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  1. I really hope for a less-drama and more-realistic plot. The three friends competing for the ticket would make sense to me. And Penny generally wanting to go to Europe with Leonard but not being interested in the HC would be realistic. But, please, no hyped-up drama about Valentine's day being "oh so important" and boyfriend needs to take girlfriend even if she isn't interested...
  2. Here we go: That's classic Yep, I agree. I'm in two minds about the show at the moment. I love bits of every episode... the geeky bits, the smart bits, the science bits. But some jokes are just plain primitive - Sheldon letting Martha into her room for a cheap sex joke; Howard first not wanting Bernadette because she wasn't perfect and then telling Leonard he should accept that Penny believes in psychics because she was all he's ever going to get; the ball pit bit was funny but when it appeared the second time - I thought, "what was that??" I have the feeling that the writers are trying "new" things for a "new" audience at the moment ... romance, sex jokes, plain slapstick. And the original, geeky audience is a bit left behind. That said, I'm glad that they finally integrated the relationships so that they aren't the main topic of the episodes anymore, yet still there for all the romance fans. Bernadette dealing with Sheldon was great! But I agree with Steve that we're getting a lot of crazy-Sheldon and the-rest-of-the-gang-being-so-annoyed-by-Sheldon-episodes. Why? Jim Parsons is fantastic, Sheldon is great, but I fell in love with the GROUP of friends and their interaction... I'm missing that. The point is - the ball pit bit was funny the first time, for two or three bazingas. But I found it lame the second time. The Howard-and-Raj-rollerskating bit would have made sense if there had been some kind of bet between Howard and Raj... e.g. "if working in the Cheesecake factory helps Sheldon, I'll go rollerskating with you" ... but without any context, it was just cheap. When the guys went out in the desert to watch the meteorite and then got stoned - that was crazy for me AND made sense with their characters.
  3. Nice episodes. It was good to see the guys back in action and no dramatic focus on relationship issues. More of the all-four-guys-together scenes please! Sheldon was classic as usual! "I am the master of my bladder" FTW
  4. Oh, no worries, I didn't mean to say anything against posting the article! These forums are for sharing such news. My comment was just more general ... I don't want the ship to happen, the shippers want it and I just want to enjoy the show and not convince either side that they are right. It's like Leonard's and Penny's view on psychics - neither side will change their point of view. Let's have faith in the writers
  5. Let's do an experiment and titrate the right amount of alcohol to make Raj communicate with women without getting obnoxious Seriously? I find her hard to bear. And their interaction even more. BTW is anyone else confused that on their third date, Bernadette expected sex and now after several dates they are still talking about "getting to third base" and "well, my shirt off"?? Howard wasn't that shy before...
  6. I'm rather tired of the entire relationship discussion surrounding the show. Let the shippers enjoy their ship, I'm happy if the writers won't go for it (I really don't see any romantic chemistry there), but why are most of the discussions surrounding the show about the relationships??? I find the way the relationships are portrayed rather one-dimensional ("geek does everything to satisfy the girlfriend why he has actually nothing in common with her")... and I think the show is about a lot more than romance... bring back the science and the nerd stuff, please!
  7. Yeah, I think it would be interesting to see how things would develop, but I think Danica McKellar was just a one-off guest star. It's kind of disappointing that a lot of stories aren't developed any further... And btw, I'm a bit surprised that so many people here have said that Raj is the one best fitted for a girlfriend... I find him rather obnoxious when he's drunk (and can talk) and pretty lame when he's not drunk (and can't talk) - NOT as a character, but from a "suitable as boyfriend" point of view... well, but to each their own as they say
  8. Hm...I liked the episode, it had good moments - Sheldon being Sheldon, Raj explaining to Sheldon what a wingman does. Howard's diagram was classic and I was really happy that Leonard stood up for his believes. I didn't find him "closed minded", as a scientist, c'mon, psychics really aren't your thing. Why didn't Penny at least listen to his reasons?? But what really confused me was the final joke. I mean, yes it was funny- but Sheldon left somebody into his bedroom???? Do the writers really think we'll buy this? Never ever!
  9. Here's the video for those outside of the US (if Torak's link doesn't work). The winner is announced around 3 min: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejGitNgmjr0&feature=related OH...and congratulations to the crew! It's well deserved! Now, how do we get Jim Parsons the recognition he deserves???? Can't believe they snubbed both him and the show for the Golden Globes
  10. Thanks I'm around, just didn't have much to say recently, since I'm not shipping anyone and I started avoiding the episode threads before the episode aired to avoid spoilers... Number 1 wish on my list for next year is: More geeky, science scenes, PLEASE! I've come to cope with the relationship scenes, but I really miss the moments when the guys are all together doing nerdy things... As for Raj - maybe he could get a mute girl and he would have to learn the sign language to communicate with her ?
  11. I had tried to lower my expectations prior to this episode because I thought nothing will ever top "The Maternal Capacitancy" for me... and I was right, but I laughed a lot through this episode, so I'm happy with it. I think we're all getting a bit spoiled with past excellent episodes....some things can't get better and better, they just stay good and we have to watch out not to take them for granted. Me too!!! I started to avoid spoilers, promos etc, so I didn't know what was coming. As soon as drunk Beverly returned to the apartment I KNEW that something was about to happen with Sheldon... but I would have never guessed they would go SO FAR. It was priceless, Jim Parsons' reaction was excellent.. I laughed so much. Also loved the Howard-Raj scene and Leonard's reaction... So yes, some jokes were repeated from last time, but I'm still very happy with this one. Now we'll just have to get over the three weeks break :/
  12. There's a vote going on which show CBS should air after the Super Bowl. GO GUYS! http://popwatch.ew.com/2009/11/13/super-bowl-cbs
  13. Well, this time it's me to post the spoilers (ran into this without having been warned ...) If you'd like to know more about Katee Sackhoff's appearance and learn what the story will be (including a picture) than go ahead and read the following article! If you'd prefer NOT to know in advance what's gonna happen, then DON'T click on the link!
