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  1. I REALLY loved the Season Finale! And the second last episode as well. After a sometimes disappointing Season that had me miss group-science and geek humour, the last two episodes were just everything I love about this show and I really hope the writers will remember their original audience when they start Season 4. As for Sheldon's "date", what I really liked about it is that we finally see how any type of interaction should start - by a COMMON interest. I found it really refreshing to see a man and a woman not starting to converse about things they make up just because they are physically attracted by each other and want to ignore the fact that they have nothing in common (Leonard-Penny, for example), but that two people actually start a talk because they realise they HAVE something in common. No sure if I want this Sheldon-Amy interaction to go anywhere, but I liked it being portrayed from this point of view.
  2. Loooooooooooooved the episode!!!! I was rolling on the floor..... it was just everything I love about this show......... can't give details, still tooo high.... The episodes are usually connected very well. The Spaghetti Catalyst happened immediately the week after the break-up. So I'd assume that the break up was 3-4 weeks ago.
  3. Yeah, could someone from the States explain the implications of this? As far as I understand the US television system, it means that the show will now air "on cable" (Fox, TBS) as well as in the general "broadcasting network" (CBS)? Or just on cable? Does this mean, it will be available to a wider audience or a smaller one?
  4. see here: http://the-big-bang-theory.com/story/1476/Fox-TBS-to-syndicate-Big-Bang-Theory/ What will Sheldon say??? Fox cancelled Firefly
  5. She is stupid just because she doesn't says 'i love you" too ? LOL she was sincere !!! sorry but i as her don't reply anything the same way just to be polite. Are you intentionally twisting my words? I said the last episode portrayed Penny in a rather bad light. E.g. "damn they canceled my visa, oh look a new master card". "Oh, Leonard has been crying, really??". And I blame the writers for that "flatness" of Penny's character in THIS episode, because it disagrees with what we've seen in the last three seasons. So she's been sleeping with a guy for almost a year and suddenly pretends she doesn't have any feelings for him and wonders that he's upset when she breaks up with him after he confessed his love??? THAT's what I call shallow character depiction. The Penny we've seen in the seasons before wasn't stupid or shallow. The Penny seen in the last episode, was! Noone expected her to reply with "I love you" if she was scared of the word and needed more time. She could have simply explained her feelings to Leonard. But breaking up after having sex for almost a year just because your boyfriend says "I love you" .... that's just a really flat character to me. Yep, that's my problem with these two last episodes as well. It just doens't make sense. It's a break up forced upon us by the writers to create some new tension - will they, won't they - without having an understandable reason.
  6. Sheldon has no particular respect for Penny, I highly doubt that he'd spent an entire day with her friends, he's normally not into socialising. That's what I meant. couldn't disagree more. I really feel that you really don't understand the show. It's exactly against that stupid stereotype people have about "bimbos" (how i hate this word and all the machismo it contains) and nerds. Change your title to Steve The Misogynist You really think you have to explain the show to STEVE??? LOL! Welcome to the Forum! Besides, just watch the opening scene of the last episode and tell me that Penny wasn't portrait as a stupid blonde! Agree with Steve, we haven't seen the best of Penny in this episode, but so it was with Sheldon. It was really a case for out-of-character writing for me! TOTALLY AGREE!
  7. So many who liked this episode?? I'm not going to rewatch it, I'm seriously disappointed. It had some good dialogues, Sheldon telling Penny about coitus, Howard telling Sheldon about picking teams - but the whole fight between Leonard and Penny over Sheldon was ridiculous. The idea was certainly good, but Sheldon going to Disneyland??? C'MON! The same Sheldon that hates crowds and wouldn't go to Las Vegas??? The same Sheldon that is paranoid about his hygiene now spending an entire day with PENNY's friends??? The same Sheldon that hated bouncy castles when he was a child, now going to ride the matterhorn??? No way. Bad writing, really really bad writing!
