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  1. "Isn't Raj played by the same guy who played Fez on that 70's show?" Er........ let me think...... No! That was someone else. Aussie BB Fan
  2. Well not exactly but something like it. It was the very first episode. Penny takes the boys out for dinner to make up for Sheldon and Leonard losing their pants. Someone suggests Thai food. Sheldon says they can't because they had (I think it was) Indian for lunch. Says something like "They are both curry based cuisines. It would be gastronomically redundant." Howard suggests Sushi , saying he knows a little sushi bar that has karaoke and starts to sing "Baby Baby don't get hooked on meeeee!"
  3. I came across a page on this website claiming Carol Ann Susi has appeared as Mrs Wolowitz in nine episodes. Did I miss something?
  4. On a sort of tangential topic. I have wondered for years........ How are house numbers derived in the US. House numbers always seem to be in the thousands. In Australia houses/building street numbers are almost always much smaller. A street has one end designated as the "zero" end and all houses on one side are numbered with even numbers 2,4,6,8 etc and the opposite side of the street odd numbers1,3,5 etc Average streets have numbers up to about a hundred or less. It would have to be a very long, long street here to get up to the 1000's, let alone 2311. How do you number them in the US to get house numbers of multiple thousands being the norm?
  5. In the episode where Sheldon lends Penny money she rushes into the apartmnent and tells Sheldon about ther financial dilemna Sheldon says, "Penny, I'm not sure I feel comfortable harbouring a fugitive from the 2311 North Los Robles Corporation." Is that their address?
  6. I am told you can get episodes from the internet -right up to current episodes - then wouldn't have to watch at the mercy of the stations. If you find out how let me know!
  7. Not that I claim to know anything about bone claws or wolverine but what the guys were debating was not whether he had bone claws before adamantium ones but whether he was BORN with bone claws. I think it must have some importa....................Oh who cares!
  8. And some more from the same Halo night (Wednesday jumping to Saturday. 1. Penny is asleep on the couch. Sheldon comes over, bowl of cereal in hand. Panny's left arm is straight. Camera pans up to Sheldon's face and then goes back to broad view. Penny's left arm is now bent. Sheldon and Leonard then go through the "Every Saturday since we moved in I have awakened at 6:15 ......etc) Camera pans back and Penny's arm is now straight again. 2. Sheldon's math is uncharacteristically incorrect, as well, when he discusses their 2 day 2 person earthquake kit. The back ground banter lets you work out it is sometime between 8 pm and 11 pm. Their earthquake supplies will last 48 hours (2 people). Shelson then states with 3 people their food will run out by the following afternoon. Which of course all maths nerds will know should actually have been roughly 32 hours away (food consumed 3/2's as fast). So their food will run out sometime between 4 am and 7 am the day AFTER Sheldon's afternoon famine. Uh Oh! I have got to get a life! :-)
  9. I found another discontinuity. This one in the Renaissance Fair episode (sorry I forget its proper name) In the first couple of opening scenes the guys are standing in front of the elevator when Penny and the new boyfriend come down the stairs and they stop to talk. The "Out of Order" tape forms a complete cross over the elevator door. Several camera angles show it. Then the guys move off and up the stairs. One side of the tape has fallen off. Not a big error I know because it could have fallen off as they stood around anyway. But just an observation.
  10. There is another continuity goof in Series 1 Episode 10. Sheldon and Leonard are confronted by a "singing" Penny. Sheldon is forced to throw a bag of take-away chicken in the rubbish bin. When he drops it in the bin it rolls very definitely over and falls horizontally into the bin. When he retrieves it after Penny leaves the bag is sitting upright and easily picked up by the handles.
  11. I have read the original pilot show/series was not very good and quite different from the current two series. I would like to view some of the pilots and see just what they were like - Anyone know if they are somewhere on the internet? cheers Aussie BB fan
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