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  1. LOL! Yeah I can imagine that. I think he'd fit quite well. Man, I'm confused, I don't know most of the other actors proposed here... I feel like Leonard and Sheldon in Penny's trivia quiz
  2. *sneaking in* I think it's nice to use these threads for both- speculation before the episode aired and comments from those who've seen the trailers/spoilers... so thanks guys for the spoiler tags, now I can lurk around safely. Btw, Irvine, I don't mind if you post the links "normal", cos I just don't have to click on them... and thanks for the pleasure, , chocolate?
  3. LOL! That would piss her off. I don't think she'd love to be "un-feminised". But I can see such a scene in my head: Raj speaking in front of her, Penny asking why he could suddenly talk when she was around, Howard answering "well, you're on of the guys now", her asking "what do you mean???" and then Sheldon coldly and analytically telling her as list of facts how she had lost her feminine attributes and is now considered one of the guys....
  4. LOL, Walter Koenig as Leonard's Dad. My problem with him is that I saw him first in Babylon 5 and THEN in Star Trek (yeah I know)... so I'm still not sure if I should see him as the evil telepath or as cute Checkov
  5. I think he knows her name (he saw her mail). I believe it's just us, the audience, that's left in the dark... mystery mystery...
  6. Funny how we come up with football star as the opposite of Sheldon
  7. You dirty boy ! Well, I don't mind if the spoilers posted here, I know as lot of people love the clips, I just don't wanna run into them, I think I'm safe now ! I used to watch the trailers CBS shows, but they sort of spoiled the jokes for me cos I knew what was coming... so now I'm pracising self-control by waiting until the episode airs... aaaaahhhh Hm... five days to go, isn't there anything we can discuss unil then?? Oh, wrong thread...
  8. Well, shipper or not, I liked the "Vegas Renormalization", Sheldon and Penny are funny together, cos they are so opposites. So I guess this episode will be fun for everybody. But I must say I'm curious how they will write this episode. It's pretty much the first episode since Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady were confronted with the PS hype at ComicCon (quote "oh my god"), so I'm very curious whether they will give the shippers some nuggets, or do completely the opposite or just leave it open for everyone to interpret the way they like it... curious curious curious... and no, Irvine, I don't wanna see the trailer clip before the episode airs !
  9. Thanks for your consideration, Irvine. I'll just stay out of this thread until the episode airs... so you can exchange your views ! As for spoiler tags: The last thread of the "important thread" section (just right below this one on the main page) explains how to "disguise" spoilers. We just have to add
  10. No, no, no, I'm not watching it. I wanna go from desire to more desire to desire like crazy to watching the show next Monday !
  11. Hm, you could be right. I looked at it again and the "curved shape" of the third letter seems different from the second one. Any Americans here that can guess what's more likely the middle name for a Texas child?? bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay' Hm, yeah Elves are cool, but some of the humanoids in the Star Trek universe aren't too bad either
  12. Well, I prefer the Wiki here, but I have to agree. This's the best I could get in the HDTV version, I'd also say it's "Lee" (edit one day later: or maybe Lex ... inspired by Irvine now my eyes would rather go for Lex...odd) That explains the Shel-lee Depends on the girl, I'd say. I don't see why speaking Klingon isn't as cool as speaking Chinese or Russian or Arab or any other "exotic" (from an English point of view) language... *Star Trek FTW* Well, that said, I don't wanna learn it, I just wanna say "revenge is ..." ... just can't help it
  13. Well, we better leave it up to our imagination... I wouldn't wanna force Tripper to censor our posts Yeah, I've also been curious, but haven't got around to analysing the image yet... My guess is that it's the location of the Studios? BTW, who else has spent the last three days practising to say "revenge is a dish best served cold" in Klingon? I wonder how Jim Parsons does it.... I'm still breaking my tongue with it...
