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  1. Great news! The guys from the BIG BANG FORUM finally uploaded the scripts/transcripts of season 3, for everyone to download. I just got a circular PM there and they announced that the scripts are now online. They also apologized that it took so long. For your convenience, Here are the links to all the files: s03e01, s03e02, s03e03, s03e04, s03e05, s03e06, s03e07, s03e08, s03e09, s03e10, s03e11, s03e12, s03e13, s03e14, s03e15, s03e16, s03e17, s03e18, s03e19, s03e20, s03e21, s03e22, s03e23 Full Package (s03e01 to s03e23) Now I know what I'll do the next couple of days, I'll do a Blu-ray TBBT season 3 re-run, now with the help of these fine scripts. Fun fact: I just saw the counter there, the season 1 and 2 scripts alone were already downloaded over 80,000 times, WOW!
  2. Help the German TBBT site, the Big Bang Forum, who created the city Sheldonopolis at MyMiniCity.com, to improve Sheldon's city and make him proud. Each click from a different IP address on one of the following links will improve Sheldonopolis accordingly. 1. Population 2. Industry (more jobs) 3. Transport Network (less traffic jams) 4. Security (less crime) 5. Environment 6. Business Let us all help Sheldonopolis to flourish and prosper. Sheldon Cooper rules, BAZINGA!
  3. My favorite one is #277, just because it's so funny that everyone thinks that if there is a law that everyone obeys it or has to obey it, think again! The Russians just copy the idea of the show and then there is no way of suing them, because the TV production company, which rips off Chuck Lorre, is owned and operated by the government itself. Let's try to sue the government of another country and see what happens, I'm sure they would laugh their asses off. Government authorized copyright infringement, cool, what's next...
  4. I'm pretty sure they'll work on them as well, as they did for season 1 and 2. I will keep my eyes open in the Big Bang Forum and will post here to let you all know when they have released downloads for season 3. I myself am eager for the scripts of season 3. Which, by the way, is a great season so far, just awesome, The Big Bang Theory rules big time.
  5. I once again stopped by the Big Bang Forum site and saw that they now have the whole second season scripts (or transcripts) online. Here are the links to all the files: s01e01, s01e02, s01e03, s01e04, s01e05, s01e06, s01e07, s01e08, s01e09, s01e10, s01e11, s01e12, s01e13, s01e14, s01e15, s01e16, s01e17 Full Package (s01e01 to s01e17) s02e01, s02e02, s02e03, s02e04, s02e05, s02e06, s02e07, s02e08, s02e09, s02e10, s02e11, s02e12, s02e13, s02e14, s02e15, s02e16, s02e17, s02e18, s02e19, s02e20, s02e21, s02e22, s02e23 Full Package (s02e01 to s02e23) I already downloaded them myself and now I can start to really understand what they said in season two, hehe. My thanks to the guys from the BBF.
  6. Exactly this is my question as well. I myself was glad to find, as you call them, "transcripts", because as a German I have the need to read the words to then look them up what they mean. I myself, and all friends of mine, are only interested in the pure dialog. And by the way, the word "transcript" is totally new to me, resp. in the context of the files what the Big Bang Forum offers. Since I can remember I only use the words "script" and "screenplay" to find dialog documents and the ones I find are as well only dialog, just like the ones at the Big Bang Forum. So for me they offered exactly what I wanted, I see no point in having a real screenplay with all the action as well written down, unless you are a film student and you can see this as a template on how to write a screenplay with all the details and actions and therefore use it as a wayto study film making. I imagine most people around the world only want the pure dialog, 'cause I assume the majority are no film students.
  7. That might be the "problem", if you would live the language like I do and you then compare the original to the dubbed version of TBBT you'll hear huge differences, especially with Sheldon. Compared with the original, which essentially is the measure of all things, German Raj sounds definitely way too old and Sheldon way too emotional (sissy like and he's lacking all the arrogance and analytical tonality). For me it's hard to listen to the dubbed version, because it feels so unnatural, because it's not what it's supposed to be. And you're right, DeNiro has a pretty good German voice too.
