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  1. This looks good, I'm glad they are continuing the Sheldon "girlfriend' storyline.
  2. I'm trying to read Richard Castle's Heat wave. But I'm in college so I'm reading school books instead. Oh joy!
  3. hethr


    Ooh yay, Chuck fans! < yeah that's all I had to say
  4. For current music, it's KT Tunstall. I also like contemporary Christian music like Kutless, Matthew West, Mercy me.. Broadway, and old rock. Yeah, I'm all over the place.
  5. It's refreshing to have a character on TV not interested in dating. I think it would be out of character to have Sheldon any different.
  6. That would be funny to have a dream ep where we don't know it's a dream and have a penny sheldon thing.. but Noo I strongly oppose a for real "Shenny" storyline.
  7. I'd like to see her finally get some kind of acting job.
  8. I hope the Mayim Bialik character comes back. Could that be his female match? I don't think Sheldon should totally change but it would be fun to see him have a crush.
  9. I don't think she will completely change but yeah the nerdiness has rubbed off on her a little. Like when she was obsessed with that game.I think it's funny.
  10. I know... How can they do this, what would Sheldon say!
  11. They talked about that in one of the commentaries. Show turned out so great w/ the changes.
  12. hethr


    Well now that I can watch "House" and "BBT" at different times they went and put "Chuck" at the same time as House. (upcoming season) I can't win.. sigh.
  13. Wow I'm sure glad that joke got cleared up. LOL.. (??)
  14. I'm looking for a youtube clip of sheldon doing one of his nervous tick faces. Can anyone help?
  15. yes, it took me longer.. I watched Dr H a couple of times and then I noticed who he was. "need anything made soggy?" haha.
  16. It's not that I don't understand Twilight, I don't wish to. It's so fad-ish that it kind of turns me off. Even though I'm just about the only one of my friends who hasn't read the books. That and Harry Potter.
  17. Hi and welcome. I know what you mean, once I discovered the show (very late) I watched all the eps online til I was caught up. And now I watch them repeatedly.
  18. hethr

    last night's epp

    Thanks. Makes me want to learn it now
  19. Does anyone know the spelling of the word Sheldon used after they voted on kreplach (sp) as a Klingon word?
  20. hethr

    Laugh track?

    Interesting. I always thought they had neon signs that would flash LAUGH!
  21. No have you ever laughed so hard you got the hiccups?
  22. "not to mention" and then they go and mention something. Even Sheldon said it, sigh.......
  23. hethr


    ok I really want to know who tweets as the BBT characters, Anyone know?
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