  8. Well, Irvine is right - there still has been plenty of geeky humour, though I also was disappointed with some of the episodes that focused entirely on relationship drama (like the Psychic Vortex or the Cornhusker Vortex). But I really enjoyed the last couple of episodes, they had enough friendship-scenes and geek scenes. I've come to ignore the couple problems. Gosh, I think that's a bit harsh. Leonard is really insecure. How'd you react if you told someone you loved them and they responded with "I'm not sure". Penny could have kuddled him, told him how much she cared about him or what ever right then in bed, still avoiding the L-word, if she was scared of it. But not just run away. And I really disagree with the "one year is far too short". C'mon, you can't be sleeping with someone for ONE YEAR and NOT have any feelings As I said, the end of the episode for me was totally open. Penny ran away, they could have talked it out, she explain that she needs more time with the word but still has deep feelings, Leonard feel a bit more secure. But everybody oneline talks about the break up, even Wil Wheaton in his blog about the taping of the episode. So I guess Irvine is right, they are "having a break"
  9. Did you read my post? I agree, I can't imagine and I really wouldn't like it if Sheldon ever had romantic feelings, but I must say I trust the writers that they won't do that. They've said before that Sheldon is in love with science and that's it. But I could imagine that at some stage Sheldon meets someone he finds a "suitable ovum carrier" and wants to "replicate his DNA". That would be funny and well in character with Sheldon. *not looking*
  10. It could be to stop Leonard from buying a cat As for the spaghetti, I could imagine him making spaghetti and inviting them for a meal to try to get them back together? Spiced with some theory about the carbohydrates in spaghetti and the spices stimulating some neural hormone production for couple binding ??
  11. 1- For Leonard: Don't you know nerds are überly romantics! Well, not all of them (Sheldon, for exemple), but Leonard would probably fall into that category! Romantism comes with its strenghts and weakness; one of those weakness, it's hard to let go when you say you love the girl! 2- For Penny, well there is two thing about her side of the story: One, she's known for being a little bit insecure. Two, well, Wil Wheaton went inside her head! Bringing those two together, I'd conclude she was afraid to hurt Leonard the same way Willy got supposedly hurt in that story of his. Which is why she'd rather pull the plug already. That's what I'm concluding from my view of the character analysis, along with the situation. I might be way off, or maybe not. That's just my conclusion of it! Yeah, I think your character analysis is quite right. I just still think they should have talked it out and not "broke up". Funny - I didn't even interpret the episode as a break up, I thought she just stormed off and we'd have a reunion the next episode. It was only after I read all the comments online that I realised I had been supposed to see a break-up. Talk guys, nerd or not, talk with each other !
  12. Well, I'm not reading the spoilers , but concerning a love interest for Sheldon - I figured I can never ever and never ever want to imagine Sheldon having an emotionally driven (like Leonard) or sexually driven (like Howard) interest in a woman or another person. But what I COULD actually imagine and think would be quite funny, was if Sheldon met someone he considered to be a "suitable candidate to create a Sheldon 2.0" and how he would plan a project for procreation without having any feelings or wanted to have any physical contact. Just thinking ... now I'm off again before I run into spoilers
  13. Well, we all knew a break-up would be coming at some time, but because of THIS??? She said she was scared of the word and its meaning, why didn't Leonard let it go and why the hell did she conclude if she didn't feel the loved him she would have to break up??? It just doesn't make sense. Well, but then again, it's a comedy.
  14. I thought Sheldon doesn't stand when people fight and yell at each other - then he runs away and acts like a little child. When they're not talking, he can obviously cope and helps ... ? Just a guess
  15. I really loved this episode! Just kept laughing - Wil Wheaton and Sheldon are pure comic heaven, Howard and Raj were good and I didn't even mind the LP scenes cos they seemed to fit and did not distract from the geek world. Definitely one of my most favourite episodes this season! More of this please!!! But all you guys here saying you feel with LP make me wonder - is this really happening out there in the "big world" ?? That people have been having sex for almost a year but don't actually have "strong feelings" for each other and now will break up because one admitted he loves the other??? Oh boy...
  16. Really? Can't we enjoy both? I know I do! Well, you're right, I correct my statement. I'm not saying I don't enjoy Sheldon-centric episode, I just prefer the balanced once. The only thing that has annoyed me in the beginning of this season were the relationship-focus-drama-episodes. I just noticed that there's usually one half of forum users that likes an episode while the other half doesn't. And that split is between the LP-stuff-Sheldon-crazy versus the friendship-episodes. Just an observation
  17. Well, I loved The Excelsior Acquisition or The Precious Fragmentation - they had all I love about this show: the WHOLE GROUP interacting, doing geeky stuff. There seem to be two groups of fans now - those who enjoy the geeky-friendship-episodes and those who enjoy the slapstick-Sheldon-is-crazy-episodes...
  18. I think Howard didn't refer to the book and the rings made in LOTR, but to the movie and the rings that were made for the movie. Loved this episode.
