he is still a long way for hasbro to adopt his board game , and the snow cones are easy and quickly for him to make. (considering the cost in television time)
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