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  1. I agree best ep of this season. I loved the physicists at work "Rocky Montage". and the dark matter ref. . which was pretty close to the mark. 4/5
  2. Starchild, I gave up trying to follow it on free to air, just to much mucking around with Channel 9. Though I am a bit cheesed off that I can't get a hold of the DVDs. They are also playing them on Channel 9s digital channel GO
  3. I really enjoyed this ep. Found the first 2 eps a bit slow, but this one was back on track, and a lot more fun. Funny how we see things differently. I really enjoyed Howard's Goth look and have no problem with him embarrassing himself, it's what his character does. I agree that the two Goth girls could have been a bit more 3-D but there's only so much time for character development in a 20 min ep. I loved Sheldon's chocolate conditioning and had spotted it fairly early into watching the ep, which made me very satisfied when Leonard realised. It is a very Sheldon solution to his irritations from Penny.
  4. I like that one. I'm sure her name isn't anything physics/sci-fi related without her knowing it. Even though this would be a rather lovely gag it wouldn't make sense that Leonard hasn't commented on it as he collected a lot of her mail.
  5. Yeah Gazereths I use the same rational
  6. Tell me about it. But as I have all the eps by surreptitious means I'm not desperate and can wait. Cel
  7. You guys are so lucky here in Oz I can't even find a release date
  8. Well only a month to go! Horrah. I have been watching TBBT these winter nights snuggled up with hubby. So a September 21 st premier brings spring and more TBBT joy!
  9. Your are right on the money with this Waffles and it shows good script development to have the characters change as their relationship with Penny develops. But I hope they don't change Sheldon too much. I've know several real 'sheldons' and even after years of socialising they haven't moved very far from their 'sheldoness'. The beauty of the character is his awkwardness and incapacity to empathise with those around him, I'd hate to see him change.
  10. Hello there I love this show! There is something wonderful and joyous about celebrating physics and the wonders of the universe along side the brilliance of the individuals who research it and their complete incapacity to interact with 'normal' society. I was late to discover this gem and was finally shown the light by one of my students. I will be for ever in her debt! I feel like this show was written purely for me. Thank you Chuck Lorre Thank you Bill Prady Thank you Jim Parsons. Sheldon is magnificent and your portrayal of this character is brilliant. (Anyone who has worked with an Aspergers colleague or student could not but chuckle at this interpretation of the physics genius) This show makes us nerds more than proud to say we love Physics and SciFi/Fantasy
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