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  1. I posted this last year, and now that it is finally here, I hope they do it. Please please do it. I have to admit though, why did they have to ultra nerdy?
  2. Hey what about the rest of us? Id like to see it too. I sent you a PM
  3. Sure he can. He has the feelings, but doesnt understand them. He's never felt them before. he does want to talk to the girl, but cant because he doesnt want to talk science or Sci Fi with her, but he can't think to talk about what. How many of us geeks have had the problem. "There's the girl, talk to here, uh what do I say?" Were afraid to say the wrong thing or have her reject us. we take thwe safer course, but Sheldon, though a geek, doesnt understand the social mores of society. What will he do? He wants to be near her, but he has a problem with that too. Look what it took for him to hug Penny. In Short he has the symptoms and the desire to be next to or talk to the person, but HOW does he do it? He wouldnt understand and then go to (MY GOD) Howard for advice because he doesnt want to make the same mistakes he sees Leonard make (He did part from their science officer, as we know). I see it working.
  4. I like the idea of Sheldon thinking he is sick. All the symptoms of love and he doesn’t understand what is happening. He wants their “medical officer†back. He can look them up on WebMD and who knows what he’ll find. (I should try that) Hey just looked, there are 20 possible conditions some are: Atrial Fibrillation (Heart) Pulmonary embolism (Arteries Blocked) Pneumothorax (Air in Chest Wall) Anaphylactic Shock (Allergies) Thyroid Vitamin B Deficiency Collapsed Lung He’d wonder why he wasn’t already dead! Anyway, once he realizes what he really has he would accept it and, being Sheldon, display his attraction in the only way Sheldon could. The Vulcan two finger hand hold.
  5. When Sheldon finally likes a girl, I would like to see him do the sign of affection that was used between Sarek and Amanda on Star Trek (For the uninformed, they are Spock’s Parents). As I’m sure you remember, they would hold out two fingers each and touch them. Kind of like “holding hands†lite. Whether this was a Vulcan custom or one created between them as a middle ground of their Human/Vulcan relationship, I don’t believe they ever said. Since Sheldon is always imitating Spock, this would be a great addition to his character that I would love to see. And if this thread gives the writers the idea to use it, and they haven’t already thought of it themselves, please give me credit. Thank you. Below are some pics for those who don't know what I am talking about
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