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  1. lol, like Texan said, I guess it's kinda hard to beat the awesomeness of the first seasons, but it was still worth watching, in my opinion! I don't know why 4ofN didn't liked them, I guess not everyone can like everything. However, I checked the comments on Facebook about tonight's episodes, and they are quite generally positive! For instance: ''I was ready for a let down. Result, two of my favorite episodes back-up-back. Way to go!'' ''It was AWESOME!'' ''i've been waiting for what seems like forever! I've missed the show so much and it was an AMAZING start to a new season! Keep at it!'' ''This show just keeps getting better...I need to sit down ....Lol'' ''That was great. Good moments in the 1st show but the 2nd show was the best'' ''I've never laughed so hard at a TV show! Freaking awesome episodes! : D'' ''Omgood. Long distance make out. Laughed so much I had water comin out of my nose. Choked for a whole minute. Ahaha!'' And it goes on! I did saw a 1 or 2 somewhat negative comments (if you call asking for more science jokes ''negative'') among the hundreds that are out there but, like I said, overall the fan's review on Facebook were very positive! Even the machine-kissing between Raj and Howard that 4ofN mentionned (btw, nice to not put spoiler tags when not everyone might have watched the episode yet. Just saying) was hilarious, probably because there was Leonard in between just watching them, realizing what they were really doing, while Raj and Howard had absolutely no clue at all! What I suggest to you is to watch it and make yourself your own opinion! You're not me, you're not 4ofN either, you're yourself! You might love it, like it, dislike it or plainly hate it. But you'll never know until you watch yourself! EDIT TO INCLUDE AN ANSWER TO SLICKNICKSHADY: You gotta admit, thought, they were pretty close to doing it, only one condom away! And I kinda liked Raj's reaction to all this, how he falled in love with Penny. I mean, like Leonard said, he falls for everyone who's nice to him, but in a way I thought it brought a very much sweeter side to ''the ''jerk'' who had sex with Leonard's ex'' And Bernadette actually encouraging him to go for her yet while being absolutely frustrated at him, that was just sweet and hilarious! Go Bernie!
  2. Oh, come on, the two episodes, they were absolutely great! I didn't cared much for the skyping in the second episode, but besides that, it was great! Don't tell me you didn't liked Sheldon's ''sacrifice'', and the rest of the gang leaving their own issues to rest for the greater good (aka, winning a paintball game! ) In the words of Leonard's mother, dear 4ofN, ''Buck up!'' :D lol
  3. Irvine

    Episode 3.01

    Sorry to bring an old topic but here I go: Oh, guys, remember when everyone was outraged about Leonard messing up Sheldon's research results and all? No one talks about that anymore! I only bring it up to make a parallel with the ''Ranny'' incident from the season 4 ending! In a few episodes we won't even remember it!
  5. Wow, really? I thought that was the 5th episode in which Raj meets that hottie he could finally be in a relationship with without being drunk? Oh, well, I'm kinda glad it's the 4th one, thought! I'm seriously looking forward to that!
  6. Well, actually, Sheldon kinda scores a point against Wheaton in the end during that episode! Well, we don't really know if that big crowd catch up to our favorite nerds or not, really, but I'm kinda assuming they don't, and Sheldon scores! Still, 2-to-1 for Wheaton! I think the Gag Reel alone made the DVD worth it! Penny trying and failing to do the Vulcan sign, or the crowd cheering when Leonard speaks of the Fourier's Law and the Shrödinger Equation: EPIC! Oups, and sorry, I guess those were ''gag reel'' spoilers!
  7. lol, nice Pomita! Really nice clips, can't wait for them!
  8. Well, I'll answer first; It also seems that my sense of morality is different from the general opinion around here, but in the opposite direction! I mean, even if those 2 had sex, I just don't see why it's THAT big of a deal! They are both single, they are both consenting (well, drunk-senting, but still! ), and Leonard and Penny were broken up for nearly a year!!! There is something calling ''moving on'', and it does imply accepting that our exes have sex with other people, maybe even people we know and are friends with! Is it awkward afterward? Absolutely!!! Is it morally wrong? Sorry, don't see it!
  9. Yeah, calm down, 4ofN! I mean, even myself, who wants them to actually have had intercourses for the sake of continuity and consistency, am well aware that THIS... it's nothing, really!
  10. Where is Leslie Winkle? She's not in the list? I always found her very funny, she was a very nice Sheldon Nemesis while being friendly with the rest of the gang! 'was nice! So, yeah, I go for Leslie! Hoping to see her at least once again, one day!
  11. lol, Slick, do you make those on the spot? Like, you need to make a GIF thingy, you just check the episode and make one? Kinda impressed!
  12. Oh, yeah, GAG REEL!!! ''Really? Still can't talk to me?'' ''Nope, I can't'' (Would be hilarious if there were really something like that! Anyway, can't wait for it! )
  13. Didn't read the whole thing, that would be too spoilery even for me, but anyway, if that's true then, like I said, kinda disappointing how they are doing a whole 180 on the whole idea... but again, like I said, can't please everyone, and I'm sure starting episode 2 it will be awesome again anyway!
  14. So, what, they didn't had sex now? Seriously disappointing that the writers are doing a 180 on this just because people were angry with it! I mean, ok, people didn't like your idea, but at least you should have the balls to stick to it 'til the end, you know? Anyway, this whole thing from 4ofN is pretty unclear about wether or not they had sex or not, really... And like Master-Sephiroth said, I'll continue watching either way! The show is mostly about weekly comedy; the character development, while important, can be put on the back at times! Plus, the spoiler Wilde brought up in another topic make it worth continue to watch! :D :D :D But I'll still be slightly angry if the writers just do some stupid 180 on this one... Then again, others seem like they WANT the writers to do that! 'guess you can't really please everyone!
