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  1. All such social traits manifest themselves on a continium so its very hard to decide where the line is crossed into such a category. At least Sheldon is trying to learn how to fit in socially (or at least used to in the early episodes). With him it seems to be just arrogance based on his intellligence and deciding not to bother to trying to fit-in as he was growing up
  2. Well they certainly turned the nerdometer up to 11 on that one. Was nice to see. Mainly old-skool TBBT with a bit of rom-com thrown in to keep everyone happy. A good sign and I hope they keep it up. Sheldon's uncertainty principle gags and him offering to dumb it down for Leonard... very clever.
  3. Strange episode in that it was IMHO, the best introductory sequence ever. e.g. Packed with funny jokes. Raj: “I dont know if I wanna to play anymore†Sheldon: “Because you dont have a girlfriend? Good Lord, if that becomes a reason not to play Dungeons & Dragons, this game's in serious trouble.†Now that's a classic TBBT line. After that...again no LOL moments. Dont forget , though, that the start of series 3 had a couple of stinkers before it picked up again. @BlackWhiteRose I´ve never been a huge fan of Raj but whatever. His parents are great! Love them! Aren't they just? I can see them becoming big cult figures...appearing on Leno or similar via laptop. Their appearance from stage (or is it laptop) right and left when Leonard was reading his porn movie quotes to Priya was very funny. The father's facial expressions are hilarious. @netmouse The writers have certainly got back to grass roots with regards to implementing more nerdy staples into the storylines... Sorry Nettie, old boy, but...where? I didnt see any outside of the very short opening sequence. @Imapotato This was the stake in the heart. I will still watch because there is really nothing else to do Thur at 8pm, but I won't rush and I am no longer a fan in the pure sense of the word. Same here.Couldnt call myself a huge fan after series 2. I would be hesitant now in reccommending it to friends. It is still amusing , though, even though the LOLs are fewer. I will still watch it. @ThreeLions I think it's just the way sitcom characters go. They tend to become over the top versions of their earlier selves. Agreed. Same with Homer Simpson over the last years. They run out of ideas and just try to exaggerate previously shown characteristics. @Waylerob The damage they have done, most especially to Raj's character seems way beyond repair. This is a comedy. That's how I watch it, anyway. I dont care what they do with the characters as long as it is funny. I am prepared to forgive a lot of continuity errors or other anomolies if it means I get a good laugh. @netmouse It still surprises me (seriously) that some members have let the season 4 finale get to them so badly. thats because the show has developed into a Friends-like rom-com and a lot of people are viewing it as drama rather than an out-and-out comedy. I made 1 comment about the end of series 4 and that was as far as my interest in the discussion went. @4ofn...no need to quote you. Suffice to say I agree with 90% of what you said. Regarding the nerd-friendly content..I noted as far back as series 3 that they had begun to only mention such things briefly (e.g. Linux) in order to gain a bit of geek-cred rather than basing whole scenes around them as they had previously done.
  4. Is anyone waiting for an invite? (I dont know if it is wide open yet or still relying on invites). If you are waiting to join, PM me an email address and I will send an invite.
  5. Welcome to the forum. You will never find a more wrecthed hive of scum and villany. Greetings from Ireland
  6. ugh. Never, 50+ women wiggling their arses in your face **shudders**. The drunker everyone get the more horrible it is. No LOL moments for me in this one. Bernadette becoming Howard's mom was amusing though. I got the impression from looking at her that she was trying to keep her laughter in in places. Apart from that, only old or obvious gags to be seen.
  7. Thanks Mousie. Misfits was indeed excellent. I have caught up on the 1st 2 series on blinkx. Must keep an eye on E4. they seem to have some good stuff. I will check out Fringe next.
  8. Number 11 in worldwide gross money in 2011 - over 400 million dollars no.9 in the US http://www.boxofficemojo.com/yearly/chart/?view2=worldwide&yr=2011&p=.htm
  9. A few great lines in the show: Penny (to Raj): "Whatcha doin' quick draw?" Sheldon to Leonard:"Leonard...have you ever thought about teaching physics?"
