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  1. Are apathy and corruption popular things? :-D I don't like going out to partys... most people my age think that's strange so I guess it most be petty popular to go out. A good book and a cup of tea are so much more enjoyable to me!!!
  2. Isn't it strange that so many people are voting for such a geeky show after a sports event? :D
  3. Hehe, yeah. A friend dragged me along to "You've got mail". I totally hate Meg Ryan and I rhought it was one of the dullest and shallowest film I had ever seen, so sleeping was the only way to save the evening. :D Have you ever lied to a friend in order to not hurt his feelings?
  4. I don't know why but somehow I didn't like the episode that much... Maybe because I expected too much. I seem to be the only one, though...
  5. I agree with DPK and I'd lik to add that the way Sheldon thinks about and sees the worls, him stating that someone is attarctive, doesn't mean he finds him attractive. It just means that he's recognised the person as someone who posseses the physicial merits the society of our times usually consideres to be attractive. In my opinion that doesn't have to mean he agrees.
  6. Wow, good ideas. I'd really like to see John Goodman as Pennys dad. I think it would fit perfectly.
  7. @ Ruby: Chicken is probably the better word. Yes, I had. Luckily he didn't notice and it passed. We've been back to best friends for years. Have you ever done something really stupid and dangerous (like climb a rocj, etc) to impress someone you have a crush on?
  8. Kind of true. I took lessons for several years, but I havn't been playing for quite a some time. I was never very good, so I got frustrated. Next person got so drunk that he couldn't remember it the next day at least once.
  9. Bilkis

    This or That?

    Hell, I think. If I believed in either of them, I'd surely meet more interesting people in hell. :D I probably wouldn't have much choice though anyway. :D Ship or plane?
  10. No, I've never done that. I even stop at red light at two in the mornung when absolutely NOBODY ist on the street. I always feel stupid, but I'm too afraid a police car might be hiding around the next corner... Hav you ever smashed something on purpose when you were angry?
  11. False. Next person likes rainy days.
  12. Bilkis

    This or That?

    Past, definitely. British English or American English?
  13. I think everybody has experienced this at least once. It's the famous "giggle loop". :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iKjkPgVQcE Have you ever kissed a member of your own sex?
  14. Sounds yummy. True. Next person is religious.
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