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  1. It was a very good episode, laughing all the time, plus...nothing like a "peace keeping conclusion" after an acceptable peaceful deal at the end of the episode hehehehe. toys and comics? at least I was right when I thought long ago that sheldon, though the genius that he might be, is the "kid" of the group. At least now as penny adviced leonard when he was dating the doctor, he stood his ground, potentially problematic if backfired but the advice was followed.
  2. I like this thread, the intention of it seems to have been covered by the several replies that thinks and shows that penny and leonard do actually work, of course implying that the **** is a word that is to censored OOOR...that the title actually reads: "Penny ~ Leonard relationship is bunch of **** " (a bunch of four stars) hehehehehe yeeeah!!...not a 5 start relationship but 4 stars yes...and the replies and examples show it. :D Not forgetting that when it comes to relationships, no matter if sides are of opposite worlds, universes, galaxies, blocks,backgrounds, etc etc etc whatever metaphore anyone wants to use, if the attraction exist between those two the effort to make it work is worth it, and any relationship has to pass through a development and growth. So far, I do like what I'm seeing on the show very much, afterall, I'm a lenny shipper (that's what is called right?) and...I looove Kaley (not that any one would care its just that I like saying it lol) I think that there is a lot of material to go with for this season and the next. *meeting her friends: check *meeting her relatives:________ *sleeping together: check (3rd time was the charm thanks to google) *(ideas?)
  3. At least penny must admit that leonard is making an effort for her in learning football, I'm from Mexico and I like football more than soccer lol!! The only thing I would have to do is following more the college football because I only watch the NFL, but anyway, the effort was good and I liked that she did said that was her boyfriend, speaking for leonard, that's the important thing so mission accomplished..in a way hehehe.
  4. Wheaton should have said "bazinga" to sheldon, that's the second time sheldon loses, nice trend actually lol. I wonder how it would be the next new episode in 2 weeks, and I also like the idea noamy mentioned, raj, howard and leonard dating and sheldon all alone or back with neowitski lol, at least he can always return to lead groups as sheldor the conqueror in age of conan, and he wouldn't have to be AFK because everyone will be very well busy, The idea does appeal Noamy.
  5. The double date was fine or "okey dokey", though, I like every scene of penny so is not much problem for me on that regard hehehehe. Its gonna be a re-run episode next week and then another new episode. Its very possible that jealousy will return on that episode, again for leonard for what I read in the wiki link of this site, one just have to learn things and sports the girlfriend likes for one's sake.
  6. Uhh when did someone say that? It wasn't said, that was actually just me, as what leonard might have said in his mind when penny arrived. I know I would have. Indeed, I just wrote KK for the sound in spanish, I didn't know the rules so instead of writing it just wrote the sound of it. It really made me laugh because raj said it and sheldon was with the expresion of "What?!" Honestly really great episode.
  7. I was thinking the same way, my new favorite episode, the 4th one and the season is still young and already with great episodes. While rocky was running steps to the top in phily, these dudes's neurons were at double speed, drago would have been in real trouble facing the raj and the sheldor. lol
  8. LOL, I just saw the episode, maaan that was funny!!!! that's the eye of the tiger!!!! rocky is not match for them, I liked the episode in every way, also with sheldon that as I can notice its every time more worthy of a challenge he can't overcome and driving people over the edge, the episode was great. I reeeeally liked how penny enter the appartment and goes to leonard, "hey my girl has arrived" and I really liked the: "you are boring people sweety" thanks penny for that! lol. Also I liked the part of penny and leonard alone watching tv, and I would have kiss her the very same way in that scene all cuddled, and then what she suggested next in a spur of a naughty and "dirty" behaviour...penny is indeed perfect!! Great great episode, and this time I didn't saw any pictures nor video previews hopefully for next week there will be some available. I'm also glad that if raj would have challenge me with that thing with the hands, I can do it too and that thing with the KK, I think every one in latin america would be laughing like crazy with that. One thing I remember, I think sheldon is kinda the alan harper of TBBT, just a thought that's all hehehe.