  10. As I mentioned before, I loved Amy when she joined first. Her sarcasm was hilarious. Amy and Sheldon slagging off the others was also hilarious. The unintentional insults directed at Penny when she accompanied Amy and Sheldon to dinner were also hilarious. Her deadpan "Are you a slut?", accompanied by Sheldon statistically working out how many men she slept with. One of my favourite all-time scenes from the show. I dont think she is as funny now that she is trying to fit in with the group.
  11. That was hilarious. That attitude would make a great routine for a stand-up comedian pretending to be German or Austrian. I would love to see a character like that join the gang on the show. Can you imagine Howard's face while he goes off on a rant??
  12. I always know I have had too much to drink when I start playing air guitar to the into of 3rd rock from the Sun while watching the DVDs:icon_cheesygrin: regarding miming, I normally just sing my head off instead (usually drink involved at that stage, also)
  13. @ Bazinga..try anyway. If noone gets it within a week, then you can retire. Just go for something that someone from here might be interested in.
  14. I just checked the channel 4 website and they have no date set for the new season. Looks like Im torrenting again! What I did find, though was a trivia quiz. Try it here: http://www.e4.com/bigbangtheory/trivia-quiz.html I got 17 out of 20 for the first one, but I think one of their questions is wrong 19 from 20 in genius level...not too shabby only 15 out of 20 in brainiac level...tut, tut!
  15. EXACTLY. I was reading that too, some time back, and identified very strongly.. I was trying to explain it to my hubby, who loves constant social interaction and is often puzzled by my need to withdraw at regular intervals. It's not that the introverts among us don't like people or enjoy talking sometimes, but it's just so much effort! You feel drained afterwards, and then have to unwind for an hour before you can do anything else that requires concentration. I think whenever someone uses a broad term like "energy" in relation to psychology, they are probably trying to sell something like a book which you would find under the " popular psychology" section beside "How to be the best damn ME I can be" or similar rubbish. If an extrovert looks for input, obviously their minds are going to be fired up when they go out and socialise rather than stay in. The adrenalin kicks in and a circle develops.. more adrenalin or whatever is released...leading to more hyper interaction. Over time such a person would be somewhat conditioned to be interested in the minutae of other people's lives (and talking about their own) and therefore such social interaction skills would develop further. The introvert , on the other hand, would feel somewhat left out in such a social group and they would have less (or no) interest in such trivialities, and may feel inadequate in such a group which they might feel is the social norm. Send an introvert out to a 2-hour Simpsons quiz night or something though, and just sit back and watch those neurochemicals fly.
  16. I look forward to hearing about their responses
  17. Okay Bazinggirl, I will give you that one. It was indeed Troy mcClure in the simpsons. Your turn. simpsons clip here http://theforbidden-zone.com/video/simpsons_pota.mpg
  18. no but not too far off. netmouse will get it straight away
  19. I used to live there. I was called floppy disk world. About 1.25 MB on a floppy disk if I rememner correctly
  20. rather defeats the purpose , seeing as you only get those pop-ups on other porn sites...
  21. Get a quote question right and then you can post you own question... 1st question: name the character singing and the TV show: "I hate every Ape I see From chimpan-A to chimpan-Z"
  22. Hmmm, that gives me an idea for a new thread. . I will start off with a topical one - see movies & TV thread
  23. Society tends to describe an introvert in terms of shyness, fear, awkwardness, wierdness. Psychologically or oven neurochemicaly speaking, an introvert is simply someone who is happy in their own space and doesnt need constant input in order to achieve mental satisfaction. Introversion or extroversion is a symptom rather than a cause. Take 2 people, an introvert and extrovert. The introvert is happy in solitary pursuits whether reading , learning, experimenting or whatever, as their mind is generating enough thoughts to forestall boredom. An extrovert, on the other hand , does not have as much internal mental activity. The extrovert then looks outward to others fill this gap. Obviously, over time, these become personality characteristics and others view theextrovert as fun or outgoing or whatever, which is viewed as a positive characteristic , whereas the person who doesnt need external stimulation is viewed as something of a wierdo in the mainstream (until they invent something which makes a pile of cash). Personally I am quite happy not to sit in the canteen at work and listen to people talking a load of bollox about x-factor, desperate housewives, or whatever. I would much rather sit in the car and read , and would have no problem letting them know my opinion if they started slagging me off about being antisocial.
  24. "More, I say. Hang those who talk of less." Bonus points for anyone who recognises that "animated" quote.
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