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  1. Well, my user name says it anyway, I find this data really interesting I plotted it for better visualisation (you'll have to click on it and safe it to enlarge I guess?). The significant increase in Sheldon votes occurred from 13:41 to 15:41 on September 29th. The link was posted on Paradox at 13:32 on September 29th. (assuming it's the same time zone) The interesting point (for me) is that except for the peak increase (probably due to Paradox members) the overall increase for ALL votes is approximately the same, though with a slight advantage for Sheldon votes. From my point of view, we can conclude two things from this poll: 1.) there is generally more support towards Sheldon than towards Leonard amongst the online community 2.) the SP fans are organised and easily mobilised while the LP fans aren't However, we cannot conclude from this poll how big the "none of these guys/I don't care group" is because they wouldn't organise themselves anywhere online. I personally suspect that if a representative sample group of online AND offline fans was asked that the numbers of "I don't care/none of these guys" would go up and PS and LP votes would be more or less even. But that's just a guess. And again, all of this is just statistical curiosity and NOT meant to offend anyone for any personal view!
  2. Well, it's sad and unfortunate when things go this way but what more can you do than to explain misunderstandings and apologise...? i've had some very interesting discussions with shippers in other boards, where we compared interpretations of characters and scenes and in the end had to "agree to disagree" about our interpretations... which left me wondering HOW people come to such different interpretations... But to come back to the poll, which was the original aim of my post, it IS very interesting to follow because on this site here you can always see the last couple of votes. Don't know when the poll was posted, but it appeared on twitter and this forum on September 29th in the morning (European time). Tripper said by the time this thread here was posted, things were already leaning towards SP, but they were more or less even (around 50 SP vs. around 40 LP). It stayed like that the entire day until midnight (European time), when the link was posted in the Paradox community. Of course it may be coincident and of course these votes are prefect valid votes, but it could explain why the ratio had shifted towards 72% PS vs. 22% LP by morning of September, 30th (European time), simply because half of Paradox's members had been mobilised. Now during the last couple of days things are changing again and every time I check there are approximately 4 votes LP/none vs. 2 for SP, resulting in LP and "none" slowing gaining votes at the expense of SP. THIS is just fascinating to watch because it strengthens my theory that the SP community is very organised and active, while the rest, especially the LP community isn't and THAT explains why the numbers always immediately go towards SP in online-polls. Again, I am NOT judging anyone here, this is merely a comment about the interpretation of online polls based on the question which groups are represented by them. SP may of course be favoured by the majority of fans online, but it could also be that the rest of the community just doesn't vote. PLUS, online polls don't represent the entire TBBT fandom. And again, this is not meant as a judgment about the PS shippers but just as an interesting point about the interpretation of such online polls. "There's no place for truth on the internet" (Howard Wolowitz) Enough said, I should get back to work
  3. Haha, torak and bilkis, good one !!! The "dominant intelligence" genes, I'd so love to believe this... this means if Leslie had kids with Kurt, they would be smart homo habilis' ??
  4. Hi there, due to legal reasons the administrator of this forum has pointed out that we can't discuss such topics. Just google the things you're looking for...
  5. Beans, sorry, but this is what I call over-reacting. NOONE in this forum here has bashed shippers or attacked them. I apologised on the first page if my comments were perceived as insulting, I was merely trying to criticise online polls AND post my personal view how I think people come up with the PS idea. I never said I disrespect shippers, I just don't agree with your views. If you disagree, then you could have posted "I don't have a crush on any of the actors nor do I identify myself with one of the characters" and I would have said "okay, interesting, noted" and it would have been my view and your view and fine. But instead you run away from a forum just because you had a disagreement with one member??? I thought we both talked maturely about our views. I really don't know what you expect from a non-shipper.
  6. Oh, I think it's getting to be an endangered specie, slowly! I mean, think about it! Ten years ago, we were mostly the mockery of those guys! A show like The Big Bang Theory wouldn't have been as socially acccepted. But now, as Leonard point it, WE are the ''alpha male'' (and female)! Geekiness and nerdiness are exponentially growing, and we can all be very proud to be part of it now! Yeah that's why I love the show and would love to believe you, but for the exponential growth you propose the geeks/nerds would have to outbreed the "TMHM-Jerks"... hm... how do you think spreads their genes faster at the moment, the Kurts or the Sheldons???
