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  1. Well, to Leonard's defense, 3 months at the North Pole without any action (except maybe when the temperature got low! ) ought to do that to your hormones! LOL, I'm female, I don't think with my genitals
  2. OH c'mon, Sheldon was (understandably) furious about Leonard's behaviour and that's why he called it a bad decision if Penny hooked up with Leonard, because anyone hooking up with this (in his eyes) liar would make a bad decision. Loved the first episode. Great Howard and Raj moments, Penny was great, Sheldon was great. I was a bit shocked about Leonard's behaviour, he was so pumped up with hormones, he didn't care at all about Sheldon's reaction. I really think the guys went too far and should have told Sheldon about the tempering with the data BEFORE they left the North Pole, thus avoiding that he send the e-mail. I hope Leonard gets back to his old self soon. And the evolution-creationist joke was just my favourite, Americans laughing about themselves, fantastic! And it WAS the sentence that made Sheldon get back to California, priceless!!!
  3. Watch the "Euclid Alternative", season 2, episode 5. It's all explained there
  4. Haha, better be careful, it could backfire! I'm much more addicted to the show than my man is. I constantly use quotes and he doesn't remember them, so I tease him with it. And we both started to say "don't be so Sheldon" to each other when one of us doesn't wanna give in
  5. Completely agree! And let us know which episodes you chose in the end and how they were received ?!
  6. Yep, I agree. Never watched 30Rock, but don't like AB and Jim and the show really deserve their Emmy! Maybe they'll just have to "serve their time", he really has to get one at some stage!
  7. Well, it kind of depends which part of the show do you think your friends will relate to most, the geek factor, the friendship factor, the romance factor...? Since you like the Penny-Leonard-storyarc, I'd replace The Nerdvana Anihilation in my list with your Middle-Earth-Paradigm choice. It is a good episode and has good scenes on all levels. As for Penny becoming one of the gang, I'd stick with the Panty-Pinata-Polarization, Leonard saying "congratulations, you're officially one of us", Howard "one of us, one of us". In the Dead-H-Juxtaposition I found Leonard extremely annoying the way he treated Penny. Whatever you do, just take care that your friends get an image of Sheldon's character before they see episodes like "The Panty-Pinata" one otherwise they'll get the wrong impression and go for Shenny, and I'd really try to avoid this ! Good luck!
  8. Wow, that's tough. For five, I'd go: Pilot, Big Bran Hypothesis, Nerdvana Annihilation Panty Pinata Polarization Maternal Capacitancy For three, Pilot, Big Bran Hypothesis, Maternal Capacitancy
  9. Yes, he didn't say that he doesn't celebrate Christmas but only because he don't acknowledge Christmas at all. He said he doesn't celebrate Saturnalia aka Christmas in mind of Sheldon. He explained how Chistmas comes from Saturnalia, therefore for him Chistmas doesn't exist and Saturnalia is not for him(pointless, waste of time). Exellent point, Irvine, now that I think about it, Penny asked whether Sheldon and Leonard would put up a Christmas tree and Sheldon explained that they won't because they don't celebrate Saturnalia, which IS the origin of the Christmas tree. He doesn't actually refer to Christmas at all. I disagree with you, zedlord, Sheldon wouldn't say Saturnalia if he meant Christmas, he will know just too well that one is referring to the tree and the other to the Christian festival. So Irvine's point actually leaves us assuming he could still have gone home to be with his family I still believe that his mother would make sure he comes to Texas, we've seen Sheldon doing what she wants.
  10. May I interject? According to goetech's, billprady's and kunal's twitter posts, they usually do the tablereads on Wednesday mornings, after taping the show the evening before. Since the fourth episode was taped on a Wednesday (like Tripper said), it's highly unlikely that they had the table read for the fifth episode in the morning and taped the fourth one in the evening. So I think we can be pretty sure that it was the table read of the fourth episode.
  11. We'd never ever! I also admitted that I just recently discovered it. It's never too late to join the quest to become the perfect nerd
  12. Oh boy Have a look at our Wiki page here: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Star_Trek I must admit, I knew the names and the character Spock, but had never seen any of the movies until one year ago. My friend almost dropped-dead when he found out. Then I watched the movies (starting with "The Voyage Home"), and then TOS, and now I love it! Spock is very similar to Sheldon (Nimoy is just not quite as sexy as Jim), just that Star Trek is a science fiction show and not a comedy, but maybe you'll like him, Waffles
  13. LoL, good idea! Imagine, Sheldon actually not believing in anything, but nothing every historic detail by heart, correcting his mother in every custom, maybe even posing the question what's it all about ... not to mention his aversion towards gift-giving. Ha! I still think, his mom would love to have him around on Christmas though...
