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  1. I can't believe i didn't clock on to that! duh! oh i don't really check out her arse... i'm more of a face type of girl :D
  2. Anyone else notice that she has worn the white frilly shirt with the yellow waistcoat and the a-line blue (jean?) skirt? I can't remember all the episodes she wears it, the one i'm watching right now, with the time machine - the nerdvana annihilation, she is wearing it. She must've worn it in at least 4 episodes now, in different seasons now! And on another note, what the hell is Sheldon doing when Leonard first uses the time machine?!
  3. I have to say the funniest episode i've ever seen is the one where Sheldon gets interviewed on the radio, Series 3 Episode 09 – The Vengeance Formulation. I had to keep pausing it because couldn't stop laughing! I have been really busy watched most of season 3 a few days ago, i know i'm sooooooo late but damn, that was funny! I haven't laughed like that at a tv show for aaages! :D
  4. Well he must be unsure 99% of the time! talking of inner feeling bits, don't you love the one when sheldon invites that dude to over to eat so he can be friends so that he can use some equipment and the guy hits on penny, wolowitz goes, 'bet i don't look so bad now'! or something like that, the camera turns on penny and i swear that was not in the script judging by the look on her face!!! :D :D :D i think she likes him really.... edit- just found the clip, yay~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvLC_nuHbfI
  5. Anyone else notice that leonard always uses the same facial expression for EVERY emotion? Its the squinty eye thing and tips his head to the side. Pick any episode, count how many times he does it! Is it just the way he acts or is it supposed to one of leonards' 'habits' ?
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