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  1. I know i haven't been here for a long time, but i seriously have to say something about the topic mentioned above: A reboot for the 5th season is DEFINITELY necessary. When only the first two seasons were available/aired i was addicted to the show. Third season was just fine, like the fourth Harry Potter movie , but the fourth season ... how can i put this ... blows. Where did all the nerds from the beginning go? - Sheldon and Amy (shamy) - Howard and Bernadette (enganged... hello???) - Leonard and Priya What happend to Penny? - She is not dating as much as in the first season - She always is around Bernadette and Amy Why does Sheldon understand sarcasm at times? Why is Priya back at all? What happend to the Sheldonian Calender? Food, evening entertainment, ... I could go on, but i think i have made my point. Just needed to get this off my chest...
  2. Does anyone know what song is played in the goth-club when it is shown the first time? "Not that anyone cares" :D
  3. Well i don't think that the writers would make a mistake like you are imagining. Not only it is not Sheldons nature to get a girlfriend like Penny but think about all other relationships in the show! Leonard/Sheldon for example: i think Leonard would then really like to kill Sheldon while he is sleeping Sheldon/Howard: Howard would be more than emberassed about that! Sheldon get a hit on Penny, while Howard has absolutely no chance... I think even Leslie would change her opinion about Sheldon... a stronger relationship between Penny and Sheldon would change the entire show, i think. Nevertheless i like the end of "the bath item gift hypothethis" when Sheldon hugs Penny. But that should be a "one time event"
  4. Hey Irvine! Welcome to the forums! Wow, that was really an extensive picture of you i believe your name is from the 8th part of Final Fantasy? in addition, i like Québec! in August 2007 i was there vor about two weeks with the German sail training ship 'Gorch Fock' and i enjoyed Québec a lot
  5. Wow, you are able to quote.... Only by using "sentences of sarcasm" you think Sheldon is AWARE of using it? And if he is, WHY is he not able to see it? or hear it? Remember Leonard with his sarcasm sign in the second episode of the first season? "Do i have to hold up a sarcasm sign every time i open my mouth?" Or when he keeps asking "was that sarcasm?" Or Sheldon lending Penny money... i could go on, but i think i made my point
  6. Haha, not Sheldon. All Sheldon would do is saying "fascinating" seeing them drool
  7. I think Hugh Jackman would be great... Then he meets Sheldon and they can talk about the Adamantium in the body of Wolverine and if scientists are really working on that... i think that would be fun! Although i dont think that Hugh Jackman shows up in a show like TBBT...
  8. Is Sheldon really sarcastic? i mean until the end of season one he hasn't got the hang of sarcasm. What i want to say is, that when Sheldon uses sarcasm deliberately shouldn't he be able to observe sarcasm used by others like Penny or Leonard?
  9. Yeah! The winner should choose Wolowitz as her last name... Howard would very much enjoy it :D And Penny would never get her head out of the oven :D
  10. i seriously think Leonard and Sheldon KNOW her last name already... remember how often Leonard tookher mail or her furniture from IKEA.. there MUST be her name on it... and sheldon signed for her package when she has her stuff delivered for her Penny-Blossoms.....
  11. I think he might be a robot^^ so somehow data, yes :D like in one episode Raj, Howard and Sheldon are talking about that....
  12. ok, here is my theory about the last name problem: All the guys (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj) are very unique in their behaviour, language, clothes and so on. In contrast Penny characterizes a random blond girl. And to clearify it she doesn't have a last name....
  13. nice thread name :D ...welcome to the world of TBBT^^
  14. I'm looking forward to it
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