  7. I completely agree with you, DoomedPanda and Bilkis, but let me add a final comment: My comments were about the STATISTICS behind the poll! I said that before! Doing a poll about who Penny should end up with and calling the thread/poll "for the PS shippers" skews the results right form the start. THAT'S ALL. It's only a show, but if you come up with controversial ideas for pairings you might have to live with the fact that people question these ideas and try to interpret how you came up with them. If you don't like it, argue back or ignore it. That's what forums are about.
  8. Well, I have this forum here to discuss the show and I'm fine with that. I don't need a specific place where the PS shipper don't go to, because I don't mind them at all and I just stay out of their threads when I see them. I thought, until this thread here started, that things were pretty calm in this forum here and that we went on very well. I know you're talking about things in general, but we're here in this forum and I haven't seen disrespect towards PS shippers here. I read my original posts that caused that stir, and again, maybe online irony can go wrong, but I REALLY don't see them as insulting. I wrote "my theory", "I think" and "probably", it was clear that these are my personal theories why the PS hype exists. I mean, this is a forum, I do have the right to speculate? Maybe I forgot the smiley afterwards, but I never wrote "PS shippers ARE this and that". I completely agree with you that there shouldn't be personal attacks on shippers or on anyone for their views, but I haven't seen them happen HERE in this forum, and we're discussing things HERE. All I have done is point out that I don't understand the hype and what I make of it. I think that's what such a forum is for. It doesn't mean, I don't like you guys or don't want you in this forum or that we can't get on. So, can we go back to discuss the show now, all together, and enjoy the show?!
  9. Good point, Bilkis, about Penny being just very insecure and afraid to lose Leonard. I forget that she's only 22, she appears older. We'll see where the writers take us with the development. Well, I guess that's what fandom is about ... and there are always moments in the day when this type of "analysis" is quite relaxing. I was rolling on the floor when Raj said "I wonder what the non-pathetic people are doing tonight", that could have SO been me (the Howard or Sheldon), that's why I love the show Good characterisation of the show, Irvine, the normal, the crazy, the horny and the mute nerd...lol !
  10. True, falling in love is an unfortunately uncontrollable biochemical event ("screw us, we're weak"), but it doesn't mean that it will result in a successful relationship I agree, but so far I haven't seen enough to see a solid basis for the LP relationship. I mean they were both obviously doped up with hormones from the three months apart, but after the first "morning after" they immediately had doubts whether to go on... Hu? If they're really in love, wouldn't they rather try to make things work than to give up so quickly. Penny's reaction (let's just be friends) seemed more of a realisation that she had missed something during the three months that didn't exist in reality... this happenes quite often. But anyway, I have trust in the writers and now that they decided to go down the LP road I'm very curious what they'll show us the next couple of weeks.
  11. Hi beans, thanks for the reply, to cut this short, 2 answers I don't want to discuss the romance on this show, because the show for me is not about romance. I like to discuss the episodes or geeky stuff, but that's it. Paradox is for posting fanfiction and pictures of PS, that doesn't work for non-romance people, we don't need a place like that. I have the "normal" forums, that's enough for me. Well, this here wasn't a thread to discuss this couple, I merely commented on the poll itself and the online buzz. I've had extensive discussions with shippers in another forum and the bottom line was that we interpret the scenes differently and there's no much point arguing. I really don't see how Sheldon's explicit lack of interest in sex and disrespect for Penny can be interpreted as the potential to evolve into romantic interest in the future. It's really beyond me. But I know you guys believe it is and thus it is pointless to argue. Peace out! Good one! I'd go for the male version of the putative "Sheldon girlfriend" we created, or a mix of Sheldon, Leonard and Howard I don't mind Penny getting a nice guy, I like her character. But I believe relationships (at least long-term, stable ones) work on the basis of "having things in common". And I don't see that Penny has anything in common with the guys on a daily basis (interests, daily activities). That's why she works fine as neighbour and somebody to have dinner with and talk to in the laundry room, but not more. We've just SEEN this in the two LP episodes. Did they do something fun together to then have hot, steamy romantic sessions... no... all they could do was drink... I'm just sceptical about these types of pairings. Hey and just for the record, I think I'm a romantic person myself. I said before, I've watched shows where I was passionate that certain characters would be a perfect couple. Just in this show it hasn't happened so far...
  12. Hu? I don't have to be a shipper to raise my voice here. As I said, the PS shipper are very loud and I just wanted those that don't want romance within the group to be seen in online forums as well. Cos I really don't understand how people could come up with the idea that Sheldon could ever get interested in Penny. I'm a curious being and I was trying to come up with a psychological explanation... it was just as guess...
