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  1. fred

    Dialog-Scripts ?

    A Question for the native english speakers: 2x22: Sheldon: "My career is not hanging in the balance". A german translation for " the situation is hanging in the balance" could be "die Situation ist noch in der Schwebe" (schweben=levitate) , but this is a german figure of speech and i didn't find any direct translation with hanging/balance=levitate. My question is: has 'hanging in the balance' the same double-meaning in english as it has in german: 1. uncertain 2. [indirectly] levitate - which would be a perfect reference to the sh.. human waste flying throught the space station. .... and would be an inindirect equation: Howard's career = sh..
  2. fred

    Dialog-Scripts ?

    You do feel like Penny talking to Sheldon? I'm confused. I can't remember that I cleaned up your room. But if you want, you can drive me to the comic-book-store - I'll bring the alcohol
  3. fred

    Dialog-Scripts ?

    didn't Leonhard said: ' ... sex with, but you're free to ...' ? this would also explain why i heard an 'a' / 'a-fraid'. buuut I still think i didn't get the right meaning of benefit in this context / the gist of the joke.
  4. fred

    Dialog-Scripts ?

    Yes, I've forgotten this explanation in the beginning (So my middlename is not sheldon ... on the other side) - I don't get it too : said Leonhard '... imagine you maintain a friendship with someone who you had sex with.' (clear) 'But you afraid (?) a date who ever you want it' ? ... just pretend I'm Sheldon and take your time for your explanation
  5. fred

    Dialog-Scripts ?

    next Question: what's the gist of '...now i have a better understanding of friends with benefits' (Sheldon in 'The Vegas Renormalization' E. 2x21 )
  6. fred

    Dialog-Scripts ?

    Hi, is there a possibility to obtain the original Dialog-Scripts? (English is not my first language) OR What said shelden in 'The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition (2x19)' before penny answer 'ok, now i see the giant squid head' ? thanks
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