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  1. Hi Emma_Frost, welcome to the forum. I think, Sheldon in the pilot was out-of-character and that the writers only "fine tuned" his character after the pilot. So the "real Sheldon" we see after the first episode. I don't believe he's a semi-pro. As for a change, I couldn't see it. I found both seasons had episodes where he was rather self-centered and episodes where he tried to develop and cared. For example, in season 2 we had two times when he helped Penny with financial problems; he also tries to understand jokes ... So I didn't find him more self absorbed. i liked the Sheldon in both seasons.
  2. Thinking about it ... Leonard's mother stated that selective mutism could stand from a pathological fear of women and I think that indeed a great insecurity is the reason for Raj's mutism (that's why Alcohol helps). So I would find it a "logical" character development (to speak like Sheldon), if he learned to talk in front of Penny, because he's now used to her being around. This way he could still be mute when other females are around, thus keeping the laugh factor, but get a few more lines and a bit of character development.
  3. Our beloved four guys appear in the latest issue of the DC comic book "Power Girl" (or at least four guys looking VERY much alike them ...) http://content.usatoday.com/communities/popcandy/post/2009/08/the-big-bang-boys-get-a-comic-book-shout-out/1?csp=34
  4. When I watch this show, I'm usually laughing for the entire 22min... I don't think I'd need a professional to make me laugh
  5. A user called "meetso" wrote in the CBS TBBT Forum (I hope it will be excused that I quote him here): (no spoilers about the actual episode content, but about how they tape an episode) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It makes you realise how hard they actually work! Really impressive!
  6. Hi Meaghan, TBBT is taped in front of an audience and in some scenes you can hear the audience is clearly reacting to what's going on and not just laughing (e.g. Sheldon getting the napkin from L.Nimoy or Sheldon being pretty obnoxious when he's sick at the Cheesecake Factory). So I assume that the laughter we hear is real. However, I read somewhere that quite often the laughing of the live audience is enhanced with a live track. So it could well be that for the "general laughs" they use both...
  7. I also found it odd that she just disappeared. I mean, yes, sitcom episodes stand for themselves and do not connect with each other, but they should have showed a final break-up scene ... otherwise it didn't really make sense to me why she couldn't just move back into her apartment and they still spend time together ...
  8. I agree with you that there is a tendency towards the second season. I could be that that's because people have stronger developed short-term than long-term memory But I think it will be really interesting to see what they will do in the future regarding the balance of character/relationship development and "plain geeky" episodes. I said that somewhere else but I think the writers have to find a balance between attracting a large audience, and unfortunately developing romance is a key thing to attract lots of viewers, and sticking with the show's concept of the geek world and their social interactions. For me personally I've been enjoying episodes like the like the Barbarian one because it was about the interactions of all five characters. I just hope we won't shift into the soap opera direction and have two much PS/LP romance development...
  9. I think a lot of people see the chemistry between Kaley and Jim and wonder how they would be "kissing" and that's part of the shipping hype. They don't see the PS characters but mix them with the actors ? Hey I see a lot of comic potential in Howard and Raj pairing as well At least for a drunk episode. That cafeteria discussion in The Maternal Capacitance was priceless! Thinking about it, I agree, there could also be comic potential in a longer PL romance and I find it more realistic than PS but since season 2 I even find PL not really realistic anymore. I mean, c'mon, they went out, had a little misunderstanding and instead of sorting it out, immediately jumped onto other people. That didn't really convince me that they were seriously interested in each other but had rather just explored the opportunity... I think it'd be quite easy for a girl to fall for Sheldon cos he clearly needs help and therefore activates the maternal instincts. He also can be really funny and has "sweet moments". I think it would have to be someone similarly brainy like Ramona to understand him but not being from his field so not being a thread. She'd also share some of his obsessive compulsive needs simply to cope with him. Well and she'd have to have a lot of tolerance. She'd have to be able to care for him and look after him when he has his childish periods but on the other hand be self reliant and have own interests when he gets selfish and obsessed with something. Probably that makes her a female Leonhard?! But the real question is what would it require to make Sheldon sexually interested in anyone? I don't see ANYTHING there at the moment. I mean he lay in bed next to a really hot girl (Penny in The Vegas Renormalization) and didn't get turned on and he was with a similarly smart girl, working with her, being looked after, was really happy and thankful and STILL showed no interested in becoming physical. So at the moment I think Sheldon is completely immune to sexual neurotransmitter or hormone release...
  10. There has been a very interesting interview with Bill Prady, which you shouldn't read if you wanna avoid some little spoilers concerning the relationship developments. http://blogcritics.org/video/article/comic-con-roundtable-with-bill-prady/page-4/ I agree with Waffles~~~ that LP doesn't leave a lot of room for interesting stories other than maybe how the others would cope with it. And I agree in general that Sheldon falling in love has a lot of comic potential. I just see it completely out of character for him because he has been so immune to any sort of sexual attraction in the past. They would have to develop it slowly... but in any case I can't see him becoming sexually attracted to Penny. But I see a general problem with all the ships. We all want the show to go on for a looooong time and for that the show needs lots of viewers. I don't think the sole nerd/geek-aspect and how they generally interact with people is enough to attract enough viewers for CBS. People just love romantic tension, UST and relationship development. So you just need that in the show. So they've been playing with the LP idea but I don't see how they can keep that interesting forever ... it already started to fall down in season 2 for me (with both of them being so easily interested in other people). So what else would you create without introducing new people into the show? The tension between PS is there (tough I see it as asexual) and has lots of fans. So in my hope the writers could go on with the show, give us more great PS scenes without actually going down the romantic road. That would keep the characters realistic (to the non shippers at least ) and would keep the shippers watching...hehe.
