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  1. That's the full version... You can see there was no rhyme to go with big bang...
  2. It's definitely real in the wide shots... As for the close ups of Sheldon and Wolowitz... I can't honestly remember if it's green screen or not... But the wide shots obviously are real but not with the actors... And then the close ups are added in to make it seem like Sheldon and Wolowitz are actually the ones riding the scooter EDIT: Looked at it again... It's all made of real shots... If you pay attention to the close ups of the two actors you can notice that the scooter is far higher than it would be in real life as the scooter is mounted on a trailer being pulled along. But there's no gre
  3. Maybe she did at some point and couldn't stand having him around, analysing everything
  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with Sheldon saying he doesn't celebrate Xmas... He's a man of science and logic not of religion despite how religious his mother is. I can't imagine there would be a holiday that sheldon WOULD celebrate.
  5. I think it would be more likely to have some family come to the apartment, because it's certainly mentioned that some of Leonard's family were there for Thanksgiving so it's not a stretch to imagine Sheldons mom might show up for Xmas at some point
  6. I've no idea who he is either... I hate Star Trek (aside from the latest movie)
  7. That's if he's playing himself... It's possible he'll be playing a character
  8. The problem with giving her any kind of 'wacky' last name and working in a joke about it is trying to get around the fact no one had mentioned it before... Because Leonard would definitely already know as he had her mail several times...
  9. 33% scored higher (more nerdy), 1% scored the same, and 66% scored lower (less nerdy).
  10. Vampire movies Quinton Tarantino movies The Godfather movies Drinking Partying
  11. It depends really... It's only my waking time that really changes... I'm always awake until at least 3am...Sometimes as late as 6 or 7... So if I'm to be up at say 9 in the morning, how much sleep I get varies on what time between 2/3 and 9 I get alseep...I'd say it averages out between 4/6 hours... The weird thing is, I don't fall asleep... As in... I don't fall asleep in a chair watching tv or things like that... I sleep when I plan to
  12. I think I'd prefer them to not give her a last name...
  13. Indeed, he grew up in Wexford which is in the south of the country... Never read any of his books though,not a huge reader
  14. DoomedPanda


    Didn't see a thread for it on here... I guess I like this show as I loved the X-Files back in the day and this has similar themes... Has great main characters too... Always good to see Joshua Jackson doing well...
  15. I'm from Ireland... Dublin specifically...
  16. Yeah I figured I'd start that with a clichéd stereotypical Irish greeting.. Yup, I'm a BBT fan from the Emerald Isle... Figured I'd join in the discussion here... So hey everybody
  17. Sheldon actually looks like Gordon Freeman with the goatee.... As for seeing Sheldon's room? I reckon his room in Texas would be identical to his one in Pasadena. Can't wait for this
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