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  1. I think if he started to be able to talk to Penny then he gradually would gain the confidence to talk to other attractive females. It seems to be an obvious development for the character.
  2. I'm from Nottingham, UK Lots of fans of the show are from the UK according to this poll, even more than from the U.S
  3. Gazereths

    Episode 3.01

    Sounds like the new ep is gonna be good. I'd love to see Sheldons childhood bedroom and all the things he built like the nuclear reactor and the CAT scanner.
  4. First off i'd just like to point out the quote credited to me in the above post was actually posted by Sanja...Just a mistake in the editing of the quote no biggy As far as Arnie (Schwarzenegger) goes it think his voice was perfect for the Terminator in the first movie, his portrayal of the Terminator (the original) makes for one of the scariest villains in cinema history in my opinion. The same goes for Leslie Nielson, he has delivered some of the finest one liners in the comedy genre and any other voice would be totally alien for me. I think that reading subs can somewhat retract from the movie experience and more to the point subtitles are often different from the actual spoken lines, they tend to shorten them to fit the scene, this can really effect the comedy genre as an extra few words here or there can make the difference in a joke being funny or not. Oh and @ Sanja - You're English is excellent
  5. Gazereths

    Season 2 DVD

    Can't blame you for that...I have also indulged in prosecutable methods of procuring the season 2 episodes But i will buy the DVD as well so that somewhat eases my reprehensible conscience lol
  6. Gazereths

    Season 2 DVD

    That sucks celebalqua, maybe they'll surprise you and release it at the same time as Europe? You could always find the code for your DVD player to make it multi region and import a copy. I wonder if they'll release a Blu Ray?
  7. Well no matter who they get to dub the show it's always going to be worse than the original. Also the owners of the show won't give a damn who dubs it as long as it's already been sold to the foreign market. I don't think i've ever watched a German show but if i had i wouldn't expect much from the English dub. There's only a couple of anime's that have good dubs...Ghost in the shell S.A.C is by far the best English dub and bubblegum crisis is OK as is Cowboy bebop. But the rest of the anime's i watch are all better with the subs and Japanese dub.
  8. Gazereths

    Season 2 DVD

    The price of the pre order for the UK is very reasonable, i would have thought it would have been around the £30 mark. I'll be ordering that soon
  9. Gazereths


    Futurama kicks ass! I can't wait until the new season starts. FOX shouldn't have cancelled it in the first place, then they said it'll come back but with different actors. They've made a deal with the actors now though so it's all good
  10. It looks AWFUL. Just another sitcom about men and women and sex. That's why I love TBBT... it's so DIFFERENT from everything out there. What's the word for that... oh, CREATIVE!! Anyway... regarding the set... anyone else notice how colorful this show is? It's so visually stimulating. The wardrobe, the sets and props, everything! And I love Penny's wardrobe! We have similar body types (well, obviously she's WAY skinnier) and we're the same age... once I reach my fitness goals (my motivation for my recent workouts have been new jeans) and reward myself with a bit of shopping, I'll definitely have her clothes in mind!! I love sheldons T-shirts as well, especially the one with the impossible shape on it: I'm gonna have to keep a lookout for a shirt like that
  11. Just wanted to introduce myself im Gazereths, i only started watching the show recently when it was on the virgin media on demand service...I watched the whole first season and some of the second in one day and i think the show is great! Can't wait for the new season! See ya round the forum
  12. I hear you ruach! Thank god this is coming back. Any info on a UK premier? Hopefully it's not months and months after the US premier, otherwise it'll be downloaded.
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