  8. I found a video excerpt on youtube from LAST ACTION HERO where Arni has its German (Thomas Danneberg) dubbing voice, here you can hear a few lines of German-Arni: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fmt1VFoNx0
  9. That is not the case, only a few Europian countries have subtitles and that are mostly northern countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway. That's why these people usually speak very good English, because they are always surrounded by the English language. In Italy, France, Spain, Germany and so on and on all movies and series are dubbed. And because the German TV and movie culture is a dubbed one, no one here really understands, let alone speaks english. Therefore a movie with subs would make no sense, no one would go see it. Reading subs IMHO is very distracting, because movies are moving images and are meant to be watched to grasp the meaning of it, not read. If you need to focus on reading you are losing the thread of following the moving pictures, therefore a movie where you need to focus your eyes away from the pictures makes not that much sense. If I wanna have the same experience like watching a movie and meanwhile reading subs would be to listen to a radio play, there you also focus only on sounds and voives, without perceiving any pictures. If movies were supposed to be read instead of watched, there would be no need for movies in general and only radio plays would be enough entertainment. Really? Because I'm pretty good in understanding English and I grasp the English humor pretty good as well and therefore I can assure you, if you would understand German as good as I understand English, you would agree with me on both the above metioned cases, that the German voices for Arni and Leslie are much better than the original ones. Again, for most movies/series the original voices are way more superior to the dubbed ones, but in some cases the dub voices exceed the originals (exceptions prove the rule). Thank you very much.
  10. In the most cases you are absolutely right. But there are some exceptions where the German voice really saved the day for certains movies in Germany. For example, you must admit the original English voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty funny, with his Austrian English accent and it actually doesn't fit the characters he portraits in his movies, of a muscle packed superhero. And even if Arni would have dubbed himself in German, he still would have sounded pretty funny. Therefore he was given a really cool German voice (Thomas Danneberg, what a great voice), which fits his movie character profiles perfectly and really makes Arni a tough guy on the screen. Most Germans, resp. German speaking people really don't understand how Arnold could become such a huge star in America, with this voice, or better with his Austrian English accent. It still is an enigma for us. Therefore dubbing can either save or destroy a movie (or TV show) in a foreign country. Another example is Leslie Nielsen, in this case I really think the German voice he was given for the Naked Gun movies was much better than his original voice, because it fits perfectly to his mimic and gestures and in combination with the German dialog (a lot of funny words and jokes) these movies are so hilarious. The other thing then was, after a few other movies, they gave Leslie Nielsen a different German dubbing voice and the funnyness of his movies droped rapidly, just because the "right" voice was missing. With right voice meaning the voice everyone was familiar with, due to the Naked Gun movies, and because this voice was just such a perfect fit to his face. And as I mentioned, in Germany everyone expects movies to be dubbed, no one wants to read (subs) while watching a movie. It is a given, a movie has to be dubbed, otherwise no one would go see it. Fortunalely for me, because I can understand english a bit, I can enjoy Sheldon and his entourage in their natural order. Regarding Anime/Manga movies I totally like all the American voices like for "Ninja Scroll" or "Fist of the North Star" and pretty much all others, because they sound so much cooler (more husky and tough) than the Japanese ones, at least from a (my) German ear-perspective, how languages like American English compared to Japanese affect a German ear in terms of coolness of the voice.
  11. In Germany indeed we have english as a subject in school, but that's just about it. I am sure, in general, more Americans know more about the spanish language, than Germans know about the English language. Most Germans don't speak/understand english, except for some obvious/widely know words, but they have no real knowledge to follow a conversation, not to mention get foreign jokes. And since the year one in Germany all foreign movies were dubbed in German, so everyone here expects (demands) all movies and TV shows to be in German. It's a cultural thing, Germany is no subtitle culture, which of course then "prevents" them to have the need to learn more English. As I mentioned, ten/fifteen years ago or so German dubbing was very good. A good example of how dubbing can make foreign programs successful was the TV show "The Persuaders", with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore. This show was pretty much a huge flop all around the world. And then a man named Rainer Brandt came, he is (was) very well known for making awesome dubbings, casting great voices and writing super-funny German dialogs. And especially because of the ultra funny dialogs this show was a huge success then in Germany. But these days are seemingly over now, because TBBT was indeed dubbed at the very same Rainer Brandt dubbing studio. That indicates that it's all about the money now, which TV stations aren't willing to pay anymore. Get it done, but get it done as fast and as cheap as possible is the motto nowadays. And that, of course, entails a rapid decay of quality. The seal of quality "Made in Germany" doesn't apply to dubbing anymore, very sad. That sucks very much! And you're right, in Italy there was a similar problem, but apparently they changed that. I guess hell had to freeze over before the same would happen in Germany, apparently money is more important to theTV stations than satisfying the "customers" (viewers), but who actually is the one who brings the station back the money, through TV ratings. The more they like a show the more they watch it and the more money a station makes, so that's why I don't get their "dub as cheap as possible and f*** the quality" attitude?!? In the German The Big Bang Theory Forum, because of the outrage over the bad dubbing, there already was mentioned to re-dub the show, like a fan project.
