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  1. Just because a guy is gay, it doesn't mean that he won't notice attractive women. they are not blind. I'm a girl, I like guys, but I still notice attractive girls, but it doesn't mean I'm a lesbian:) everyone keeps forgetting something really important: it's one thing that this Shenny thing is a bad idea, but even if they were to hit it off, she would be Leonard's ex! what kind of a friend would date a friend's ex? and it's not just a hook-up, they're in love. so Shenny is out of the question for many reasons. That being said, I still love their scenes together, and it's ever more hilarious when there's a funny controversial thing going on, but that's all. Sheldon should have a totally nerdy GF who understands him, like Leonard's mom )
  2. Aha! At first, he would be happy, bc he's free, but then he will want to play Halo, Guitar Hero or that bowling stuff... I can also imagine that he goes online to play Age of Conan (or whatever the name of that game is), and even the guys there will say, sorry, AFK, I'm meeting my girlfriend :D it would be hilarious!
  3. I think it's going to be epic. If Raj gets a girlfriend, Shledon will be left alone, bc all the boys will be hanging out with their GFs. I wonder how Sheldon will react to this. :D
  4. I don't even remember her saying "oh, balls", so evidently it's holy crap on a cracker!!! :D
  5. I'm weak. :D But I knew that it was going to be what it eventually was. And my response is: HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!!!!!! :D
  6. Yes, and they both agreed that they feel very comfortable around each other. Maybe they will get too comfortable, but it will be uncomfortable for Leonard :D
  7. I really hope they are going to continue the vibe between her and Sheldon. It would be extra funny... Sheldon might develop a crush and Leonard finds out so they have a fight? Sounds delicious :D
  8. Ginormously hilarious!!! I agree that the comforting part was the funniest, but the most surprising was to see Sheldon driving. I mean driving without experience and license? Okay, it's not a big deal to drive a car with an automatic gear stick, but in my country almost every car has a manual one, so maybe that's why I was so surprised. I see a little chance for Sheldon learning how to drive :D
  9. Okay, I'm weak, I watched the whole thing (by the way, it's not much more than what you see in the 30s promo) and.... WOOOOOW!!!
  10. "But this mind never forgets!" :DDDD No, I think that Sheldon didn't give a damn that's why he didn't know. There was an episode when Penny and Leonard were talking about something, and Leonard asked Sheldon 'what do you think?'. He was like 'what? sorry, I lost interest and dozed off."
  11. I couldn't resist and I watched the first 10 seconds, but I stopped because it's going to be so hilarious that I want to see it in one piece! I'm not a Shenny shipper, but I just can't wait to see this one!!
  12. Well, I might be alone with this, but I don't think than Penny was out of line here. Yeah, it does seem strange that she would let a kind of ex-boyfriend crash on her couch, but it's not a big deal. Why? Because in a relationship two people should be able to trust each other. We know that Leonard is a very insecure guy and I totally understand his reaction to this, but still. I don't think this was the right way to end the conflict. I would have preferred a scenario where Penny is telling Leonard that he has to learn to trust her because that's the only way they can have a good relationship. I also think that Penny was right when she said that it's her flat/life, so Leonard shouldn't tell her what she can and can't do. Maybe I'm a very headstrong and independent girl, but this is my opinion.
  13. yeah, I can see from Penny's facial expressions that it's gonna be priceless :D
  14. I think this statement is important, because Sheldon admits that Penny is very attractive. Although, I can't decide whether he says that because all the other guys are drooling after her, or he really thinks so. Hm?
  15. wow wow wow. Sheldon humiliated and Wolowitz has a girlfriend? This is going to be epic. I bet we can count on a bloody vengeance from Shelly
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