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  1. This is awesome! congrats to the cast and crew
  2. I can't wait for this episode, I love when the guys do tech/science/geek stuff together
  3. So far this looks to be one of the best of the series, I can't wait
  4. I was watching this episode again with a friend who remarked "Why is it so important for Sheldon to prove Leonard's experiment redudant to Penny, the girlfriend?" One would think that as a friend, Sheldon would just explain the experiment the best way he could, and the comedy could have fallen on his over-explanation or Penny's shortfalling in comprehension, rather than the obvious mean tone it took. So I chose to answer that remark with "Duh, he's jealous and thus is deliberatly misinterpreting her request" Hey, not my fault the writers led me there! LOL that is funny. I just think sometimes they take Sheldon's need to be superior a bit too far but hey he is the funny, quirky character I guess they need to go there with him
  5. The only problem I had was with Sheldon this time. He knew Penny wanted to learn about Leonard's work. He also knew she wouldn't understand the things she was going to say. So he should have just taught her what the experiment was, not give teach her his opinion on it. I thought that was mean, and I believe Sheldon knew what he was doing. he is a very smart man. I didn't find Sheldon to be a good friend to either Penny or Leonard in that vein. Not a biggie but still not my favorite Sheldon moment But that was it
  6. I honestly thought Leonard was being nice, He knew how upset Howard was and he just let Bernadette know, What else was he supposed to say? I thought it was something a friend would do . Leonard got the shaft in this episode not only from Howard but from Sheldon. I don't understand why Sheldon can insult Leonard like he does but if Leonard stands up to him or is short with him Leonard is a bad guy. Sheldon not only insulted Leonard and his work but instead of just giving penny a real explanation of Leonard's experiment he gave her his view on it and taught her to insult Leonard and his experiment, (good thing she has no idea what she said and it was clear she learned it from Sheldon)
  7. I echo Steve as well I really feel like Howard is better than this storyline arc for him I am not a fan of Bernadette. She reminds me of Georgette from the old mary tyler moore show. I really think TBBT is above this type of regurgitation. The Sheldon teaching Penny was the best part of the show not only did he get to insult Penny to her face but he got her to insult Leonard's work as well. LOL Have to love when Sheldon does this stuff to them.
  8. Thanks Very good interview. Jim gives great in depth answers. Hate when an actor gives one or two lines. He is so interesting I was glad to get his take on those scenes between Sheldon and Penny , I totally got the same feelings that he really just looked to look, not out of any sexual desire or any real curiosity. And I loved the soft kitty in the round but I felt just like he did. Sheldon didn't want to do it like that because he felt it was not right for the song but after he heard them he felt it was good. I had a conversation with someone who thought his expression meant he was falling for Penny . I kept saying that I thought that expression on his face was that he was falling for singiing the song in the round. I agree with him about Leonard and Penny and I do actually hope they stay together.It will be unchartered territory for a sit com and he is right this show doesn't need to re do Ross and Rach or Moonlighting. I also feel like it is just normal to see them as a couple now. It just seems natural and agree with Jim, it has given the show so many more funny scenarios not only for Sheldon and Penny but for all of the characters. I was glad to see some questions about him and his character that didn't include Penny. I am getting the feeling that some only care about sheldon if he is in scenes with Penny. I would like him to have some autonomy away from those scenes becaue I think Sheldon and Jim is good with everyone. Seems to be the only questions he gets these days. I loved his scenes with Raj and the ones with Raj and Howard and the cricket and then with Leonard and Raj last week. Thanks again for the interview and posting it here
  9. Love those pics, Thanks I can not wait til this episode airs Very excited to see Leonard get an episode and Leonard and Penny celebrating their first Christmas together
  10. I think it is great that not only does Penny want to learn about Leonard's work but that Sheldon is willing to help her. He seems to be helping these two young lovers out a lot. I think The writers have been so smart this season has show that they chose a great way to start a romance betweent two of the main characters without isolating them and allowing the other main character to get some really funny stuff to play with due to this new dynamic. Also as much as Leonard and Penny are the BF GF couple I think Sheldon and Penny have those really funny wierd scenes together. the stranger they are the more funny they get. Proves these three will be great with two of them in a real relationship. I think this has really helped Sheldon to understand how to be a friend.
  11. I'd love to see Leonard meet one or both of Penny's parents. I could see her mother asking if he is a real doctor.
  12. I like that Penny is now going to learn something for Leonard as he learned football for her, I feel like the show is developing them slowly without taking over the show and I am thrilled because I was afraid once they got together it would be the LP show and I like the ensemble so much , but want this couple to be together..I like how it is coming along so far
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