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  1. I knew it..but you know sometimes plans change...I remember 3 years ago, Kevin Sorbo would be in the series.
  2. Luckily we won't have to wait too long because in episode eight Raj has got a hot date! I dont' think we can say Lucy is a Hot date..when is the tapping for this episode?
  3. well I think the show need one normal girl not a girl as Lucy, I guess Kate is very bussy with Garfunkel and Oates
  4. I voted Leonard, I think he really loves hsi job, and he wanted his job speaks for him instead go and kiss mrs davis feet
  5. I think another option as gilfriend for Raj could be Cheryl, the girl who he has sex in The Midle-Earth Paradim, just in case Penny quit her job in CheeseCake Factory.
  6. Leonard is a Nerd, he is the typicall nerd, hopeless romantic, a little shy, a genious but not much social skills, actually I think Leonard and Howard are more realistic neds than Sheldon
  7. about the subject of this topic, I think a lot people forget that before they begin the relationship Leonard was the Closer Nerd to Penny I mean: he was who introduced her to the group, he was there when Penny needed him, in the 1st and 2nd season Penny always talk Leonard first, in a couple of episodes Penny asked : Is Leonard here? Leonard is the one who convice Penny to do something, I think now they have a big complicity so is not just sex
  8. off course, when she asked about teaching physics he called the situation like: The Gorilla Experiment, so its a kind of complement beacuse the Gorillas look terrifying but deep inside they are cute
  9. I remember two years ago in january or febraury , when they asked about L/P she said that all looks as Leonard and Penny is goin to break, and a couple of weeks later they tape the weaton recurrence, with this background I think if they want to break up in the 8 episode Kaley already knew it and in her last interview she could say something about it...but she didn't so I would not worry.
  10. I don't think they are going to have a L/P break up, tehy promised we are going to see a Penn'ys growing up something we are watching..so maybe Margo's back is going to help to a Raj arch...I really hope so
  11. I'm very surpised reading about people twitting in Bill Prady 's count, I can understand the fan fic, even the photoshop but bothering the producer of show is too much. As DPK says most of them belive they are the majority, I remeber befero the 3rd season begun there was a lot of Shennys that said the show would loose audience if they Leonard and Penny are a couple, but the number showed they was wrong, actually the audience grown up.
  12. remember he removed her calluses, she let him touch her feet..that is a prove of real love
  13. I think we have two options to find a future Raj's girlfriend, to create a new Character or to recycle an old character If the producers decide for the first option there are some actresses they can choice depending the type of girl they want for example: The Ill-humored Asian Girl: can be like a art martial master to the gang, and let Penny can be the first season's sweet girl again, The Actress can be : Julia Ling. The Cute and sweet girl: well I think another sweet girl can let to Bernadette rougher, she can be a former Bernadette’s classmate from the catholic school The Actress can be: Amber Tamblyn The Committed Girl: a girl into green peace, or every good or extreme cause, can takes the gang to strange parades or asking why they waste their time playing instead doing something for the planet The actress can be: Odette Annable The Normal Girl: another normal Girl can help Penny to feel not lonely in the nerdish world, and always will be great to see the guys teaching geek stuff to someone The actress can be: Mekenna Melvin. The Eccentric girl: forget the hotness we want comedy so a eccentric girl is something we need, a girl into yoga, and vegetarianism, someone can drive Sheldon crazy with strange theories The actress can be: Lauren Lapkus. The Indian Girl: ok that is too easy but imagine an Indian girl, hot and beauty, that loves her culture perfect to be the daughter in law for the Koothropali Family, the problem: she is the daugther of Raj's father rival, we will have a Romeo and Juliet thing in Indian style The Actress can be : Rebecca Hazlewood if they decide to recycle Character I think they I would like to see one of them Erin Allin O'Reilly: As Cheryl again, we need someone else in cheek cake factory Elizabeth Bogush: As Dr. Catherine Millstone ,her character can forgive Raj attitude in The Pirate solution, work with him and fall in love with him. Danika Mckellar: for every reason you said before. Courtney Ford: she can come back and fall in love with Raj, forgetting hes rage against Leonard.
  14. I think the problem is when the writters only give good thing for Sheldon, he is a good character but I m tired to see his madness...I like better the group dynamic
  15. well I don't know you friends but however I prefer someone as Kevin James or Jim Belushi, I have to say I'm not disappointed I think that is a good choice, I mean I remember him when he was in Totally Savage and act perfect as unconcerned father that only want a Boy instead a girl. what do you think?
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