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  1. amtrak12

    Top Gear

    Or try to get each other killed in Florida by writing "Go Hillary Clinton" and "Man Love" on the other's cars. Dumb idea. Such a dumb idea. :S Mmmmmm....British accents. That's one of the reasons I watch it too. I could listen to Britsh accents 24/7. One of the reasons I want to move to the London area at some point. That and I want to get a British accent of my own. :D
  2. False. I think I've technically had two, but only one that I actually considered serious. Next person has never taken Calculus.
  3. Oooooo! I hope to not die by either. :S Burning because I have a better chance at finding a way to end it quicker than I would in a lake. Waffles or pancakes?
  4. Oh, yeah. I've come across those slash fics too. Makes me sad because it felt like fans were just creating a slash couple just for the hell of it not because they either wanted them together or felt like there was something there. Just making up slash couples for the hell of it annoys me. :| LOL I loved how Raj was totally okay with it. He even remembered it fondly ("Well, we'll always have the night the heat went out." *hopeful grin*). He looked so disappointed and sad when the other two just looked at him. *pats Raj on the head* We could ask why the heat went out that night. Maybe Raj secretly sabotaged it. Or maybe it was just a plan to kill Sheldon that backfired.
  5. Leslie + Leonard + Alecia -- Characters: Penny - 18 Leonard Hofstadter - 18 Mary Cooper - 17 Sheldon Cooper - 17 Missy Cooper - 16 Raj Koothrappali - 16 Howard Wolowitz - 15 Dr. Gablehauser - 15 Beverly Hofstadter - 15 Stuart - 15 Kurt - 15 Leslie Winkler - 15 Alecia - 13 Romana Nowitzki - 13 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 13 Kripke - 9
  6. Penny + Mary Cooper + Kripke -- (including DoomedPanda's points) Characters: Leonard Hofstadter - 16 Howard Wolowitz - 16 Penny - 16 Mary Cooper - 16 Sheldon Cooper - 15 Raj Koothrappali - 15 Leslie Winkler - 15 Dr. Gablehauser - 15 Beverly Hofstadter - 15 Stuart - 15 Kurt - 15 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 15 Missy Cooper - 15 Alecia - 15 Romana Nowitzki - 15 Kripke - 11
  7. Natural Science Rain or snow?
  8. We'll start with characters. Characters: Leonard Hofstadter - 15 Sheldon Cooper - 15 Penny - 15 Howard Wolowitz - 15 Raj Koothrappali - 15 Leslie Winkler - 15 Mary Cooper - 15 Dr. Gablehauser - 15 Beverly Hofstadter - 15 Kripke - 15 Stuart - 15 Kurt - 15 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 15 Missy Cooper - 15 Alecia - 15 Romana Nowitzki - 15 Yep. Pretty much.
  9. I didn't see this game listed already. This is something I participated in over on the Gilmore Girls forums on Television Without Pity. I thought it was blast! Hopefully, you'll guys will think it's fun too. Rules: *A list of characters (or later on episodes, items, secondary characters, etc.) are presented and each character starts out with 15 points. *Each person can add one point (+) to two characters and remove 2 points (--) from one character. *You don't have to list reasons unless you want to. *If your -- knocks a character below zero points, you get to come up with how they died. :D (That was the really fun part from TWoP) The more clever and/or ridiculous, the better! In each post, first list the three characters you're giving/removing points from with + or -- to indicate which you're doing. Then copy and past the complete list of characters and point totals. Update the list with your choices. If there are people dead, list the departed at the bottom with how they died next to each name. You can see examples of this here. Unfortunately, they've deleted the Gilmore Girls forums. The Pushing Daisies example is using slightly different rules, and they weren't coming up with how the character or episode died, but the basic idea is still clear. Ask if you have any questions! Game starts in the next post. Edit OH! And you can only respond once per calendar day. That isn't once ever 24 hours, so if you post at 11:59 pm on the 1st, you can post 12:01 am on the 2nd.
  10. I adore this show! Ironically I started watching it only because it came on ABC Family before Grounded for Life. Then in college I went to dinner every night when Grounded for Life came on, but I would still turn on ABC Family before dinner. Eventually I realized I liked 8 Simple Rules better than Grounded for Life. It was better with the dad, but I still enjoy seasons 2 and 3. CJ and the grandpa are hilarious! And Rory astounds me. Little brothers definitely tattle on their older siblings, but Rory will go out of his way to learn dirt on Bridget and Kerry. He hid in the laundry hamper in the basement in one episode! lol
  11. amtrak12


    Target had a 2 DVD pack with the first two seasons for 20 bucks so I bought it. :D I went through both sets in a little over a week. I remembered why I loved the show so much!
  12. amtrak12

    Top Gear

    Oh, I'm not sure it's the BEST show in Britain. There's Doctor Who to compete with. But Top Gear is pretty brilliant! I don't know anything about cars or really care to learn about cars, but the show is just too hilarious not to watch! :D They air it in the States on BBC America. I just wish my school would add BBC America to it's cable package.
  13. It's cool! I totally understand! I wasn't sure so I just put them in spoiler tags.
  14. I know! Me neither. :| And no it's not weird to wonder about the sex life of fictional characters. Well not weird in that you're not the only one. Have you seen fan fic? There's a lot of smut fic out there. Maybe not for Big Bang Theory, but I know there's a copious amount of smut fic for the Doctor/Rose ship from Doctor Who. :D
  15. Really? I'll have to get a hold of the DVDs then. I too thought it went downhill after season 5. I got fed up and stopped watching after season 6 so I didn't know Kaley was in season 8 until after Big Bang Theory. I've tracked down the episodes and watched them already, but I didn't know about the DVD commentary. That's exciting!
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