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  1. If you register with the TV channel , Dave, you can watch the series with their on-demand service. I dont know if international restrictions apply to this http://video.uktv.co...es-10/episode-1
  2. Fair point. I retract my comment about a decrease in quality. I should say, rather, that it no longer tickles my funny bone, the more it moves towards being a "Friends" type show; a show I never found funny.
  3. Over here its still going on (1st series) Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) has just realised yer man is not his son after all. This will make an excellent Xmas pressie for my sister and her daughters.
  4. I've noticed this too. Whenever I've come up with examples of the science/geek oriented themes that are still being touched upon in the show, the response is either silence or arguments which struck me as slightly lame. For example, when I questioned why George Smoot's visit in season 2 qualifies as a science-based plot but Hawking's visit in season 5 doesn't, someone told me it's because the episode depicted nothing but the 'relationship between Sheldon and Hawking', and not any science! I'm still waiting to get this logic.
  5. Caesar's back! May 2014. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Woohoo!
  6. God Help us! More invented crap from those 2, much like the Elrond/Arwen crap in the 2 towers..the drinking contest etc.
  7. Watership Down redemption or overcoming-obatacles films like Good Will Hunting, Sybil, the 3 Roots series, Fried Green Tomatoes,The Colour Purple Schmaltzy stuff like christmas films
  8. What (s)he said! + pimp my garden/house/cooking/business/body/make-up etc.
  9. I only kept stuff I cant get anymore on digital,...like a documentary about "Hollywood and the Holocaust"..an excellent documentary
  10. Great thread idea. Cant think of any though. It would be something schmaltzy, no doubt.
  11. I got into the show due to the nerdiness, and the fact that I love pop-culture references, and probably most importantly...Sheldon's arrogant put-downs. general sarcasm and his character overall. I have always found relationship aspect , dialogue and scenarios to be totally unfunny. After Amy became less like Sheldon and tried to move towards a more normal relationship ,her scenes also became totally unfunny to me. Some people find the relationship between Amy and Sheldon to be funny, but I cannot remember ANY of these scenes where I had a laugh. The same goes for ANY of the other romantic or relationship scenes between ANY of the characters. The only things I found funny were the comments made by others about said relationships like the runniing gags about L/P at the beginning or Sheldons comments to Leonard if Leonard tried to discuss his problems with him. I could put up with relationship scenes in the early days as the relationships were mainly dealt with by cast members talking about the failings of relationships. Once the protagonists actually got together themselves...no laughs....ever...as far as I can remember. And these scenes have become ever more frequent. I predict I will see the plot summary for ep01 of se06, and not bother to watch it, for the first time in years.
  12. Is that Seth Green beside the action figures?
  13. did I post this vid on some othher thread or somewhere else?...I cant remember...anyway...enjoy
  14. preempting TBBT? Stephen Hawking's in my library Fluent in java script as well as Kilingon The only question I thought was hard was "do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?" spend every weekend at the Renaissance fair spend my nights with a roll of bubble wrap... OK, WELL MAYBE not that one...unless you throw a woman into the mix
  15. If your curiosity has been aroused at this stage...here is a link to there own youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RedDwarfHQ?feature=g-all-u
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