  9. I voted for leonard, that's whom I identify myself, persuing the relationship with beautiful penny, looking after her, finally accomplishing it, having 2 good friends and dealing with a "one bad lab experiment from a becoming a super villian" room mate and the peacekeeper and rescuer of penny in the battle of the panty piñatas. Lol, I really like this show, its my favorite and then comes two and a half men and tied in second place, friends.
  10. that's very true Irvine, though maybe a small slap on the head at the very least? between friends that's acceptable and also sleep with her as much as possible "to make sure of no more risks for any further attemps of reinforments", hehehehe and c'mon!!! throwing away her just made french toast! its lucky that sheldon is liked and funny after those things...just my opinion. I would also like to see the gag reels, that would be cool to know how many attempts were made.
  11. Just saw the episode and I did liked it, but thanks god is a comedy and a show because if a friend of mine tries to do what sheldon was doing to my girlfriend...he would've end up looking like a racoon...both eyes black! lol and the way the ep. started...my god!! I would have learned to deal listening to shania twain or the high volume every morning just to wake up and see what leonard and sheldon did, for penny or any girl that behavior is completely tolerable with out question. No wonder why I have always liked french toast. hehehehe
  12. I would like to play halo but alas I have the ps3, I heard its a great game and also because its on the BBT with more reason, I'm really considering buying the xbox.
  13. YEEEAAAH!!!! I JUST saw the episode, if I had been in the episode taping I would have definitely been heard clapping or saying yeeah! I liked the episode from start to finish. ....okay dokey
  14. Well, you made the thread so its ok if it goes off topic, by the way I second that motion, I want that too and I'm sure they will is part of the nature of the show, two nerd friends and one of them falls for the beautiful girl next door, the odessy will take time and effort but she is more than worth it. I like this thread too, it kinda seems of a sort of self psicological test, each one analysing themselves and place similarities with the characters, that's clever and good!!! lol
  15. Lol, that's excellent! actually when stuart told him that penny mentioned his name and leonard was walking out of the comic book store I knew he was gonna jump, I would have done something similar, perhaps not jumping but indeed something like that hehehhee, he does somethings I do too and I guess he'll do it before he does it lol, the shields are down when one is called "cutie" lol!!!!
  16. I think I'm like leonard, that's why I always root for him and penny, he is the one who keeps both worlds together, their nerd circle and the one with penny, he is like the diplomatic and the ambassador of both of them and he is the one who brought penny to their group, he is the one who tries to keep things calm and when someone fights he is the one who keeps the balance and the peace as when he helped penny win the panty piñata war, stood his ground against odds in the halloween party, went to try to collect the money penny needed all for girl he loves, or likes or wants or cares whatever term to choose. If I had a friend like sheldon in my group of friends I would have joke too about wanting to kill him. Its a great show!!
  17. LOL!!!! jajajajajaja that time span of 3 months does affect anyone who thinks and misses a girl, and in the north pole is just matter of chemestry, the substance to mantain the heat even with the thought of someone lol. LOL that was really funny besides, apart from sheldon, all the other 3 musketeers thinks the say way, howard about all girls, raj of any girl and leonard just of one girl, its a nerd-science related show chemestry, biology and phisics play their part lol.
  18. I love her too, and yeah!!! that's the best "welcome back" I've seen and the best welcome back for anyone to have. lol
  19. At least we don't have to wait for 3-4 months anymore, just a couple of days. great!
  20. Great season beginning, there was something for any sort of shipping, mine is lenny and I liked it, besides ross and rachel, their first time rachel was laughing and nervous, then rachel and joey couldn't do it they liked each other but just couldn't, then ross and rachel finally did it and it went well, so I think is the same thing here in its respective situation and afterall the show is on for sure for 2 seasons so they'll have to make it last, the beginning is going very good. In another point to mention, maybe we could put attention to the first 3 episodes, I believe that in season 2 there were things mentioned or hinted that happened later during the season I just can't remember them at this moment, so probably it will be the same in season 3...just a thought.
  21. It has been a long summer but at last is september 21st
  22. So it IIIS a good question to wonder after all?? hehehehe why not a last name?
  23. but the beattles pack wasn't on sale yet, maybe until they buy it hahahahaha.
  24. I vote for it because of leonard's dilema with penny and underhill and when they were alone drinking "not longer eggnog".
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