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  1. Fair point. I retract my comment about a decrease in quality. I should say, rather, that it no longer tickles my funny bone, the more it moves towards being a "Friends" type show; a show I never found funny.
  2. I've noticed this too. Whenever I've come up with examples of the science/geek oriented themes that are still being touched upon in the show, the response is either silence or arguments which struck me as slightly lame. For example, when I questioned why George Smoot's visit in season 2 qualifies as a science-based plot but Hawking's visit in season 5 doesn't, someone told me it's because the episode depicted nothing but the 'relationship between Sheldon and Hawking', and not any science! I'm still waiting to get this logic.
  3. I got into the show due to the nerdiness, and the fact that I love pop-culture references, and probably most importantly...Sheldon's arrogant put-downs. general sarcasm and his character overall. I have always found relationship aspect , dialogue and scenarios to be totally unfunny. After Amy became less like Sheldon and tried to move towards a more normal relationship ,her scenes also became totally unfunny to me. Some people find the relationship between Amy and Sheldon to be funny, but I cannot remember ANY of these scenes where I had a laugh. The same goes for ANY of the other romantic or relationship scenes between ANY of the characters. The only things I found funny were the comments made by others about said relationships like the runniing gags about L/P at the beginning or Sheldons comments to Leonard if Leonard tried to discuss his problems with him. I could put up with relationship scenes in the early days as the relationships were mainly dealt with by cast members talking about the failings of relationships. Once the protagonists actually got together themselves...no laughs....ever...as far as I can remember. And these scenes have become ever more frequent. I predict I will see the plot summary for ep01 of se06, and not bother to watch it, for the first time in years.
  4. Will Wheaton only at 34%??? Come on people! I think we need a slogan for Will. Any ideas?
  5. I would just like to point out that it's not the charachters evolving, per se, that I mind. It's more due to the fact that so much ot the writer's effort seems to be focussed on the relationships now to detriment of ...jokes! I have rarely had laughs in the last 2 seasons.I kept watching in the hope the show would become funny again but, for my taste, it hasnt. If you're still laughing, well then , enjoy the show. Other comedies like 3rd rock , the Simpsons didnt evolve characters and just concentrated on jokes right throughout their long runs (okay the Simpsons have run out of gags at this stage but they had a good run). Red dwarf had slight some character evolution , but not at the expense of jokes. Frasier and Only Fools and Horses basically kept the same characters and just changed their romantic circumstances (Niles & Daphne, Del boy & Racquel) but again, not at the expense of the jokes. I said I didnt want to see Sheldon change because he was and is VERY funny as Sheldon 1.0. If I thought he would still be hilarious, I would keep watching but going by the example of how unfunny Howard has become, I doubt it very much. It will, IMHO, be focussed on the emotions rather than the jokes. I found myself trudging through the last 2 series , so I think its time to let go. It would be harder to leave this forum than to leave the show itself
  6. ..so that's something he has in Common with Sheldon. His blog... Will Wheaton & downloading Ubuntu excerpt: So yesterday, I decided that I'd download Ubuntu and put it in a Virtualbox on my iMac, just to see how the distro is doing these days....f I'd downloaded the iso straight from their server, it was going to take the better part of an hour, so I decided to grab the torrent instead. Turns out it was a good choice, because it was finished in about six minutes. ...and also playing a board game about being railroad barons! He really should get together with Sheldon more often. Will Wheaton tabletop : Ticket to Ride
  7. It is not , at the moment, but the last few epidodes have indicated that that's the direction season 6 will travel ...with Sheldon coping with his new-found feelings. Unlike most people here,that's not something I personally feel like watching. Well,you guys have fun next year. This years main theme was Howard/Bernadette rom-com, next year will be Sheldon/Amy
  8. Totally agree. Compare season 1 to season 5. even the dialogue is dumbded down to the norm Errr Hello...Simpsons, Frasier; 2 longest running series.. the characters didnt evolve...their situations may have changed but the characters remained the same throughout. 3rd rock from the sun also springs to mind. Those writers were able to make the comedy stay high class without having to "evolve" the characters. I think we all know that the evolution in this show is to soap up the characters so they will climb the ratings. Bang on. Ta, daaa....yes, that's also why I watch comedy. Unfortunately with TBBT the laughs have become much scarcer due to the time spent on soap-opera plots in the last 2 years. Possibly the best comedy character ever created is slowly being turned into a stock rom-com character. When I saw (or rather read in a taping report) thre last scene in se05 I decided,that was it for me with this show. I am going to leave after the summer break and remember Sheldon as he was rather than continue to watch his decline into comedy mediocrity. I have highlighted the shows I know of and NONE of them show evolution of characher. The characters remained the same throughout the run. The only evolution was within episodes where the characters "learned a lesson" (standard feel-good ploy) but still retained their basic charachteristics throughout the lifetime of the show. Well Frasier lasted 11 years and in my opinion was funny right until the end. Possibly because they werent trying to muck around with the characters....and just wrote jokes!
  9. from the quiz episode Glad you liked that one shelly...it was a great line anyway, to to the others... the so-called Bonus question which is not part of the main quiz is... what EPISODE was First Aired on CBS a couple of days before this thread started. The question was originally posed as a WOW factor but is now rapidly becoming a "how can we get rid of this guy" (i.e. ME) question
  10. If you want to remember some classicShelodon quotes.. check here
  11. CBS..i.e. "first aired" date
  12. After that first electron joke, I was hooked...and the stairs joke,and and the boards (Sheldon getting the sarcasm in early about Leonard's board), Sheldon's spot, Sheldon slagging off Penny (only took 9 minutes) ..Leonard's paradox explanation. Listen to Leonard's conversational style with Sheldon ahfter Penny went into the shower. He doesnt do that anymore. Pity. That nerd dynamic was nice. “Stop saying coitusâ€. Brilliant I would just LOVE that shower curtain Howard (about Raj) “He's kind of a nerdâ€..........excellent. I notice in this episode that raj cant talk TO women but can talk in their presence.
  13. Well I reckon we should spend the time going back over the series from the very start and reopen the old episode threads...and if there isnt one there for an episode...start one! I was thinking of x# of episodes per week but everyone will have their own speed so just pile in with comments after (or while) you watch the episode. Are you game? Good. See you in series 1!
  14. I just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent username. Excellent. Well done. That's all. You are excused.
  15. 406 (I had to watch it again) What sea was the first crossword puzzle answer that Loenard gave in the very 1st episode? Bonus question: what episode aired a few days before this thread started?
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