  13. Haaaaaaaaaa, great!!! ROFL This looks fantastic. Can't wait! Thanks for posting!
  14. He used that quote for the first kiss between him and Leslie (in the lab). And it always amused me because although Leslie is a scientist and knows about the biochemistry of sexual attraction, she assumed one could "pretend the date went well" and go straight to the kiss. No, it doesn't work this way. The earth didn't move because her brain wasn't in the "pretend the brain went well mood". I'm saying that because WHEN they eventually had sex, she called him a "magnificent beast" ! Yeah and it always annoyed me that they never sorted out that misunderstanding. But maybe that goes in line with Penny believing "talking about it won't help". Maybe that's the character development we'll see... she'll realise that talking DOES help...(well, but of course only if you're not with a jerk but with someone that is able to communicate ) *oh boy, sometimes we should remind ourselves that it is a sitcom and not real life* Yeah, "tall-muscular-handsome-macho-jerks" is a great term ... unfortunately there're so many Pennys in this world that they keep propagating
  15. Good morning Waffles, well I'd like some DNA because I would like to have a male version of that potential "Sheldon girlfriend" as well Just for the record, I AM NOT a LP shipper. I don't ship anyone on this show because I think a suitable partner for any of the guys OR Penny would be OUTSIDE of their group. So, I'm not against SP, because I'm pro LP. I don't see LP work either, but SP even less.
  16. Hello fellow wackadoodle, great to hear we have a new addict to the community. And also glad to hear that your disappointment about the first episode didn't reflect on your girlfriend !
  17. Hi beans, thanks for your answer, and I might try to explain what I meant (sarcasm and irony can easily go wrong online...): I can totally understand that. When I first joined the online community, I lurked around Paradox and had some discussions with shippers, to understand why they think PS would be a great idea. Ever since, I've stayed out of the "shipper threads" and I don't comment or anything in Paradox. I consider this "your space". But I think general threads (and I considered this one such one) should be a space where both sides can express their views. I mean, those of us not understanding PS should have a space somewhere where we can express our surprise... Well, that really was ironic sarcasm that went wrong. It wasn't meant to offend, and I am sorry if it did. I didn't mean to say my guess was correct and especially not for all PS shippers. It was more my sarcastic way of saying "my I really don't understand it and maybe that's the reason". And I actually listed several reasons "having a crush on one of the actors" or "identifying with one of the characters", so I didn't generalise in my original post, I wanted to include male and female shippers and several reasons. And again, I didn't mean to say these WERE the reasons, I was just trying to make sense for myself... Hey and just to add, I've also watched shows and thought certain characters would really make a good couple (Battlestar, Voyager, anyone?), so in general I understand your passion completely, just not for this show... So I'm not looking down on shippers at all! Well, there's no real way to figure out how representative these polls are. And while I agree with you and hope that in the end the writers will go their own way, I'm just sometimes concerned that the non-shippers are too quiet to be recognised, that's why I say something in threads like this one. Okay, here you really seriously misunderstood my intention. It was a merely statistical comment. Of course the votes from Paradox count! I had been following this poll out of curiosity and until midnight (European time) the votes LP and SP were almost even. The next morning they had just skyrocketed towards SP and that change coincided with the posting of the link on Paradox. OF COURSE all these votes count, but there is no community for "non-romance" people because they have no fan-fiction to write or something else to discuss. They don't care, so they don't vote. Of course there's no forum where one could activate those people to get them to vote for "none of these guys". Let me just describe it in a trivial example. Take a class at university, 20 students. Half of the group really likes the professor, half doesn't. So the half that likes him starts a facebook group to discuss what was great in the last lecture. The other half goes to the lectures but doesn't care for more. Now the university does a poll "favourite lecturer" on a website (so they are not asking all students). One of the members of the facebook group sees the link and posts it. All the facebook group members vote for this professor. He'll get 10 positive votes and no negative one, because the ones that didn't like him didn't see the poll because they were not organised in a group, why should they, they just didn't care. That's ALL I meant. Peace out
  18. True, Sheldon wasn't in the position to argue anymore. Professor Crawely was just hysterical... About the sudden interest from Penny....hm, it might be true, though I'm still surprised where it suddenly came from at the end of last season. And I wonder, IF Penny realised that the "tall-muscular-handsome-macho-jerks" (nice term) just aren't any good, then why is she so fast to give up on Leonard just because the first night didn't make the earth move? Okay, she's only 22, and it is a sitcom, but still her two comments "this has never happened to me before" and "talking about it won't make it better", oh girl, grow up and give the guy a chance!
