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  1. Isn't it strange that so many people are voting for such a geeky show after a sports event? :D
  2. I don't know why but somehow I didn't like the episode that much... Maybe because I expected too much. I seem to be the only one, though...
  3. I agree with DPK and I'd lik to add that the way Sheldon thinks about and sees the worls, him stating that someone is attarctive, doesn't mean he finds him attractive. It just means that he's recognised the person as someone who posseses the physicial merits the society of our times usually consideres to be attractive. In my opinion that doesn't have to mean he agrees.
  4. Wow, good ideas. I'd really like to see John Goodman as Pennys dad. I think it would fit perfectly.
  5. Hahahahaha, this is going to be so great!! Now I'm so excited.
  6. In my opinion that's exactly why Penny should have understood and respected Leonards reaction. Pennys good looking ex-boyfriends are kind of his weak spot (or one of them ), because he doesn't think he's attractive enough for her. Just like she thinks she isn't smart enough for him and if Leonard had strained her weak point in some way, I think she would have freaked out just like he did. She should have understood this... It's good we didn't see them apologize, because everybody can make up their own scenario. In my head, they both apologized and Leonard told her it was okay to let the guy crash on her couch, but she resigend. And they live happily ever after in my little fairy tale... :D
  7. Haha, i liked the episode very much. Agree with all of your points , DPK. Very well said!! The scene where Penny and Leonard seemed to be the parents havin to calm their child really made me laugh and I liked it a lot, because usually we have Sheldon as the critical observer of their relationship who is emotionally involved...
  8. That does sound ... disturbing. I once read one (yes, I read it) about Sheldon and Leonard. The pairing already was fancy enough for me.
  9. I'd like to see Sheldon meet him in person... :D
  10. Haha, Birphg. I noticed too that some people tend to have a rather kinky taste when it comes to smutty FanFics. I can only imagine what some fans understand by "intergalactic relationships".
  11. I never thought I'd read the words "Howard", "Realtionship" and "Sheldon" "Humuliation" together n one sensible sentence. Unless you cross out Sheldon and combine the other three... Sound exciting. I wonder what Sheldons plans are... I just hope he dosn't rush into it. revenge IS a dish best served cold after all. :D
  12. Besides that, I think you can never really predict if a relationship is going to work out just judging by the cahracters of the people involved. Characters can change because of the relationships or stay the same, or just one person changes. (Wow, what an incisive observation. ) As well, it's a question ofhow you define a successfull relationship. They're still yound and we're probably many, many seasons from seeing them talk about marriage. So, as long as they don't have to stay together their whole life, it can wok out without being perfect for each other. And I still can't believe how much thought I'm giving to this TV show. Don't I have serious work to do?
  13. That was hilarious. Now I want one too! :D Always love it when Raj and Howar behave like they are married or something. Hehe.
  14. I am a great fand of the Penny/Leonard Realtionship. And I really don't see why everyone seems to think Leonard and Penny are not the same Level of attraction. He's just dressed in geeky shirts (and as a girl I can't say I havn't notices that what's underneath it doesn't seem to be as skinny and untrained as you would expect from a genius physicist ) and wears these thickly rimmed glasses... I think Johnny Gaelecki ist pretty cute and they can't hide it all under his leonard-costume. And I'm very short, so I can overlook the fact that he isn't tall either. ) Also, you're right, FemaleNerd: No macho-alpha-male for me either, thanks. I do however think, that kaj1n3k has a point in saying that Penny and Leonard share no interests. But askig this question, you could also wonder why she's been hanging around with the guys so much in the first place?
  15. Bilkis

    Dr girlfriend

    Hehe, that would be something different. From the not so much luck with girls kind of guy to having a stalker in just three seasons.
  16. The biggest faliure he has already experienced or the biggestfaliure that could happen to him? I think the first might be what happened in "The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation" on the other could be not winning the Nobel Prize. :D
  17. We still use these kind of card catalogues in the small library of our faculty from university.... which, I realize, dosn't help you at all. Sorry. But I can see why you want one. They are great!
  18. I think so too. I used to be a Sargate-SG1-Fan when I was younger an I always wanted to learn Goa'uld. Klingon would be cool, too. Plus I started to learn elvish when I heard that you can buy dictionarys and grammar books on it. But I think that's something most girls would consider ""cool", because it's not from Sci-Fi. Pretty, pointy eared Elves and cute, furry little Hobbits seem to beat pointy eared Vulcans and bad, ugly Klingons in the eyes of most girls.
  19. I think nothing can harm Sheldon's ego sustainably.
  20. Good episode. I loved the angry, revenge seeking Sheldon. The Penny - Leonard -Howard part I though was a bit lame though.
  21. Haha, I could imagine that he finally find he has feelings, he's completely confused. probably running around all day, measuring hs blood pressure and heart rate, analysing samples of sweat... :D I'M sure he'll think he's caught some kind of illness and will make people sing soft kitty to him!
  22. As the ultimative super super Sheldon hero, I assume yu can't have enough nemisises (seses-- the plural sounds funny.) A good super hero has to finish of one Dr. Doom after the other.
  23. I think its "...Sophies Choice". And now that we're already in one of my favourite episodes: What's the right order for the ingredients of a perfect sandwich? :D
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