  19. I'm really in two minds about this episode. If I hadn't known the show and the characters, I'd say it was a mediocre, funny episode, there were some good jokes (William Shatner of Theoretical Physics, Sim City, Leonard and Sheldon doing therapy), some pretty flat ones (C-men, the whole youtube thing with the pants off). But since I know the show and the characters, I can't stop wondering - what the hell where the writers thinking, were they thinking at all???? 1.) Sheldon never had stage fright before, where did that suddenly come from (hello, Cooper-Hofstadter-Polarization, Sheldon preparing all his speeches for the Nobel Prize ...)??!! 2.) Why on Earth would he suddenly drink alcohol, even more so much that he'd be completely pissed and then get on to embarrass himself up to the point of flashing his bum???? 3.) Why would his friends not stop him and even more, put the stuff on youtube?? Okay, Howard has done it before, but with a video like this time, Sheldon's carreer could be completely ruined. What friend does something like that???? For me they just all acted completely out of character in the final five minutes. They were just plain slapstick for me, no TBBT-quality humor. The only good thing about the last five minutes and the entire episode - they showed once more what a brilliant actor Jim Parsons is. I found most of Sheldon completely out of character, but yet JP managed to deliver all these moods, speeches, movements and so on very believable. But seriously, writer, were YOU drunk writing this episode????
  20. I don't watch the promos anymore, they spoiled some of the jokes for me ... but it makes me really excited to hear that we'll get another "guys-hanging-out" episode. I SOOOO missed them this season, all the girlfriend-stuff got in the way. I'm in! Make it three
  21. Hi guys, I LOOOOVED the episode! It was finally back to being the TBBT I love - geeky scenes, the friends hanging out together, Penny trying to understand their world. It was just great, and I completely agree with Steve's posts. I hope we'll get more of these episodes ... can't wait for the return of Evil Wil Wheaton
  22. It seems these two cool videos haven't been posted here: No. 1 Jim Parsons featuring in the Stand Up 2 Cancer spot - he's playing 30 different roles with 30 costume changes (including an almost-naked one ) ... and clearly shows what a great actor he is!! No. 2 This is from a fan who wrote a song called "The Bazinga Song" written from Sheldon's point of view on the world. I watched it and really liked it. These are the lyrics - The devil has many faces--Wil Wheaton is first Anything can happen Thursdays are the second worst Then there's people who don't get just how smart I am I have a PhD; I am not an average man Life would be much better if everyone read comic books If people studied physics instead of studying their looks Stop being like Kirk and start acting more like Spock But, most importantly, get the hell out of my spot Bazinga Bazinga Schedules are important and they must be kept Plans cannot be changed because of some girl you met I'm still mad the bastards canceled Firefly And, unless you're MeeMaw, don't you dare call me "Moonpie" Life would be much better ... Don't call my mom or be in my bedroom If you touch my stuff, be prepared to meet your doom My mom had me tested, and, no, I'm not insane Don't try making small talk, just bow down to my brain Life would be much better ... Orange chicken is not tangerine There's nothing better than a routine Don't ignore a check engine light Or mess around with my laundry night If you let me knock three times Then I won't kill you with my mind Life would be much better .....
  23. Well, I was okay with that episode. More interactions between all of them. Liked the cafeteria scene in the beginning. Lots of funny moments. But I don't get the drama behind Valentine's day?? It's one stupid day in the year. Why would you take your girlfriend who's not interested in physics to a physics conference to see something your roommate and friend has longed for since he was nine?? Leonard can spend any day with Penny, why the fuss about Valentine's day?? Besides, I don't really see how a science department of a university would sponsor Leonard to take "someone else". University usually only sponsor science-related trips, so to me it would have made more sense if he had to take another scientist. But yeah, then the whole episode wouldn't have been funny I agree here! It also bothered me lately that we don't really see the four friends caring for each other anymore and I really miss the geeky scenes. I guess somehow such a change is normal when some people in a group of friends get girl-/boyfriends, but I really didn't understand why they didn't take Raj for roller skating - why would that have been a problem?? Completely agree with you!
  24. Good points you've listed! I just didn't think that far So let's hope the show will manage to stay the way that made it successful and us "old fans" won't be left behind and everyone can enjoy the show...
  25. Yep, totally agree with Steve. Couldn't have put it in better words! On thing I'd like to add - the show is currently gaining a lot of viewers and the ratings are just getting better and better. The only explanation I have for this is that the original viewers are left behind and the show is gaining a new group of viewers - one that likes the less geeky humour. I wonder if the writers are aware of that?
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