  19. Hey, please, can we calm down?! I'm sorry if my posts were sounding condescending, they weren't meant to, beans! I am merely surprised about the PS hype and was trying to make sense of it based on the fact that those shippers that I "could" identify online so far were young females. It was meant in a rather teasing way. I have no problem at all with PS shippers, or with anyone with a different opinion. But the main point of my posts was more that online polls aren't representative for the views of the audience of a show. My personal example was flawed as well, of course. But I think we can all agree that for any representative poll you'd need a representative sample audience. This means it would have to include all genders, age groups and "types" of people that watch the show. I hope we can all agree on the fact that only a certain part of the audience is active in online forums and polls like this. THUS, the polls are not representative. If this poll was posted on Paradox, then I finally understand why the PS votes suddenly skyrocketed... Irvine, agree with 20% Leonard's mom and 20% Leonard. Now let's create such a person, a female and a male version. I'd be interested to see how they turn out. Waffles, can you provide some DNA as a start?!
  20. Yeah, Waffles, this wasn't about insulting PS shippers, I was really just trying to make the point that online polls are skewed and not representative for the fans of this show. That's the problem with online polls. I have no problem with the PS shippers, just with the image that they are the majority based on online polls. And btw, people that don't like the PS idea, don't automatically ship LP. I don't ship anybody, I think this show would be better of if they had partners outside of their group. Excellent analysis, Irvine, but my formula would be 40% Nowitzki (science, humor), 30% Leonard (best buddy reading comic books and playing halo), 10% Leonard's mom (understanding for daily routines made precisely in one particular way) and 20% Penny (attached to normal life).
  21. Loved the episode except for the drunk PL scene, the A-part of Sheldon, Howard and Raj - it was great! "I wonder what the non-pathetic people are doing tonight?" HAHA, GREAT! Raj had greats lines. The three guys trying to get out of this wardrobe, fantastic! I was a bit surprised that Sheldon accepted that he was wrong so quickly. Shouldn't he have been arguing with the professor about the sound frequency he heard? I find the Leonard-Penny story still a bit superficial, but for a sitcom we maybe can't except more. I mean, where does Penny's sudden attraction to Leonard come from? Why is it all gone immediately after the first sex wasn't so great? I think it highlights that Penny is great as a neighbour and friend but not as a partner for any of these guys, they just don't have a lot in common to base a relationship on. But we'll see how they will develop this plot. I just hope it stays the B-story.
  22. LOL, good thoughts. I also think he'd be a rather nice guy, like Missy, and not a Kurt-like type of "average guy". I could imagine him to be a passionate football player that dropped out of school to concentrate on a professional career
  23. Yeah, I keep watching the poll and it's funny - things were pretty even until America woke up yesterday...hehe. But even just from my person observation, these online polls are always skewed. I know around 10 people that love the show and none of them supports SP, but I'm the only one active online. They watch the show and enjoy. Re:Tripper, yeah, if there was a more personalised poll (age, gender, crush on one of the actors, identification with one of the characters), I'd be very interesting. I think the shippers see personal wishes (I'd love to be with someone like Sheldon/Penny, or Jim/Kaley) and not the actual characters. Sheldon has been written so asexual, and I hope he stays like that (it's rather refreshing), that it's just completely ooc if he would fall for anyone, even more for Penny.
  24. There's no place for truth on the internet! Especially when it comes to polls. My theory is that the shippers are very active people (probably young females passionate about Jim, of course, not just) and the rest of the people watch the show and enjoy but don't go online to post fanfiction or vote. Look at the numbers, not even 200 people have voted, the show has 10 million viewers in the US alone. I hope the writers are confident with themselves and write what they think is good and what made the show successful and won't let themselves being influenced by an online-hype (or CBS being misled and thinking they could get higher ratings with going that way). Oh and btw, the thread title is a bit misleading, all NON-PS-shippers might not even look into it and thus not vote!
  25. Yeah, that was probably the message of this episode, even the nicest guy can turn into a yerk once his hormones take over LOL, well, as Sheldon taught us once a female encounters the alpha-male it triggers the biochemical reaction in her brain that "lay people may naively interpret as falling in love". So it's all a matter of triggering the correct neurotransmitter release I think what this episode taught us is that in (most) women reason can overwrite the desire (temporary)... as seen in Penny
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