  14. Well, I really like the characters of Leonard and Penny, BUT I haven't seen why EITHER of them is attracted to the other one. Penny works as the neighbour, but as a girlfriend for Leonard? What does she offer besides her looks and being sweet - she shares none of his interests?! We've seen they enjoy having sex, but what else?? In real life, I think Leonard would be much better of with a girlfriend from his university, somebody with similar intellect and interests... Nevertheless, As for your comment on Leonard being the beta-male and a loser - although I'd wish he had more self confidence cos he has every reason to have it, I wouldn't call him a loser at all, he's stood up for things he believed in in the past, he's smart, he's caring. Who in this world wants what you call alpha-male - the tall-muscular-handsome-macho-jerks (â„¢Irvine)??? *The horror*
  15. I hate to correct you again, but Raj said that Star Trek V is the standard against all badness is measured, while Sheldon disliked Star Trek I the most.
  16. Well, I miss the smiley behind that question to indicate you're joking... but I'll just assume you did and thus reply- I'm most of all not an English native speaker and hadn't heard the term "space opera". Re: Melyanna - ah now I see. Well, as I said it's really hard to recommend something to someone who's taste you don't know. I liked BSG... To those of you who wanna know more about the upcoming episode with Katee Sackhoff, here's an article, but beware it contains spoilers about the plot of the episode (I didn't know and just walked into it ...). So don't click on the link if you don't wanna know who the episode will go! Edit: I fixed the link!
  17. "space opera" LOL is that the term for a soap opera taken place in space? I really don't think that BSG would classify as that, the main plot is pure sci-fi, space, human race tries to survive and the sub plots are more about how they deal with daily life. With "connecting to the characters" I just meant that I don't like action shows that are JUST action, shooting and battles and NO human inter-action Relationships do happen and develop in BSG, but it's really just part of the daily life aspect and always just a side story. Because the show was made for cable, there's a bit of nudity and steamy tension as well but I never found that distracting from the main plot... Where are the male fans in this forum?? Gimme some back up! Anyway, if you give it a try, let me know what you think
  18. Well, I'd say it depends on what draws you into watching a show. BSG is very different from Star Trek, there are no aliens, just the interactions between humans and cylons (artifical robotic beings humans created). The basic story is what happens to this fleet of human ships stranded in space after their home world got destroyed. Will they find a new place to live, how will their society survive, what are the daily life problems they face being left alone in space, well and most of all - what do the cylons want, will they destroy all human beings? I'm not a big fan of just space-battles, action, shootings and stuff. I watched the pilot and what got me hooked to the show was the main story line and its questions and most of all the characters. I just connected to the characters and was interested how they will develop and how things will go on. I'd say if you're generally into space-science fiction stuff, if you like tension and if you like character-interactions then I'd give it a try and watch the pilot and maybe also the first episode (called "33").
  19. I have seen this episode and I thought Kirk was just insulting him to get him angry... but I'll watch for further references. I'm just surprised because I can't find anything about his conception on MemoryAlpha, which is -as I understand- the online Star Trek Wiki...hm... fascinating
  20. Hu? Do you have a reference for that? I've just recently been infected with the Star Trek Virus, so I haven't seen every material, but I can't find a reference that he was conceived in vitro. On the matter of Sheldon. From what I know the writers are huge Star Trek Fans, so I don't think they would create obvious mistakes. I believe they want the guys to appear as real fans. I think the fact that Sheldon made the Vulcan salute wrong ONCE was just a mistake by the actor. Well and on a different matter, I don't like the term "real fan" and "not a real fan". If somebody loves a show and doesn't know every single detail, they still love the show. From what I've seen, Sheldon adores the Star Trek Universe- he's formed a landing party, he can recite quotes, he identifies with characters (Spock, Wesley Crusher) - what else do you want for someone to be called a "real fan" ? FemaleNerd out.
  21. Hm, you're probably right, he's never been "physically" aggressive and I wouldn't want him to be, *the horror*. So I'll stick to the tent-camp-tape-hypothesis
  22. Little correction- Sheldon has stated that the prefers "The Voyage home" (Star Trek 4) over Wrath of Khan. (And I'd agree, what's wrong with that?). Sheldon was able to recite quotes from Khan, he's a pretty close image of Spock, I'd say he deeply loves Star Trek and wouldn't judge him on one mis-made Vulcan greeting.
  23. Good point. Maybe about the camping in the desert part. Maybe they tried to fix the tent with tape and it collapsed...hm....or Sheldon got so annoyed with looking after Penny that he tried to silence her with tape, but it didn't work
  24. Just read the announcement on the main page of the site here. So she's appearing as herself and the episode might include some nudity.... LOL.... on CBS, where they can't even say dick without adding the "tator" ??? Any other fans of Battlestar Galactica in here?? I'm really excited about this news, I loved Sackhoff as Starbuck, well although in the end she became a bit freaky... but anyway, I'm really curious what she'll do in the episode and how the guys will react...
  25. LOL! That's an awesome idea!! Imagine Penny demanding that Sheldon cooks soup and sings her a song... she could force him to watch Sex and the City or something similar with her...haha. I doubt though that she'd want him to rub medicine on any injured parts of her
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