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  1. Oh, the Hug was great, but I voted for PPP, even if only because Sheldon says "panty". Yeah... I'm a silly fangirl
  2. I must admit that I'm totally curious about Sheldon's room (does it sound creepy). I see him so child-like that I can't imagine without cracking
  3. I SO want to see Sheldon's house! I wonder about his brother, too. BTW, check some spoilery pictures- http://community.livejournal.com/thebbtheory/110200.html
  4. Has anyone heard anything about episode three taping?
  5. Ohhhhhhhhh, I tried the link but the vid has been erased. What was it like?
  6. Thank you! I love that movie. You are right, he has a great voice when dubbed in German.
  7. Oh, I'm sorry about the misquoting! Stupid Blackberry. No more posting from the car. Well, I think it's a matter of taste. I find dubbing quite distracting, if only because I know they are talking another language. But I must agree that there's some stuff I can't stand with subs, like The Simpsons or ALF. Mostly shows I grew up watching in Spanish and make no sense in English. Now, I have to find Terminator dubbed in German just to see what you are talking about!
  8. I almost had a stroke trying to choose. I went with PPP, only because I love to see Sheldon being even more childish than usual. But the BIGH is so great, too. I think we should have a Season One only tournament, too.
  9. Really, I always thought that European audiences were used to subs. Here in Argentina most movies (except children movies) are subtitled when they are shown in cinemas. On public TV (that's like five channels that are free), all movies are dubbed. But most of cable channels have movies with subs. The same goes with series. Generally, Argentinian audiences like subs more than dubbed movies. Is it really distracting to read subs? I find it quite natural. Also, I enjoy listening to the original audio track, to carch any mistakes on the translation.
  10. Fortunately, in Argentina we got the sub version. I can't stand dubbed shows or movies. [/align]
  11. Thanks for the spoilers. God, I need it to be September the 21st
  12. Hi! Are you Argentinian? Here we suffered the flu, too, and our winter break went from 2 weeks to a month... and all the college exams were sent to December! Thank God I have TBBT to watch... I can't wait till the premiere!
  13. Thank you so much for the welcome! I'm thrilled to see such a great place!
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