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  1. Hello, I'd like to introduce to you www.g33kt3st.com, a website about the whole geek community. It has indeed become far too miscellaneous to be summed up in a few words. Therefore, this brand new website offers you to discover all the aspects of the geek culture through a fairly complete and humorous test. Whether you feel like a true geek or you don't even know this word, you will discover the full detail of your geek trends : are you a nerd, an otaku, a fanboy or a gamer ? As an example, you will find my results at www.g33kt3st.com/1. You are not obligated to register in order to take the test, but if you do you'll benefit from many advantages : - Consult the rankings and statistics of the test. - Share your results with your friends (through your own Geek Page or Facebook) - Compare your results with all the users of the test. But this is just a start, since the website has become a real social network : - Meet the people who have the most answers in common with you, and therefore a personnality similar to yours. - Write your own questions about your geek experiences in your Geek List, which can be compared to other's for an amazing matchmaking. Come and help us settle the Big Bang Theory at the heart of the Geek culture in this test ! - Come back to read about the fun geeking of all the users. I hope I'll see you soon on this new geek network.
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