  11. And the next things I've noticed, though I have to try to remember the episodes (can't look them up right now, so take my apologies in advance if I'm incorrect): There's a discontinuity concerning the location of Leonhard's and Sheldon's rooms and the pictures that hang in between them and in between Sheldon's room and the bathroom. We know the Bathroom comes first and then comes Sheldon's room as you can see in the Pancake Batter Anomaly. However, when Leonhard walks from his room to the bathroom in the Monopolar Experience and the The Loobenfeld Decay, the pictures are different. In addition I noticed that sometimes Leonhard's and Sheldon's room's doors are rectangular to each other and in another episode just behind each other in a line like Sheldon's door and the bathroom door. But I can't remember of the top of my head in which episodes...
  12. ups, yeah, my fault. It IS the Bad Fish Paradigm. But it IS the blue shirt he's folding multiple times, right ?!
  13. Yeah, I also noticed that. Maybe we should start a collection of little mistakes I also noticed that in "the panty pinata polarization" scene where Sheldon is folding his clothes in the washing room he is folding a blue shirt, then suddenly you see socks on his cloth folder thingy and then he has the blue shirt in his hands again... This is very geeky, but it's fun
  14. FemaleNerd


    Don't know. But I read somewhere that Kunal twitters and it's really him. There's a video on youtube where he films a photo shoot with his mobile for his twitter page:
  15. I think no one wants you to stop Sheldon/Penny, I find their scenes hilarious and enjoy them, I just can't see them in a physical relationship without completely changing their characters. So I just hope the writers won't go that way despite all the shipping. And honestly, I don't see Leonhard/Penny either. We had so many episodes where it was clear that Penny is attractive to the "average" tall/muscular/symmetrical face guy. I don't see how that could change, you can't really change the biochemical pattern your brain goes for And on the other hand, Leonhard jumped on any female that was available. So I more see his attraction to Penny as "she's there and I like her, but it could be anyone else". To me relationships evolve when you are physically attracted AND have something in common. I don't see Penny being attracted to any of the guys or them having anything in common with her. I think Penny and Sheldon are hilarious together because they are so different and they just have to argue. Like brother and sister. And Leonhard and Penny are becoming good friends, that care and help each other.
  16. Ups, sorry, I missed that I liked SirKinoc's theory in the second post about Penny being the ultimate random blond girl. So I think her last name should be something really ordinary, blond, random ... Smith, Jones... ? Or something that would play with her being very attractive... what about Fox? That could lead to lots of creepy Howard jokes "foxy Penny" ...?
  17. This is a game that seems to be missing here. I'll start: 1.) you order your breakfast cereals according to fiber content 2.) you knock on the door three times 3.) you put your keys in a bowl ...
  18. Sheldon would NEVER bring alcohol...
  19. Hm... I would have thought the guys know her last name. At least Leonhard and Sheldon should, they've collected her mail? I thought they just leave us to wonder ?!
  20. There's been a question at the ComicCon this year regarding Penny/Sheldon: Not being a PS shipper I was quite relieved to see that the writers/cast didn't like the idea either. Jim Parson said himself Sheldon "wouldn't be enough man for Penny" With the PS shippers being so loud there maybe the anti-Shippers should also make themselves a bit more visible???
  21. pretty sure he says "were", which is also grammatically correct Well, now I DO feel like Penny talking to Sheldon Just don't try to translate the term literally. Just take "friends with benefits" as an (American?) English phrase for what Leonhard described. The joke's just about Leonhard wondering what Sheldon meant when he said "I have a much better understanding of friends with benefits" AFTER "spending the night" with Penny...
  22. Well, I don't think you're not getting it like Sheldon, you just misunderstood Leonhard Leonhard says "imagine you maintained a friendship with someone you had sex with but were free to date whoever you wanted" Of course Sheldon can't imagine any of that ... Makes more sense now? Some scenes are hard to understand..."English-wise"... But I must say I found it a bit atypical for Sheldon to say at the end "we had dinner, we played some games and then I spent the night" leaving Leonhard to think there was "something going on" between Sheldon and Penny. I think it would have been more "typical" for Sheldon to say "well, I left the key in the apartment, Penny tried to call the building manager who didn't come, so I had to have dinner at her place, we played some games and then I had to spent the night"... But of course that wouldn't have been funny. I loved that episode
  23. Sheldon is Batman ... as we know He says that in the accompanying video:
  24. Not sure if there are scripts available somewhere, but in any case it's a great show for learning English. I've learned so many cool words from Sheldon ! As for the scene: Penny says that Leonhard, Howard and Rash being upstairs in Alica's apartment would be typical, which makes Sheldon comment: "It's axiomatically atypical. Up until recently they did not know Alica and had no encounters with her in her previous location. They never went upstairs to visit the former tenants. So your characterisation of their behaviour as typical is demonstrably fallacious." See what I mean with learning cool words Well, Leonhard explained the concept of "friends with benefits" to Sheldon in the beginning of the episode and Sheldon said he couldn't imagine any of it. So his remarks at the end of the episode after saying he had "spent the night with Penny" must have let Leonhard completely confused. Poor guy...
  25. Hi there, I also think Penny and Sheldon more have a brother-sister-relationship, I don't see Sheldon having sexual interest in anyone. Torak's idea is still funny though... or they could also do a "nightmare scene" where Leonhard dreams about Penny getting involved with Sheldon after seeing them having a nice interaction or something... and I just remembered that in one Star Trek TOS episode, Spok gets infected by some sort of alien virus and becomes all emotional... that could be an option to explore Sheldon's sexual site
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