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  1. Yep I am a Sheldon. I actually give people strikes, LONG before the show ever came on. I also don't really like human contact that much. Thank goodness I have no walowitz in me. WHEW!
  2. Sheldons brother should be played by some hunky over the top dumb guy. That would even out the equation wouldn't it?
  3. Did he miss out on the opportunity to learn when he was a Ph.D. student at age 16 or is it another reason?
  4. A Sheldon-Penny hook up would be fantastic....and yeah, Jim is cute- in a nerdy sort of way. Kind of like a lost puppy dog cute. Ummm is he seriously 36? I thought he was 26. YEAH! There is hope for me. Okay, I am taking Brad Pitt off of my list, because he is weird and ugly now. Jim, you just made the list. Congrats. LOL!
  5. Leslie Winkle. It just seems that Sara never has played a happy character, she always has a chip on her shoulder. I guess if your sister was the cutest kid in the Prairie and you had to live with that expectation you'd be pissed too.
  6. Yes Sheldon's mom was in the first episode. It was great. Penny was really sweet and well.... it happened, finally. Leonard "tapped that!!!" Now it's just awkward.
  7. "I'd like to buy the world a coke..." It just keeps playing in my head. HELP!
  8. Hello everyone. I am a 5th grade teacher and a big fan of the show. My favorite character is Sheldon. I actually have a lot in common with his character- I'd like to clean and label the world myself. However I don't celebrate birthdays like Leonard. I am on this forum to have fun and discuss the characters and scientific theories - wrong or right - on the show!!
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