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  1. I think they made the right choice. There are only so many times you can have a character like Howard (what he used to be) making the same skeevy jokes and double entedres before he becomes an insufferable caricature of himself.
  2. It's always irked me to see others deem what things are socially immature. One instance that always springs to mind when I think of this subject is an episode of Friends where Ross is offered some chocolate milk and he declines with his reason being that he's an adult. I was like "uh...wtf?". You can't drink chocolate milk anymore because you think it's too childish? That mindset in and of itself is childish. Now I'm aware that it was just an actor reading lines from a script for a television show, but it is still an extension of the kind of thoughts that society has on a variety of things be it a grown man/woman playing video games, watching cartoons, reading comic books, playing with toys/action figures, buying the colorful sugary cereal, etc etc etc. People can and should do whatever makes them feel happy just so long as whatever that is, isn't bothering anyone else to the degree it violates their rights. If anyone has a problem with it, it is they who are being childish and immature.
  3. I can't wait until I get this game. I can't get it just yet because I'm out of money from buying Saints Row the Third (REALLY AWESOME GAME BTW). I've heard that the PS3 version is having some issues with the size of the save file causing some serious lag once you get deep into gameplay, and that is the version I would be getting. Hopefully a patch is released to cause whatever issues they are perceiving by the time I get it.
  4. I would say they don't "see" anything considering they have no basis for sight. They would experience abstract thought, emotions, ideas, sounds and various experiences and scenarios akin to those they have while awake.
  5. Sterculius


    I'm 100% for Amy staying, they need to represent as many different types of females as they can just like they try to do with the guys, showing that not all girls are stereotypically "girly", but come in many social varieties. That's not something they can do with just Penny and Bernadette, who share more similarities than differences.
  6. Looks like I fall into the minority on this one. I actually enjoyed the episode and had no problems with anything that occurred in the episode. I don't see this episode as being anything more than a stepping stone to get Sheldon and Amy "together" in order to set something else up the writers have in mind for the future. We shall see. But I liked it. The only thing I've been having problems with is the new way they've been styling Sheldon's hair, it's been bothering me.
  7. I would like to see some Star Wars guest appearances. They have Star Trek well represented with Levar Burton, Brent Spiner, George Takei and of course Wil Wheaton. But to my recollection I don't believe there have been any Star Wars guest stars. I also want to see more of these character's relatives. Raj still has 4 other sibilings we haven't seen, Leonard and Sheldon both have siblings we haven't seen also. They should probably get Leonard Nimoy on there too, just so we can see Sheldon faint from excitement or something lol.
  8. I really liked when they all chipped in on the time machine. Or when they were fighting over the Lord of the Rings ring. Most recently I loved the Halloween episode with Sheldon trying desperately to get back at everyone for having scared him.
  9. Can't believe that someone wouldn't have known about Mayim Bialik having played Blossom. lol What I did find interesting to learn however was that Mayim has a PhD in neuroscience in real life, just like her character Amy. Found that out right after she first appeared on the show.
  10. I think this image might be appropriate.
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original 80s series) The Real Ghostbusters (my favorite, I have the whole series on DVD, woot!) Muppet Babies Eureka's Castle Beavis and Butthead Ren and Stimpy Tales from the Crypt among many others
  12. Yes, you do sound a lot like Sheldon too! Are you into Magic: the Gathering (the show pokes fun of Magic)? Sheldon is very selfish "...and I reject them all...", what are you like? I'm not selfish like Sheldon. And do you ever give a crap what other people think of you? Yes, I like to play Magic, as well as a few other TCGs. I engage in almost every recreational activity that they're shown doing on the show with possibly the only exception being paintball. I'm not really one to enjoy physical activity. But yeah, all the other stuff that they enjoy I do too. And yes I'm selfish like that too. I don't care what others think of me, just like he doesn't. But one of the differences I would say we have is I am able to tell what emotions people are feeling or what the current social situation is. But like Sheldon, I rarely care unless it has to do with me. At least once per episode my wife will give me a look that is taken to mean "see? there you are again." One instance that springs to mind is when Sheldon told Leonard that he's looking forward to watching Battlestar Galactica on DVD... Leonard: Should we have invited her for lunch ? Sheldon: No, we're gonna start season two of Battlestar Galactica. Leonard: We already watched the season two DVDs. Sheldon: Not with commentary. No one in my family/friends circle understands my "need" to view all supplemental material, most importantly the commentary tracks.
  13. I assume it's a simple reference to the fact that sign language plays a large part in this episode. I initially thought that it might have some deeper meaning with reference to something scientific as well, but there might not be anything beyond it's reference to ASL. Some of the other titles aren't that deep either, such as "The Skank Reflex Analysis", no guess work required on that one.
  14. The only part I didn't like in this episode is when Penny deliberately turned her attention away from Leonard to talk to the guy at the other table. Even between two friends who aren't on a date, that's still extremely rude. Had I been there and she did that to me, I honestly would have just left her there. Other than that, the episode was fantastic. LOVED Sheldon's story, and that was a pretty large bird, no wonder Sheldon was frightened at first.
  15. Unfortunately I think she was just there as a device to break Leonard and Priya up for good. Someone that was so dashing and attractive to all of Leonard's sensibilities, not just physically but socially as well, that he couldn't help but get caught up in a make-out session. She might be back at a later date for one reason or another, just like Penny's boyfriends have returned at various occasions, but I don't see her having any real staying power.
  16. For series finales, Friends was pretty good, but only if you were familiar with the show and all the character arcs that they were trying to tie up. All of the Seinfeld season enders were pretty good, including the series finale. I'm one of the few people in my social circle that actually liked it, lol. Curb Your Enthusiasm season finales are usually pretty awesome as well, with the latest one being probably the best. Can't wait until next season (Hopefully Larry David decides to make it).
  17. Not true at all. I would say I'm exactly like these guys, or as close as a real person can be in comparison to a fictional character. I play with toys collectibles and action figures, I read/collect comics and manga, I go to the theater to see vintage movies (in costume if possible), I watch anime, I play video games, I speak Klingon, I watch a multitude of science fiction TV and films, enjoy studying books on various subjects just for the fun of it, play TCG games and engage in many pointless debates and discussions about fictionalized material. Everything they do and everything they are on this show, is everything I do and am and always have been. And yet, I have never had any issues with getting girlfriends and now I am married with children. And we don't even follow the regular stereotypes of marriage either, with regard to the fabled drop off in sexual activity after marriage (not to get too graphic). Maybe some guys do better than others, but saying that guys like this NEVER get girls (of any kind, not just "geeky girls") is just completely false.
  18. Sterculius


