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  1. Yes, but only for an episode, and then it will break again. Maybe the guys will be responsible, and Howard, with his MS in Engineering from MIT will think he can fix it but will only make it worse. Or maybe it will be fixed and the guys think they can optimize the elevator's performance using their superior IQs, but end up breaking it again.
  2. I thought it was hilarious. I almost peed laughing at the ball pit scene(s). I think Sheldon seemed extreme because he was sleep deprived and going a little bit nuts at the expense of his physics experiment.
  3. "Wikipedia" excelsior. It's Stan Lee's catchphrase, and what Al Gore shouted in the MANBEARPIG! episode. And it means Latin for "superior". My high school Latin teacher wrote that on one of my quizzes after I did the best in the class once. EXCELSIOR!!!!!
  4. Maybe he asks Penny but she doesn't want to go and has a dilemma telling him. Leave it to TBBT to twist the usual.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eXT3t0A5_o Later Carter admits to really liking the show. Definitely a subtle plug rather than outright lampooning TBBT!!
  6. It's so different than any other sitcom on television. It doesn't follow the formula (family, suburbs, dumb dad and hot mom, etc).
  7. Maybe it's one of those things where Penny and Leonard won't talk to one another, and instead pass information to one another through Sheldon. I'm pretty sure Howard did that to Leonard in one episode.
  8. I have a nerd tendency. Totally true. I just finished A Brief History of Time and Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking and I'm currently reading The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. And I get most of Sheldon's physics references. :-P
  9. This is quite a sensitive subject for some people, and in my opinion, not one that can be discussed in a light-hearted manner, even if we are on a message board about a comedy show. Attempted suicide by acetaminophen OD is fairly common because Tylenol or the generic brand is popular and found in quantities large enough to cause death in almost every American household. Yes, it's a long, painful way to die, because the initial OD doesn't kill, but several days later the patient probably dies of liver failure. I think a lot of people don't realize how long acetaminophen ODs take to claim a life. Most people hear the word "overdose" and think instant death. Many people believe that an acetaminophen overdose causes someone to pass out and die while asleep, not feeling a thing. When someone is suicidal, he/she is extremely depressed, so depressed that death is the only way to fix his problems. With the availability of acetaminophen and the misconceptions related to OD on the drug, it's no surprise that it's a common way that people attempt suicide.
  10. I work retail as a sales associate (bottom of the retail totem pole haha), and take a class and volunteer in inner city schools as a tutor on the side. I'm hoping to get into grad school to get my MA in Teaching so I can become a high school physics teacher.
  11. Not that I know of. We call it acetaminophen here, and the most popular name brand of it is Tylenol (thanks, Wikipedia). I don't know anybody that's ever tried to buy a lot of Tylenol at once, but I'd imagine they sell it in bulk packs in stores like Costco and Sam's Club (bulk retailers for food and whatnot). It can be dangerous when not used as directed. I know a few people who attempted suicide by acetaminophen OD, and ended up in the hospital with potential liver damage. But it's probably one of the most popular pain relievers here in the States.
  12. Where can you find Watch magazine? I saw ONE, only ONE in CVS one day. It had Mark Harmon on the cover and I had already paid but I LOVE Mark Harmon and wanted to go back and get it. I went back, couldn't find it, and then checked every convenience store, drug store, grocery store, and book store. Couldn't find it!!
  13. Jim talked in an interview about what would happen if Sheldon became attracted to a woman. Tooo funny... I'll post it if I can find it. But I love your idea, Flabiom!
  14. Sheldon knows football? I can see Sheldon explaining it to him and being entirely wrong, and then Leonard trying to impress Penny and epic FAIL!! LOL
  15. My new favorite episode!!! I was howling at the "Eye of the Tiger" montage!!
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