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  1. Look, BCE was created to be based off of BC. It was a simple rewording. There's NOTHING scientific about it. Nothing scientific happened at 0BCE-0CE to denote exactly why that is the point at which the time frame shifts from counting backward to counting forward. It is only because Christians (and despite your anger, your apparent need to slight them has been noted) recognize the originally believed year of their savior's birth (although in retrospect has proven to be a few years off) is the time to record their calendar. Would your anger be any different if we had used the start of the
  2. Also, Raj's deaf friend may have been, as I speculated able to read lips. He may have not talked, but simply mouthed the words. Thereby communicating with her. That is, if she existed. Howard, as well, failed to mention when he broke up with a girlfriend at one time simply for the sake of not letting the gang know.
  3. Okay, this episode had funny moments. But it had some head scratchers. First, if Raj was to meet a deaf girl, I think it would've been funnier if all he could do was move his lips to talk, but no sound would come out. And she could talk and respond to him by reading his lips. Therefore, it would be a Raj-Howardesque relationship when it comes to miscommunications. We'd only have seen her response. Especially the misread lip movements. Even though it was funny with Howard doing ASL for them, it obviously wasn't anything that could last. Howard can't sign for them every time they're in
  4. Okay, I just noticed this and curious if anyone else caught on. The stairs are arranged to wrap around the elevator shaft. A straight walkway goes from the two apartment on each floor across the face of the elevator. So, if you leave their floor and traverse down from their apartment behind the elevator, to the left, and another left you arrive at the walkway to the floor below. The apartment below Penny's apartment would be to your right. The apartment below Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to your left. If you keep going down, you arrive at the lobby. At the foot of the steps, to you
  5. I saw the pilot first, and then couldn't see another episode until on DVD.
  6. Partly yes, partly no. If she gets an acting job, to keep the story 'on point' would require her to be somehow crushed by finding out she's not good enough (after the fact). If she never gets a gig in the first place, maybe she's realizing it's OK to just live, have fun, shack up with Leonard, and realize that there's more to life than an exterior identity.
  7. She's definitely becoming one. I'm waiting for the dream sequence/episode where she's super nerdy and Leonard's the cool hip one. Haha
  8. In a relationship, as well, not everything spoken between the two people is taken a 100% seriously or literally. My wife and I quip we should trade each other in for someone younger whenever we realize we're both getting older. We don't seriously mean it. And we certainly don't take each other literally.
  9. Not true. S1 ended with Leonard and Penny going on their first date. S2 ended with Leonard leaving and Penny expressing that she'd miss him. S3 ended with Sheldon and Amy starting a date. A season finale should always make you anticipate the start of the next season. And the Sheldon/Amy story is something I'll be anticipating until I see the first episode this fall.
  10. I loved the finale. Leonard said yes to sleeping with Penny because he wants her back and thought she had 'come back' to him. Only to realize it wasn't what he thought it to be. As for Sheldon/Amy, I found it intriguing. I doubt they'll 'date' in anything like the traditional sense, but I think they may have her come back for 'vintage game nights' or something where she could slowly work herself into Sheldon's world, even if they both oppose the thought. Sheldon's relationship will never be like a real relationship. Tepid water in the prevening(loved that) will probably be second base
  11. In the U.S., new shows are given three years where all you can see on TV is the new shows (unless the main network is reairing them in the offseason or an off-week). After three years, their rebroadcast rights (i.e., syndication) are sold to other entities (in this case Fox and TBS). CBS can only show the season they're airing, no old episodes. Those rights now belong with Fox and TBS (i.e., TBS can air a marathon of the entire series up until the season 4 premiere if they wanted to, as they have the cable rights to syndication). Fox has the broadcast syndication rights (which can then be c
  12. Best scene was when Penny woke up to Sheldon standing over her and she screamed. The "ball pit" bit was a tad overplayed. One or two 'bazingas' would've been enough, but not to keep going. Sheldon already had a strong dislike of 'bouncy castles' etc from childhood, I found it amazing to think his character would like a ball pit. Although, he was sleep deprived. The sheet rock joke is just like Penny asking him about Radiohead. There's things he doesn't know, because, as he's said before, it's not important. Generally, I liked the show. It's moved away from it's core setup, though.
  13. Raj was great in this for his minor role. Loved the Lollipop Guild joke.
  14. In the pilot, they say they have a combined IQ of 360, Leonard is 172, so that means (assuming 360 is a rough generalization) that Sheldon is somewhere around 180-195.
  15. Howard and Raj compliment eachother. It's clear that in the group context, they're both friends, who happen to be friends with Leonard (and therefore, Sheldon). Raj, when he does speak, has some great lines. My favorite that keeps making me laugh now is "Well, I'm a hindu. And my religion teaches me that if you suffer in this life, you're rewarded in the next. Three months with Sheldon at the North Pole and I'm reborn as a well-hung billionaire with WINGS!" Howard has made progress, but he regresses easily. Which, in a way, keeps his character consistent. "Does she do it one thong at a time,
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