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  1. Yes, he didn't say that he doesn't celebrate Christmas but only because he don't acknowledge Christmas at all. He said he doesn't celebrate Saturnalia aka Christmas in mind of Sheldon. He explained how Chistmas comes from Saturnalia, therefore for him Chistmas doesn't exist and Saturnalia is not for him(pointless, waste of time). that would be interesting but i think his mother wouldn't like it. She would go for it though it's better to have webcam Sheldon then have no Sheldon at all.
  2. I would assume that too. I understand transcripts are usefull but I don't want to check "every word" in transcript it spoil all the fun of watching. I think I know English pretty well, you can prove me wrong, and i don't translate transcripts only sometimes I check up some words. I would be more interested in script, screenplay to see what was supposed to be in episode but wasn't and read every scene on paper. He stand here, she stand there, tv is on, pen is on table or so ever. I wish to read something like this on BBT or other great series.
  3. You're right. That scene was so great because of Sheldon showing that hug was more that all of that stuff he brought from the store, it was something special like DNA of Leonard Nimoy and he thought she might appreciate it as a gift. That was very unlike him and so great, for that one single time he shows emotions.
  4. i know that:) he and most likely they(other characters) know her last name but it gives us nothing. if we meet her parents the characters would have to call them somehow so we might have a chance to find out her last name.
  5. zedlord


    what did Shannon do to you? i like Rose very much, i even consider her as best. Kaley is great too:)
  6. can't you think of non sci-fi related last name? isn't Lane last name of Superman's love interest - Lois Lane? good idea but spoils all the fun we can have giving her one. i trust creators if they give her last name it would be a good one. maybe we will meet her parents or her parents invite them for christmas, can you imagine sheldon dealing with traditions?
  7. that is why i want him to change slowly, to gain time for making up new story for him and for now to refresh his character(the way he changes would be interesting - i think) , make him more important to the plot.
  8. You're right, i didn't see that before:D who dislike any of cast members? they are all great, like them all. as for show characters Leslie, Kripke, that handsome physicist from Bath Item Gift Hypothesis and Alicia from Dead Hooker Juxtaposition.
  9. But how should we know that he doesn't masturbate regularly? He might do it and there is no reason to mention it. He can have some explanation for it. Yeah, it might look like it but it's only time one time. He didn't try it again, before or later in the episode. If he tried to pickup Penny he would try again, because he doesn't yet know the protocol of not "stealing" friends "girlfriend".
  10. no he can't. it's in his head, he thought he was drunk that's why he talked with Summer Glau and when Howard showed him what beer was that he realized he's sober and stoped talking. Maybe it's a little old, but still in some way funny, changing it just like that would be a mistake.
  11. I'm from Kraków, Poland. Jest tu jakiś rodak?
  12. It's a good idea, but not for now. It could be stretched for two seasons. Penny is a part of their grup now, even Sheldon noticed that. And as you said he get used to be around her he coud start saying things like "good story" or "sorry". Slowly his pathological fear of women, for Penny only, could fade. She is one of them and there is noting to be afraid of, he could from one episode to another say more. After about two seasons he could talk to her normally(but don't try date her, i want her to end up with Leonard), but not to other woman. This development would be good to watch and would not screw up him being special as everyone of them. Sometimes I feel sorry for him too, for example with Sheldon's sister or Summer Glau but with Summer Glau I rather felt sorry for her.
  13. it is going to be great! can't wait
  14. true, they are most likely to win, I voted for them. if they will, think about final... that will be tough.
  15. i never liked her but there were some funny scenes with her, or about her.
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