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  1. DAZED AND CONFUSED! sorry, another D
  2. scratch and itch because for me, if i am thirsty it will go away and then come back at another time *im sure someone has already done this one like 10 times but...* hot or cold?
  3. No but I have always wanted to go there. I dont know why. Have you ever seen or met your favorite band?
  4. "RE: Episode 3.02 (September 28) I just saw the episode too and I really liked it!! I loved the scenes when Sheldon, Raj and Howard were hunting the cricket and I'm glad that Penny and Leonard finally founde a way to take all the pressue out of their relationship! What I noticed was the discussion in the beginning about Wolverine and his bone claws... Was that an appropriate discussion for comic fans like them?? I mean, even I knew that Wolverine had bone clwas before he got that super hard metal stuff into his body... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "All which is beautiful and noble is the result of reason and calculation." - Charles Baudelaire " im glad that they got over the weird part so to say....of their relationship! I love Leonard and Penny! I also knew that Wolverine had bone claws before he had the metal ones because like 2 weeks ago I watched the Wolverine movie and i giggled to myself when i heard that.... but it was a very good episode!
  5. How I met your mother is one of my other favorite shows.
  6. yeah. have you ever found a wallet on the ground and kept everything inside of it? *sorry, i couldnt think of anything else*
  7. I would love to see Sheldon give hugs on a daily basis.
  8. warm summers day left or right?
  9. 1) you and your best friend have nicknames from the show 2) you and your best friend say that you are going to live in Pasadena CA. 3) You name your calico cat Sargent Fuzzy Boots
  10. That would be amazing if everyone.....well at least all the cool people......were watching BBT!
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