  14. Well, I'm not saying he would take the ceremonies seriously and believe in anything, but we have seen before that he does what his mother tells him and thus, I find it strange that she wouldn't want to be with him and celebrate Christmas with him.
  15. I think everyone loves the hugging scene because Sheldon shows emotions and is so overwhelmed. I don't think it has anything to do with shipping. I really love this scene because of Jim's acting, and I would have enjoyed it if he had hugged Leonard or Howard or anyone else... for me he just hugged Penny to say thanks, not because he has romantic feelings
  16. Hey, Waffles, never seen a Star Trek movie? I highly recommend it, for example "The voyage home" (Sheldon's and my favourite), I absolutely love the Spock character, he's very Sheldon-like!! Interesting thought, that the guys might not like Will... Harry Potter fans dislike actors because of mean characters?? Who are you talking about, Waffles?
  17. Interesting terminology, thanks for sharing! But while it makes sense to me that non-native speakers are interested in transcripts of the show, why would you wanna have scripts/screenplays? You can watch the show and see what they did...? Just curious...
  18. Well, what I meant is that it suddenly occurred to me that it would be rather illogic that Sheldon doesn't celebrate Christmas and calls it Saturnalia. The Christmas tree goes back to Saturnalia, okay, but Christmas itself clearly is a festival based on the Christian religion and his mother is deeply religious. So I think it actually doesn't make sense that he states he wouldn't celebrate the festival. And I think he would rather go down to Texas, since his sister also seems to live there, so it would be easier instead of the whole family coming up to L.A.? I know this is nitpicking, but hey it's still 12 days until the next episode...
  19. Reading zedlord's post in another thread I just came across a question: Sheldon has said that he and Leonard don't celebrate Christmas. It wasn't mentioned that either of them went "home" to see their parents over Christmas. I'm not from the States, so I don't know if people don't usually go home there... But we know Sheldon's mother is very religious and he's very close to her. So wouldn't you expect him to spent Christmas with his family? What do you think?
  20. Tststs, Waffles, we're talking about SHELDON I think it's rather likely that his head will burst, because he won't know how to let out all the overflowing emotions... well, IF he plays himself.
  21. Wasn't the question about CAST members?? Everybody seems to name show characters here? I go for Kripke, as for the cast, I like all of them!
  22. I wonder how it would have ended if the BIGH hadn't been up against the MC in the first round. Personally, the Maternal Capacitance is one of my most favourite episodes because it was great on every level- main story, side story, all characters. It's really interesting how the hugging scene gave BIGH so many fans ... the whole plot between Leonard and Penny in this episode, i found rather annoying...
  23. I jump in again, hey, beans, no, it's not bad to be a shipper here, not at all, you're most welcome! I just wanted to point out that this forum seems to be mostly non-shippers, which I quite like, we need a place to hang out as well. You might have found the Paradox community on lifejournal, it's dedicated entirely to the Shenny shippers, if you just wanna be surrounded by people with a similar point of view. It just sometimes scares me how vocal the Shenny shippers are (you guys have seen the videos from ComicCon?) and I'd just like the non-shippers to be a bit more visible as well. That's why I loved Kunal's tweet. That to say, I'm not really a fan of Lenny either, I'd prefer the show to be about the five friends, their geek life, their social interactions and let them have partners outside of their group. But that's just me. And as Irvine said, we all love Shenny scenes, some of us (including myself) just see them as siblings, we don't see UST there. But since there's no way to accurately measure UST, we all are entitled to our opinions
  24. Seriously??? I more considered they could have a sign flashing "stop laughing" during the taping, so that they can record the sound´
  25. Hi beans, welcome to the forum and Waffles~~~ will be pretty happy to see another PS shipper here As you will have seen reading the rest of this thread, this forum is pretty full of non-shippers, but we tolerate you, of course, hehe. And we all love the scenes between Penny and Sheldon, we just have different views where they should be heading ... Let's have trust in the writers!
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