  14. Bad Irvine, where's the squirt bottle?? Well I have ideas, pretty much based on "American Pie" ...
  15. Hi guys, nominations for the 2010 People's Choice Awards are open! You can vote for up to five nominees for each category, so when you vote for "best male comedy actor", don't just click on Jim, but enter the other three guy's names into the bottom field saying "other". Well, oh no, I didn't say that. Of course you can vote for whoever you want http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/
  16. Hi there, for those of you wanting to "geek out" after watching the episode and getting deeper into the physics shown, David Saltzberg, the physicist who assists the show, has started a blog explaining the physics in every episode. I think it's pretty well written and understandable for "normal people" Have fun! http://thebigblogtheory.wordpress.com/
  17. Hm, I don't think he's "losing it". I think the writers wanna show us how Sheldon deals with being wrong (nobody can be right all the time, even Sheldon), rather than showing us that he's "becoming less intelligent". Two of the three "failures" we've seen so far were not really related to his intelligence. 1.) The cricket bet was just a joke, Sheldon was showing off that he knew Dolbear's law, Howard arguing against it was pretty much based on the fact that common fields crickets are more likely to be found inside a house. (And btw it was pretty funny that they still argued once they had caught the cricket. Have you googled images of these two species? The snowy tree cricket is pale green, while the common field cricket is dark brown/black). But yeah, it's a comedy and they are no biologists. 2.) Losing against evil Will Wheaton was not so much Sheldon losing his intelligence but rather being completely distracted because Will managed to hit Sheldon's (one of two) Kryptonites. He even said, he can't defeat "the man who loved his memaw". So we could even interpret it as letting him win out of sympathy. Yeah, not typical for Sheldon, but rather showing that his memaw really brings out his emotional side. The only time Sheldon REALLY was wrong in HIS world was the argument with Raj about the dark-matter-equation. David Saltzberg, the physicist who assists the show, has started a blog and explained the argument between Raj and Sheldon (http://thebigblogtheory.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/s03e04-the-pirate-solution/#comments). So yes, here Sheldon really made a mistake. Maybe because he was sleep deprived? So in summary, I think we're safe and Sheldon is still Sheldon. We're just seeing new sides of him!
  18. Hm, can't say I didn't like the episode, cos I like them all... it's a bit like "meeting with friends" once a week, BUT I have to say I squirmed more than laughed during this episode. The opening scene was great, but then first of all I felt very sorry for Howard... he was trying so hard and I was going "man, just ask her 'what do you like' and let her talk"... well at least that got sorted in the end, and I agree with the rest of you, I'd love to see this develop into something; and second, I felt SOOO sorry for Sheldon in the end. I totally didn't see that coming. Yes, he's been overreacting, he's Sheldon, but Wheaton just completely killed him using his ultra-sensitive spot. Poor Sheldon. And Wheaton broke his own rule- Don't be a dick! Very, very mean of him! But I've two questions left from this episode: 1.) What did Leonard google??? I wanna know 2.) Why on earth is the "dating-storyline" even in this show, portraying ultra-smart nerds, that guy-sees-girl-finds-her-attracted-so-tries-to-find-something-in-common??? Have the Howards and Leonards in this world ever considered to start a chat with a woman, find out you have something in common and THEN get interested in her? Rather than just using looks as the first pick-up criterion??
  19. I've been to a rugby match with a physicist once and he got bored and started to analyse which curve the ball would fly depending on how the ball had got kicked ... it was very funny. I imagine Leonard watching football just to be the same. And I agree, Sheldon will probably explain the science behind it to him
  20. Could anybody from Latin America explain what the joke was about? I know Kaka the football player, but that's as far as I got ...
  21. Hey there, I'm in as well. I loved the episode. It was very interesting to see Sheldon and Raj interact, Raj taking a stand with Sheldon. I loved the eye-of-the-tiger montage and Sheldon getting angry when he couldn't do this hand-thingy-thing. Leonard and Penny were very funny together, but I did feel rather sorry for Howard. It was nice to see how much he actually does with Raj, I agree with Waffles, it was like his husband was at work and he was left alone
  22. Hu? Reading Tripper's post, did I miss something? Didn't read Waffles post Btw, Tripper, since you're reading all posts and I don't wanna revive the PS-Poll thread, let me say thanks here for posting the voting-pattern. I'm obviously the only one, but I do find following the single votes very interesting! Back to the topic - Interesting point, Bilkis, that people voted for "which character do you like" rather than "identify with". I'd have thought "identify" means "being very similiar" and not "would like to be like". Interesting ... Don't know if I'd wanna be like Sheldon in real life. I LOVE the character on TV, but I don't think a lot of people would like him IRL...
  23. I just had a look at this poll: http://the-big-bang-theory.com/polls/viewpoll/29 and couldn't hold back a giggle. Seriously, one third of the voters identify with SHELDON?? You people have an IQ of 183, don't observe social protocols and have to follow a strict routine? Fascinating! But I would have thought that Sheldon would have never participated in such a poll ?! Well, seriously, besides the latest discussions about online polls, I would have thought that most voters would feel like Leonard or Penny.... any thoughts anyone? I'd have gone for Leonard.
  24. Hm, I thought of it, but beer doesn't work as nicely, you can't offer small bits of it. One bottle every time the guy does something nice and you'll have him drunk pretty quickly I liked the episode. I don't know why people are so negative about this season, maybe the expectations are just too high after the summer. We can't have something like "Maternal Capacitancy" every week. I agree, Howard's character does embarrass himself all the time, but I do feel sorry every time I watch it. It's probably his "lesson to learn": be yourself and you'll get a girl...we'll see.
  25. I was wondering - what would a female Sheldon use to train the boyfriend of her flatmate? ????
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