  15. Haha, yeah, I know about Eureka! Mostly from the Warehouse 13 cross-over episode, but I like Eureka as well! And now that you mention Felicia Day, don't you think she should be on TBBT as well? I mean, like you said, she worked with Wil Wheaton on The Guild and Eureka, and she worked with Simon Helberg on Dr. Horrible and in one episode of The Guild! Plus, she's kinda the ''queen of the nerds''! So she HAVE to make at least one appearance, doesn't she? Just wondering!
  16. You know, I just rewatched the episode, and I find it really good, mostly about the whole non-said elements in it! Like how Priya, as pretty as she might be, doesn't really ''get'' the nerd/geek world while Penny, thought not being ''one of us'', totally get it and is willing to be part of it! It's like the sweetest thing ever, you see it can't really work out with Raj's sister, but with the girl next door it totally can! Just wanted to say that, 'cause, like I said, I just rewatched the episode and was impressed by Penny scoring a ''nerd point'' in here! 'doesn't beat the Star Trek refence in ''The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition'', but still a good nerd point for her!
  17. I FOUND THAT PROMO! It took me a while, but I got it! It's funny, way back then I used to see that promo everytime on the side bar, this time I found it hard to find it! Anyway, here it goes: Enjoy! No spoilers, I guess! Penny's kinda cute in it! I mean, she's still very hot and gorgeous today, but she kinda lost some of the cuteness, didn't she? I don't know, maybe it's just me! As for the main topic, the show is obviously around Leonard, is just that Sheldon is the one bringing up most of the comedy with it's mannerism, he gets a lot of screentime as well! Kinda like in How I Met Your Mother, it is supposed to be around the Ted character, but Barney gets a lot of attention 'cause he's the funniest of all!
  18. Back on topic, I'm not sure if it's a gender thing. I'm a guy, a geek (more gamer geek than comic-book geek, but still! ), and I still really liked the Season 4 ending! Like Cheeky said on Page 3, it keeps things interesting and going! Any show, even sitcoms, need character development and difficult situations that need resolving! THIS is one! And an extremely fun one at that (I laughted so hard at Penny's ''Really? Still can't talk to me?'', I just wonder WHAT it will take for Raj to at least say one non-drunk word near a non-family girl!). Plus, it seems like people are waaaay overreacting at Raj's so-called ''betrayal''. 1- They were both drunk; 2- Penny and Leonard were broken up for over a year; 3- Lenoard was in a serious relationship with someone else (Raj's sister); and 5- Leonard showed no renewed interest to Penny since ''The Love Car Displacement, which was pretty basically half-season! Oh, and maybe 6- Both Raj and Penny pretty much felt lonely and miserable lately, they kinda repeated that often! Add alchool to that and you get what we saw! So, basically, Raj's ''betrayal'' is not as big as some people say! And we all know Leonard will end with Penny anyway, that's extremely obvious, so let's just give the two of them a bumpy ride so that we can enjoy as many seasons as possible! Now, one argument is that there is too much focus on romance and least on nerdy stuff. I guess it's true the geekiness kinda went on the back-side, and I'm hoping for its comeback (they did say they'll try to bring back more of it, I think), but relationships are part of life, and plus, since geeks like ourself are often more timid around hotties, it feels kinda nice to see those T.V. geeks also being complete chick-magnets! LOL So to summarize all of this; Raj and Penny having a one night stand can and will be a source of characters/relationships development, while not being that much a big deal as you put it 'cause, again, it's been over for nearly a year for the Lenny!
  19. Hello there! I was just wondering, 'cause I was just rewatching the ''The Wheaton Recurrence'', if anyone knows Wil Wheaton will make one or two reapparence during season 5? It's always kinda awesome to see him screw up Sheldon big time! Anyone heard anything about this?
  20. Oh, come on: Ashlynn Brooke is playing Penny: She's beautiful! (Yes, I somewhat know that x-actress! So what? :icon_twisted: lol She's still gorgeous, really!)
  21. For the sake of keeping the spoilers, I'll also put what I wanna say in Spoiler tags!
  22. lol, I watched it too! And it's true it was kinda weird to see the characters like ''that'', really! But, hey, that's not actually why we watch that kind of movie anyway, right? LOL
  23. Actually, Raj is kinda a womanizer of the group, really! He gots his fair share of one night stands in his older days! The girl at the Halloween party who thought he was ''a good listener'', Abby (with Sheldon as a wingman, he must be very good! ), that scene at the bar where Leonard asks Howard's help at getting girls, and Raj is the only one to get some action... Oh, and Dr. Plimpton, but I'm not sure she counts, she was kinda slutty! Althought Raj pulled an awesome move at the end of that episode, really! Anyway, my point is, althought Raj is a total mutie around girls, he ends up getting lucky a lot! Much least during the 4th season, thought, so I guess he kinda needed some hot drunk action! LOL (Too soon for a 4th season's cliffhanger joke? ). My point is, Raj is the TRUE womanizer of the group! EDIT: I almost forgot, in the list of girls Raj had; SUMMER GLAU! Really!!! Ok, he didn't really had her, but if Howard didn't went all ''cockblocking'' on him, he would totally had some sexy time with her, we all saw it!!! (May I add; it's funny how so many are angry at Raj for the whole Penny thing, but no one reacted like that against Howard for the Summer Glau incident! I mean, that's waaaay worst, really!!! :D :D :D lol (again; too soon? ))
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