    Speaking of Leonard and Sheldon's brothers, I wonder if they're ever going to show them or if they're going to pull a Seinfeld. George and Jerry both mention having a brother once each, but we never get to see them and they're never mentioned again throughout the entire series. Elaine's sister is mentioned a couple times, and Elaine is mentioned as having just gone to see her or just getting back from visiting, but we never actually see the sister. Maybe we will never get to see Sheldon/Leonard's respective brothers. I would like to see either of them though, and how Sheldon or Leonard react when they show up.
  19. Sterculius


    It would almost disastrous I think, if they were to have Roseanne on. The only ones from the Roseanne show that I feel could show up, beyond the ones that already have, and not throw off some sort of balance would be either Michael Fishman or John Goodman. And only then, they should show up for a one episode cameo. Perhaps a visiting professor for John Goodman or a friend of a friend type situation for Michael Fishman, nothing permanent or even recurring for either of them though.
  20. I don't see the show as getting any worse, but rather it's getting different. There are only so many stories that you can do with a tight knit group of friends, before you start resorting to plot devices that are a little out of the ordinary. This is usually the normal progression of things, in all aspects of entertainment. Look at music for example: the first album is usually interesting and gets people's attention, then with the financial backing and creative license behind them, the artist(s) come out strong with a great second album quite often believed to be their best, and then the third album tends to be sort of a departure as they try to get a bit more creative until by the fourth or fifth album they have veered so far from where they originated that, while still good in their own right, they might also begin to alienate those who have followed them the longest. Happens all the time. I for one am finding The Big Bang Theory as entertaining as ever.
  21. I think they need to just go ahead and reveal it, but not make a big deal about it. Like when they revealed that Penny is actually short for Penelope, it was so subtle and without fanfare that I almost missed it.
  22. The first few times I saw this I kept wondering to myself "If they keep throwing up Spock, and they're aware of the other items that might beat Spock, why then do they continue to throw Spock?" and then I realized that it is most likely to make a joke in regards to Sheldon's initial objection to the standard version of the game; that players familiar with each other will often tie given the limited amount of outcomes.
  23. I've picked up on this as well, pointing out to my wife the first few times I noticed things like this saying "oh look he just said he forgot something!" But the more I dwelled on it the more I came to the conclusion that, to me anyway, it doesn't count as a true occurrence of forgetfulness unless someone else has to remind him rather than him having delayed recall. Going off of this theory, there are far fewer instances in which he "forgets". But I also understand the time needed to gradually construct a character, the bending/breaking of rules as a necessity to play into the plot of the episode, or the simple fact that different episodes are written by different writers and not all of them know what has been said in every episode. Even when a show has a show historian. Things happen. Oh well.
  24. For me, that wasn't jumping the shark since it was still in line with both of their personalities. They have both already shown in previous episodes that each of them can get too drunk and let their sexual desires get the best of them, only to awaken with little to no knowledge of the night before. I don't feel that that instance of Penny and Raj was nearly as surprising as a sexual episode between Sheldon and Amy might be. Amy has been written to be somewhat of a sexual wild card whose appetites outweigh her opportunities but Sheldon is still too far reserved in regards to any situation that might call for physical contact. If he were to submit to Amy's advances it would be too different a character than what we currently know him as. They would have to have several episodes leading up to it, for me to buy it. But given the events of the most recent episode, there is solid evidence that Sheldon CAN be changed. I'm not 100% against the idea truthfully, I just think it would require the utmost of care. That's just me and my opinion though.
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