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  1. I see this episode starting with with leonard asking penny and her saying yes but before he can tell the guys the bribes start eolling in and Leonard and Penny playing along to se wwhat they can put the guys through, especially Sheldon
  2. Reminds me of a number of other sit-coms which have given a character 2 somethings (concert tickets, vacation packages...) leaving the rest of the cast to attempt to bribe said character to take them instead of the others.
  3. If you are to compare Princess leia's bikini with something penny has wore, then I would consider for the same parameter (being sexy) the hello hello kitty pj shorts that sheldon pointed out in an episode, of course, to be fair with the comparison. right? excellent point, Then, perhaps, Penny will elevate the cheesecake factory uniform to stand alongside all those other great uniforms that line the costume shelves at halloween, policewoman, naughty nurse, french maid....
  4. very good episode, Bernadette is fitting in quite nicely. loved the line aobut Sheldon escaping and terrorizing the village
  5. Becasue you wife thinks it cute, or becasue you think your wife would look cute in it? Does this forbode that the Penny Cheesecake factory uniform my one day rank with Princess Leia's bikini in the Annals of Geekdom? LOL
  6. So the XPS gets replaced with a generic laptop. Wonder if Dell decided not to pay for product placement
  7. doesn't look lik anyone has posted this yet but Access Hollywood has interviews with Stan, Jim, and Kaley. SPOILER ALERTS on the videos watch at own risk you have been warned http://www.accesshollywood.com/dish-of-salt-stan-lee-on-spider-man-and-iron-man-2_video_1196577 IMHO this episode is going to kickass
  8. A couple of people have asked about the script I mentioned about Raj getting a girlfriend so I have posted a short version of it on Scribd. Here's the link http://www.scribd.com/doc/25930727/In-Space-No-One-Can-Hear-You-Text-4 it's listed under creative writing screenplay, NOT fanfic
  9. As far as production costs go, it won't make much difference, as you would still only need the ground floor set + 1 other generic floor. The only addition would be the 6x6 foot box for them to enter into, and money would be saved, seeing as they wouldn't need to worry about changing the signs and purchasing more "CAUTION" tape. Exposition can be death in a tv movie or play the broken elevator serves at a place where the exposition can take place in a natural setting and not get heavy
  10. Question: Where was Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper MSc, PhD. born?
  11. yes they are still in the honeymoon stage BUT this is not a relationship netween two people who met in a bar a couple weeks ago they lived next to each other for 2 years and had developed a friendship to the point that they were comfortable with each other walking into and out of each others apartments SO the quirks and indiocincracies that would normally have harpooned the relationship are already past
  12. I may have found something close check out the 2 superman T's at Casual Male http://www.casualmale.com/store/en_US/search/simple_search_results2.jsp?_DARGS=/store/en_US/search/fragments/simple_search_fragment2.jsp.searchForm
  13. I see that question being the cliffhanger for the final episode this season
  14. I really like what they have been doing with Raj in the last two episodes hope they can keep it up
  15. this does not bode well for his relationship with Penny
  16. since we are talking about programing I'm going to inject a little anecdote here. many mna y years ago when KPLR in St Louis was independent tey would do a guys night on fridays: an episode of Sledgehammer followed by a Blues Hockey game followed by 2 hours of Three Stooges............................Ah fond memories
  17. Gosh, I would be screaming with joy. Cuz even when he got that napkin I just imagined how I would feel and the next second I was jumping up&down as if the signature was mine. He would be catatonic
  18. slam bam out of the park homerun definately the best of the season so far and in the top 5 for the series
  19. I am completely missing it can someone post a pic of the shirt?
  20. While I agree that it is her life and Leonard has no right forbidding her from doing anything I thinkk that he has every right to be upset about it. As has been said, in a relationship you have to trust the other person, very true. BUT at different stages in a relationship it is easier to trust with out feeling ........endangered for lack of a better word. I remember I was dating this particular girl for about 2-3 months when an old friend of hers came into town for a few days and took her out to lunch, I was completely fine with that at that stage of the relationship BUT if he had been staying at her place for those few days I can easily see myself reacting similar to Leonard.
  21. sorry DPK I didn't think that Penny having the guy to sleep on her couch is out of charchter for her. SHe is the Wendy to Leonards Peter Pan and tribe of lost boys TO her the guitarist is just another Lost Boy needing someone to vare for them
  22. Like the episode, all teh arguing getting to SHeldon was good BUT the whole Raj Howard thing is still feeling forced, I'm not sure why they keep trying to push this ersatz homosexual relationship it was funny when it started, and was handled nicely now it just seems tobe getting heavu handed.
  23. I saw a LOTR fanfic about Legolas and an Ent, and an Harry Potter one including Snape and the Giant Squid... I didn't read them, because I didn't want to damage my mental sanity any more that I did by reading the summaries. The horror! Gives an all new meaning to "tree-hugger" True but the star trek fan fic has crossed the line into video I never would have suspected there was that much blue and green body paint available to the SoCal adult film industry
  24. true he is writing on the desk but there is a stack of books there that he has a notebook laid out open on and the screen is aimed up to be seen while standing and we can't see the screen so is there something on it? to me this constitutes using the desk
  25. That's something I've been asking myself too (is it strange to think about the sex life of fictional chracters?)... I really can't imagine he's a - what is his age? I'd prpbably ask him that too - well, a virgin at his age, but then again... I also can't image Sheldon hooking up with someone. And perhaps I'd ask Leonard why he doesn't get his hair cut. He'd be rather cute if he didn't have this weird haircut.... Strange? Check out some of the Star Trek FanFIc that is online THAT gets strange I know that Penny asked a version of this question alrady , but it wasn't really answered Why the guys put up with Sheldon?
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