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  1. I don't even own a television, and this is about the only show I watch. I like it so much that sometimes I'll even play some of the episodes from the first two seasons in the background while I'm programming. But, in my opinion, some very bad things have been happening to this show recently, beginning with "The Psychic Vortex". I can't quite put my finger on all of the changes, but the stories and the writing have definitely changed. The last three episodes have been sloppy, like tonights episode where Sheldon tells Penny that there is nothing in the Roommate Agreement about girlfriends, when we know that there is. But more importantly the last three episodes have shown Leonard and Howard transform into complete jerks without souls. Howard constantly rubs the fact that he has a girlfriend in Raj's face, Howard and Leonard take their girlfriends skating when it was Raj's idea and they just ignore Raj as he points this out repeatedly (Raj is only hauled out now when the writers need to inject some lame homoerotic joke, almost every episode now), and so on and so on. A funnier episode would have involved Leonard struggling with who to take to CERN. THE major appeal of the show up to now has been how much the characters really care for each other and protect each other despite their differences and personalities. In several TBBT forums people always say how they wish they had friends like these. Now, for me, that feeling is completely gone and the last three shows have just been extremely disappointing and sad, and, quite frankly, I don't want to be around them, or watch them.:icon_cry:

    Sweetie: Get out of your head. This is a sitcom not "Criminal Minds." You are definitly watching the wrong show for your ovetaxed mind. Either lighten up or end up on meds.

    I loved last night's episode. One should not psychoanalyze a sitcom to death. The roommate agreements were hysterical especially if one turns into a werewolf, the other can kill him. Wow, pick that one to death !

    Loved the ending. What a great surprise for Raj.

    Have happy and germ free Valentines Day everybody!

    So I think Sheldon just got demoted to my least favourite character... He's a complete asshole in this episode...

    Why? Does he remind you of yourself? Do your roommates hate you? Are you going to be alone on Valentine's Day?

    I hope the writers are not taking all this criticism seriously. Seems they are catering to an age group anywhere from 16 to 60. Can't please everyone every week. It's a sitcom folks! Stop analyzing it to death and just get a good laugh once in a while.

    Stop analyzing it? I suppose we may as well just shut the whole fucking forum down seeing as YOU don't think we should talk about it.... How about you shut the fuck up and stop insulting people because of their views

    (I apologise to the mods for swearing but with some people just deserve it)

  2. All these things can and should be easily avoidable... I'd have thought that the writers would have a 'Character Bible' for each character which lists all the things like this that could mess up the continuity in later episodes...

  3. Thats the whole point though. Unfortunately the shows producers are going to lead the Sheldon/Penny supporters on in this manner. I personally think its cruel but it does get people taking and thats what they want.

    Gives them a reason to keep watching I suppose

  4. Was one of the better episodes of the show... The desert scenes were the bets part of it... I have to say I was a bit dismayed by the Penny/Sheldon interactions as I feel it'll just add fuel to the fire of those who nonsensically believe there's something romatic between the two... If it wasn't for that it would have been in my top 5 episodes

  5. Frist of all, what gives you the right to talk to me like that? I've never insulted you or talked to you in any offensive or agressive way, neither here in the forum or in the MSN. As a matter of fact I've always talked to you the nicest way possible, and even overlooked a lot of things you've said.

    Second of all, if someone really wants to kill themself, they won't do it the slowest way possible. If someone kills themself by cuting their wrists or orvedose, it's probably just a desesperate call for attention, even if it's not concient.

    Third of all, yes, as a matter of fact I DO know about this kind of stuff. Maybe YOU should get a grip about other people feelings or thoughs before posting something like that. You're not the only one with problems in the whole damn world Eoin.

    If you can't tell apart a joke from serious talking maybe you shouldn't be a in comedy series forum.

    You should read the first two lines of Meag26's post... He explains it perfectly. I know what you said was a joke and that's my problem with it. It's really not a subject to be joked about no matter where the discussion is taking place. Now, just because we've had conversations outside of this forum doesn't give you the right to go dragging them into the public domain, that's not fair and no one should ever do it. And the fact you say that when someone does something like what was described was a 'call for attention' shows you know very little about the subject. If you read my first two posts again you'll see I made no mention that anything I had asked about or said had anything to do with me personally, I was doing some research so don't start going on about me having problems when you actually have no idea if I do or don't and even if I did, calling someone out because of that on a public forum is a pretty low thing to do.

  6. Orvedose with TYLENOL????? Seriously, even cuting your wrists sounds less emo then that xD

    Wow that's such a mature answer... Did you ever stop to think it's a serious problem for some people? Get a grip before you post stuff like that

  7. Not that I know of. We call it acetaminophen here, and the most popular name brand of it is Tylenol (thanks, Wikipedia). I don't know anybody that's ever tried to buy a lot of Tylenol at once, but I'd imagine they sell it in bulk packs in stores like Costco and Sam's Club (bulk retailers for food and whatnot). It can be dangerous when not used as directed. I know a few people who attempted suicide by acetaminophen OD, and ended up in the hospital with potential liver damage. But it's probably one of the most popular pain relievers here in the States.

    Well we're restricted here in Ireland to one pack per purchase basically, to avoid people buying them to overdose... Strange thing is an overdose on it takes about a week to kill you.... I was hoping to use something in a story for a screenplay but it won't have the same effect depending on where the person lives who's reading/watching it

  8. true...ish. i'm watching vision of escaflowne and it has music in it so...

    next person has already seen VoE, and hopefully won't spoil anything ^^

    Erm.. what's VoE?

    Next person watched a sport today

  9. False, but I watched it twice yesterday, so I belive that makes up for it. ;)

    Next person is going to get DoomedPanda somehting to eat!

    They will be eventually... because well... They ARE DoomedPanda... there's nothing like late night junk food :D

    Next person is listening to music...

  10. Probably the only person in the world who doesn't xD I'll probably rent it on the summer vacations, so just a couple of months to go o/

    Next person was a lot of sttufed animals \o/

    I don't watch it either, that's why I asked. ;)

    False. Next person is eating something at the moment.

    Nope... I am kinda hungry though... hmmmm

    Next person watched BBT S3E3 today :)

  11. Ahn, sorry, but I actually can't stand pretty much all the European cusine, expect, of course, italian. But that's only because I'm from Brazil, and here we eat more italian food then italians themselfs (at least in my State) xD If makes you fell better, I can't stand north american food either xD

    Next person can't live whitout his/her iPod.

    I HATE iPods... Can't stand any Apple product... I do own an Archos but it's left behind more than it's taken with me...

    Next person has a drink beside them

  12. SURE IS \O/ And any kind of pasta really xD But pizza is the best \o/

    Next person can't wait to play the new pokemon games (heart gold and soul silver) on DS! \o/

    They're still making Pokemon games? Oh dear... I CAN wait to play it... I can wait a long long time...

    Next person isn't American

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