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  1. Phew indeed. what asigh of relief. I was just thinking about That 70s show and how eric left due to a roll in another movie (spiderman I think) and how much i hated spiderman for taking away that 70s show main character. Even though I love stan lee and marvel comics.
  2. holy shit. I almost pissed myself watching that episode. Best episode... evar! I did not think they could ever top 'The Adhesive Duck Deficiency' episode. Boy, was I ever surprised.
  3. you didnt ask a question. I will do so for you. What make and model car does Leonerd drive?
  4. yes, thank you. i would have hated to see sheldon in a relationship. It would have butchered the entire show. Not everybody needs somebody.
  5. I like sheldon being single. Why the fuck does someone need to be in a relationship? What is wrong with being single? oh I just wanted to add... the smarter people in life are single and stay single.
  6. shit i never knew johnny left home at 15. bad mother fucker is what he is. That was a great read. thanks. I never knew smoking reduces bone density. That is scary.
  7. fuse pannel sans wiring
  8. This episode suuuuuuuuuucked. HOW WAS IT A CHRISTMAS EPISODE? i was uber dissapointed.
  9. Im starting to enjoy raj's character more and more as we progress. Kripke is still annoying. Who was the girl in the tub? (lol)
  10. lmao best episode ever. Raj's baked laugh is awesome. Reminds me of a friends laugh.
  11. cant wait until it airs! Although many didnt appreciate the previous episode I think TBBT writers are improving on perfection.
  12. Gablehauser, hes a jerk. Leslie is cool, i dont know why everyone hates her.
  13. Ray Liotta, just because he is the shit! lool @ shit being censored. shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
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