  12. I don't know if anyone noticed Kunal's Tweet where he called out for somebody to provide him with an example of his German dubbing voice, so that he can hear how an Indian with a German accent sounds like. Well, as I mentioned in my last thread, I am from Germany and know the show inside out in the english original. And a couple of weeks ago I saw TBBT in the German dubbing verion for the first time and was a bit shocked, to say the least. To say in advance, Germany was known for its very high quality dubbing (good choice of voices and good German dialogs), but unfortunately over the last one to nearly two decades I noticed a decline in that quality. Apparently saving money gets more and more important so that the German TV stations (they are the ones which commission the dubbing) consciously abandon quality for sheer profit. In terms of the dubbing of TBBT, I must say I was really ashamed. Knowing that Kunal wants to hear the German Raj and knowing how awful it is. The German voice of Raj is by far the worst, because, and I really don't get how they could do such a thing, the casted a 53 year old Indian... a 53 year old to dub a 28 year old actor, WTH?!!! Therefore the German voice of Raj isn't in any way representative to portrait Raj's character to the German audience. Unfortunately Jim Parsons' voice, which is so very important to portrait Sheldon's character, because he pretty much is the fulcrum of the show, also wasn't matched that good. Much better than Raj's voice, obviously, but also not very suited for the Sheldon character. Sheldon sounds very arrogant and analytical in english, but in German he sounds rather like a sissy and the voice is lacking the whole funny tonality of Jim Parsons voice. In the German TBBT forum, the Big Bang Forum, there are already two threads featuring this unmitigated disaster: thread 1, thread 2. Nonetheless, I really hope the show will get lots of German viewers, dispite the bad dubbing, because it is such a great show and I want all Germans to watch it. They really would miss out on the show of the decade! For all of you who wants to hear the German Raj, I attached a little MP3 file with some edited lines to this post. german-rajesh.zip What are your thoughts about that?
  13. Hi there, my name is Sanja and I'm from Germany. I just stumbled upon a thread where this was posted and saw your comment regarding the script download and hope I can contribute with my following infos. Not very long ago I too noticed this German TBBT fan site / forum and was very happy to find out that they offer movie scripts of the show. And I can confirm: big-bang-forum.de offers The Big Bang Theory movie scripts with the original english dialog (as PDF files). Until now they offer the complete first season (all 17 episodes as one file or each episode separately) in their download area. The file for the complete first season can be downloaded here. I noticed the Big Bang Forum also just recently, because even though The Big Bang Theory gets its third season in September in the States, Germany is unfortunately way behind and the first season just aired for the first time on July 11th 2009. Therefore most Germans noticing this super-awesome show just for only a few weeks now. So it's still fairly unknown to date in Germany, but I am pretty sure the show will be loved as much as well there, after they saw the whole first season. I myself already know both seasons inside out. I am a huge fan. To polish up my english I like to watch shows and have the dialog in written form, so that I can look up words I don't know in the dictionary. That helps me a lot. And it's great to now have this possibility with my favorite TV show of all times. TBBT ROCKS And becaue I wanted to know when the movie scripts for the second season will be available at the Big Bang Forum, I just took a shot and wrote an e-mail to the webmaster there. The response came very quickly and I was told that they start working on them pretty soon and therefore the movie scripts for season 2 will be online shortly. It's pretty cool that they allow the scripts to be downloaded by everyone and not just members, because it's often hard, resp. impossible to manage a registration process when you don't speak the language. I once tried to register at a french forum and that was an, like Sheldon would say, "unmitigated disaster", LOL! Hope my info was helpful. Cheers, Sanja
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