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  1. aye, a very good start to the season. Pity I will miss next weeks, but unfortunately I am forced to take the wife and kids on a family holiday to Bali. All that surfing and diving..... I'm sure I will pick it up when I get back....
  2. nope, I've been in Perth for 2 years now
  3. True the next person has a Masters degree
  4. I would'nt call Faulty Towers cringe TV, it was made years before that type of comedy was introduced. As for Larry Sanders...nope never heard of him!
  5. I dont like reality TV shows, nor do I like cringe comedy.
  6. My 14 year old daughter has started saying "true", to absolutely everything. It's driving me nuts, I know we moved to Oz 2 years ago, but cut that crap out, even Ozzies don't say it! I also get annoyed when people cant pronounce her name correctly, ok it's Irish Gaelic and only been around for about a thousand years, but f.f.s, it's Eilidh; pronounced Hayley but without the 'H'. How feckin difficult is that!!!! Oh, and my wife also say's "yadda yadda yadda" when she is abbreviating a story, that frakkin annoys me too.
  7. I have the t-shirt, and I'm wearing it just now
  8. you say that to all the new people Do you know Terence and Phillip?
  9. A Grip is the rigging, and camera dollies, etc in other words a handy man. The grip comes from another name for a toolbag. The Best Boy, are assistants to the Grips and Gaffers. frakk, am I the only one that knows how to wiki....
  10. my ipod is on shuffle, so just now it is Lemar with a cover version of "I believe in a think called love", and next is The Prodigy with a live version of Spitfire, and then it is Glasvagas with Go Square Go
  11. 6 to 8 hours sleep, depending if I am am home or at work. I try to aim for 8.
  12. PANIC!!!!!! I'll be a work on the Monday, get home on the Tuesday, then off to Bali on the Wednesday for 10 days. I hope I have enough "internet" friends.......
  13. I don't normally watch TV but the wife said I should watch this show. Funny, very funny. I do have to explain some of the science to the family. I would expect Lenard to have a Mac though!
  14. not my favorite, but I do have all the DVDs (had to wait for them coming out). I also have the little models of the ships Red Dwarf and Starbug, and the Scutters My kids also watch it, often
  15. Sheldon is not a real Trek fan. See Season 1 episode 13, The Bat Jar Conjecture, around 2 mins 20s into it, he makes a lame Vulcan sign, his thumb is not separate from his hand. No real fan would make that kind of mistake! HE is fake.
  16. tomy2tums

    Nerd Test

    2% scored higher (more nerdy), 0% scored the same, and 98% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!! I think I should get extra points as I watched DS9 to the point my wife actually knew characters, their personalities and the plot. Also she buys me computer games, she knows I'd like.
  17. I used to live in Stenhousemuir, Scotland but now I live in Secret Harbour, Western Australia
  18. English, Scots, Gaelic and Spanish (although a Columbian lady I knew said I spoke the worst Spanish she had every heard)
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