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  1. 6. And I would be happy to have "high school physics jokes" again..... Leonard: "force required to lift is reduced by sine of the angle of the stairs - call it 30 degress, so about half" Sheldon (correcting Leonard) : "exactly half" Leonard (mimicking Sheldon, sarcastically) : "exactly half"
  2. Penny: They don't know how to use their shields. Alicia: Shields? Penny: Yeah, you know like in Star Trek when you're in battle and you raise the shields (shocks herself) where the hell did that come from? That was such a lovely scene from the "Dead Hooker Juxtaposition". I think it was the first episode where Penny shows how protective she was for the four boys, and actually does take an interest in their lives. This is the most cringe-worthy... Sheldon: New topic... Where are you in your mentrual cycle? Penny: what?! Sheldon: I've been doing some research online and apparently, female primates (apes, chimpanzees, you - Kaley's look here is priceless) they find their mate more desirable when courted by another female. Now this effect is intensified when the rival female is secreting the pheromones associated with ovulation. Which bring me back to my question, where are you in your... (Penny slams the door on Sheldon) Sheldon: Clearly I'm 14 days too early.
  3. Considering that ratings for the BBT is skyrocketing through the roof (and good enough to warrant a request from the actors for a pay raise), I think I am in the minority here, to think that Season 3 is not as funny as Season 1 and Season 2. I am not exactly sure why I did not find the jokes as hilarious as seen previous. Perhaps I prefer seeing Leonard try to woo Penny, instead of seeing them work on their new-found relationship (I recalled finding Frasier quite dull once Niles and Daphne settled together in their relationship). Perhaps I also prefer seeing Howard behave like PePe Le Pew (i.e., over-confident, and pretty much go overboard on all his dates) instead of finding a (albeit short term) girlfriend. The geek aspects from the first two seasons seem to be missing in Season 3. Some of the funny science jokes and references to sci-fi movies (Star Wars! The Time Machine!) were also missing. I must admit, though, that towards the end, episodes 17 - 21 have become quite funny again. At the time of writing, Australia has yet to broadcast the last 2 episodes of Season 3, so I look forward to it being as funny as the last few. Do Forum members think that Seaon 3 is as funny, or funnier, or not as funny, as the first two Seasons?
  4. I am a late comer to this TV series. The first episode I watched was the "White Asparagus Triangulation". Just as CBS (or Channel 9 in Australia) wanted it, I tuned in just by dumb luck, after watching an episode of "Two and a Half Men". The opening sequence of a chap (Sheldon) trying street-talk, including "wha-up!", and "peace-out!" got me laughing, and made me want to keep watching. I wasn't disappointed - with Sheldon butting into Leonard's date with Stephanie, Sheldon making noises in the cinema as he seeks the "acoustic sweet spot", and asking Penny where she was in her period (that one made me cringe!!). The references to Star Trek and Superman (Kal-El) really made this a fantastic episode. I don't think this is a popular episode with most fans, but it was the first one I watched - it is still very funny to me, and is a sentimental favourite. From then on, I was hooked. Which was the first episode that Forum members watched?
  5. I agree that this is quite consistent with the ways of the world. I cannot comment about particle physics, but in general, post-doctorate salaries are usually "just-fair".
  6. It is hard to judge when one has seen so little of these actors in "real-life"... the only interviews I have seen are the extras from the Season 1 DVD. Based solely on this, I voted for Jim Parsons. He sounded the most mature of all the people in the DVD extra (other than the producers, of course). He admitted that one is extremely lucky to be in a position to make a living as an actor - it is nice to see someone who is very humble about his growing stardom. I have seen some online reports indictating that he was also very humbled to be nominated for an Emmy too. Keep up the good work!!
  7. I think this also bring me to the 2nd (and I promise, the last!) complain... I don't think they have announce the release of Season 2 DVD (Region 4) in Australia yet... I agree; Go channel is repeating BBT so many times throughout the week
  8. I cannot find a more appropriate site to voice my complain, but an episode of the BBT (which is normally broadcasted on Monday evenings) was not shown last week in Australia. I think Channel Nine decided to show the new episodes of Two and a Half Men (which is quite funny itself, but has too many sexual innuendos to make it a favourite). Glad it will be back again tomorrow evening! As Dr Cooper said, "change is not a good thing"
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