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  1. First 2 Lord of the Rings (especially 2 towers which I never watch anymore) A Beautiful Mind "Have you just solved Riemann?" - NO HE DIDN'T ,MR. HOWARD- read the book instead.
  2. Bring back Leslie Winkle! and more development of nerdy topics rather than using them as throwaway lines to try and maintian geek-cred (CERN faster than light particles). Like Raj opening with something about zombies, leading to a group discussion, as he used to do.
  3. I dont find such scenes funny either. Never did really. Maybe it's just me being able to accept someone's cockiness if they are highly intelligent looking with scorn at mere mortals, but having no respect for a grown man behaving like a toddler.
  4. Never saw that one before. That was cool, thanks
  5. OMG , you are the first person after me to reference “The Tomorw Peopleâ€. If you would like a copy of their beautiful theme music see here. I also used ot love The Land of the Giants and The Time Tunnel (remember Dr. Evil trying to jump inot the spiral?) I also have the whole Thunderbirds collection on DVD
  6. So I started o Fringe and my 1st impressio was ...Woohoo...the X-files is back. Slightly further on though I must admit I prefered the X-files. I mean it's one thing to accept really wierd stuff when it can be classified as paranormal but for me its a bit harder to accept when it purports to be science. I mean, in the X-files I could quite easily accept the premise that some guy can turn into liquid and flow through pipes because it's...you know ... paranormal . If you want to watch this type of show you have to totally suspend disbelief. The problem I have , and am doing my best to overcome, in this show is that a lot of the wierd shit purports to be science. Well it's interesting anyway so I will carry on. I also have watched the start of Broadwalk Empire and am enjoying that also. thanks for the reccomendations. That's why I cdome to this thread.
  7. I cant believe nobody listened to the DVD commentary from Tropic Thunder.! He was right. He didnt get out of character until the end of the DVD commentary. Schiol of Rock commentary was sweet, listening to the kids. I generally listen to the commentaries for comedies ... it's extra laughs. Mel Brooks is a great man for humerous waffle and if you get a chance to listen to Richard Dreyfuss, check it out,
  8. I assume they got the idea from the superbowl commercial last year. If it hadnt been for the superbowl commercial I would hve been more impessed. Great voice though. superbowl commercial (if you havent seen it) click (It's soooo cute)
  9. Hi Red Dwarf, do I take it you are a (nother) Red Dwarf fan?
  10. Hi Missmaddi, what did you study? Any work on the horizon?
  11. Hey Girls, there's a party transpiring, and you're are all invited; and it's transpiring...in my pants! Hello...hello... Damn! Another faux pax because I used the word "transpiring"
  12. Hopefully in a Penny driving Sheldon episode he will refer to her as Penelope Pitstop
  13. That was great, thanks. Nice to see he loves Indian food but what the hell was that feet thing?
  14. would be great if Nimoy was in disguise for some reason and got into an arguement with Shelodn where Sheldon totally insulted him and only discovered later who it was. Maybe at a fancy dress party hosted by Will Wheaton.
  15. when gooling...make sure to add "not smelling of urine"
  16. smeghead


    Never heard of them. Limahl was one of the main reasons the '80 got the nickname as the mullet decade
  17. smeghead


    I agree with everything you say although it seems Sheldon may start to change after the next episode (Spitoon). I much prefered Amy at her beginning when she had some excellent sarcastic lines. It would be great if they brought in somebody else to continue where she left off in that regard .. or it's nadir? I agree. As soon as they stopped with the Raj homosexual implications , then they start with Amy fancying Penny. I hated the Raj jokes and now these annoying Amy jokes. What is it with these writers? Are they all gay or what? It wasn't funny with Raj and now it's not funny with Amy. As I said before about Raj... if he is gay then let him come out...same applies to Amy
  18. An interesting way to get Sheldon to experiment with a physical relationship. Clever idea. I assunme the title comes from the purchase of a spitoon as a prop fot the poker game they are obviosly playing. Flaming? Due to the substitute they use for tobaccy?
  19. He used it in Se01 or 02 when trying to figure out why everybody was telling him to "go away". best lines: Howard “What would you like to talk about Sheldon?? Why do you hate us?†Amy: “...page through thick glossy magazines that make me hate my body†Leonard: “come on , you said we need to get more fresh air†Sheldon: the bobcat lines Howard about Raj “and he says he would do it again†Nice repeat of the much earlier stalking gag. Amy “One of these things should die alone†Amy ...maid of honour“That's not true... once; but then they all died†Surprised they didnt mention something along the lines of ...although the death star is not completed, it is still fully operational.. Nice to see they are keeping up to date on current topics a la Sheldon's conversation topic...faster than light particles at CERN
  20. Good episode. I agree with Jacks about the best lines, especially Howard's. plus Leonard's "He's smart and crazy. He may have actually created a monster." Plus Sheldon's descriptions about the adequacy of Leonard's dress..especially the wino one. plus Sheldon with the picture of a cat in front of his face. plus Leonard "Are we overthinbking this? Sheldon "not at all" plus Sheldon"what am I thinking?....whiskers" plus Leonard: "can't see a Jennifer Anniston poster without getting both bored and aroused" plus Sheldon "if I had a death ray, believe me , i wouldn't be here....etc plus "I hope Alex get's crabs... the movie" plus Amy "neither of us minored in bird shooing!" + "just like you did with the mailman" The L/P scenes were new and interesting. Not very funny though, overall. Plenty of laughs in the ep overall. That bird was beautiful. @sterculius.. I prefer my Spock picture
  21. WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOY WORTHY! People...bow in the presence of a geek overlord.
  22. smeghead


    The lead singer was "Limahl" who sang the theme song to the film "The Never Ending Story". Those were my Bopping times. Great music and great memories.
  23. The Snuglebunny negotation was very funny. I had thought they might break Sheldon's reserve down but in fairness to the writers , they kept true to his character and let it be known that Sheldon's affection for Amy doesnt stretch to induduging in in icky, unhygenic behaviour. Name me 1 other bloke who,when offered sex, has replied with " Counterprosal". Excellent:icon_biggrin:
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