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  1. False, I'm an Xbox man myself The next person is wearing something green
  2. Actually it's not Raj.. It's not one of the main characters at all
  3. The battle of Gettysburg What online gamer has a bladder problem?
  4. Oompa Loompa's of science :D When Sheldon is visiting the Engineering department, What is Wolowitz working on?
  5. That's yiddish for meat filled dumpling, It's also Klingon for a hardy Klingon dumpling What shouldn't you spill on a helium neon laser?
  6. Funnily I can only speak English... I know some Irish but couldn't have a conversation in it... After that I'd know a little German and French but honestly I just don't think I have the focus to learn another language
  7. Well, I guess I dress kinda like Leonard (even though I look nothing like him) I do have discussions with one of my friends about comics, superheroes and movies. I'm hopeless with women like the guys are. I play Halo I'd say I'm probably the most like Leonard...
  8. "And Sheldon can suck on.... the Kashmir Effect" Who was thrown away like "last nights chutney"?
  9. Jesus christ people... IT'S A TV SHOW... Stop getting all up in arms over it... People have different opinions, if you don't agree that's fair enough but I really don't think it warranted a 5 page argument about it... There's threads for the next two episodes.... Go use your energy discussing them rather than having stupid, unnecessary arguements
  10. This is just a very comme Penny/Sheldon shippers vs Penny/Leonard+Penny/None of our geeks shippers! Pretty common in the "The Big Bang Theory" community! BTW, FemaleNerd, I just though about a psychological explanation why YOU don't like Penny getting hooked with any of the four geeks: It's because you want them all for yourself, don't you? :icon_lol: Lol it was a joke... An Anchorman quote actually
  11. Favourite song at the moment is Rammlied by Rammstein... \m/ (0.0) \m/
  12. Haha the pictures of Wolowitz as the goth are brilliant... He gets the best outfits...
  13. I agree with you... It would be completely out of character for Sheldon... in fact it would go against the character that's been created... I think maybe in season 4 it would be fun to see Sheldon trying to deal with a relationship but it would definitely have to be with a girl as strange as he is.
  14. Apparently they argue about Wolverine tonight.. :D
  15. Looking forward to this... Dunno if I'll stay up for it though...
  16. Awesome... not too long to wait so :D
  17. Can someone tell me how many hours until it airs in the states?
  18. Am looking forward to this a lot... Shall be up until about 4am waiting for it to appear... Bring on the bang :D
  19. And that's why living on this side of the pond sucks ass.... I'll be sitting online at like 4 in the morning waiting for it to be uploaded lol
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