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  1. can't remeber the episode think it was first season Sheldon used the one by the window just looked at it again it's in Fuzzyboots Corollary
  2. can't remeber the episode think it was first season Sheldon used the one by the window
  3. Etch- a- sketch? gps? reminds me alot of the old TI92 with the cover on it and a couple of extra pieces tuck on it
  4. love the idea of John Schnieder as Pennys dad how about using Willie as Sheldons grandfather? HArold Ramis, never thought of him, that would be a great fit Seth as Leonards brother, sorry that doesn't work for me, His bro ius supposed to be a Harvard Law Professor can't see Seth in that role
  5. got to go with stating fact on that one
  6. I actually didn't care for this episode. The parts between Raj and Howard felt forced to me. As for Sheldon knowing football that is a leap of logic I already made, see the Sheldons brother postings. Aw well, 2 episodes out of 40+/- isn't a bad number I do want the toaster though.
  7. ok first off I am NOT a shipper Penny and Sheldon will never work or happen now with that said I just saw a fan video on Youtube that is simply phenomenal It's called "The Scientist: Sheldon/Penny" anyone on here that IS a shipper is going to love it like I said I'm not a shipper and it got to me
  8. sorry Mel clicked the wrong post my previous comment was in reference to Femalenerds original post. I'[m sure you are more than nerd enough for me
  9. Space opera was coined in the 30's to specify radio plays set in space. almost always science fiction stories, to seperate them from the soap opera which also hads it's origin on radio. Many would argue that teh concept of the space opera reached it's zenith with the release of the original Star Wars. Are you sure you're a nerd? Or just another preppie with a pocket protector
  10. Birphq

    Dr girlfriend

    not to mention she was smoking hot but i agree she did seem to simply drop off the radar perhaps a flashback is planned? or she may return as leonards stalker
  11. you guys are forgeting one important thing. Sheldon is a germa-phobe. So if he is forced into close personal contact with an ill person........ I am seeing an NBC suit in the future
  12. The entire idea of Penny and Sheldon reminds me of the final season of Night Court when Dan decided to stop being a leech and persue Christine. I can see Sheldon standing there in the middle of the aprtment just like Dan did in hte middle of Harrys office and saying "I love her"
  13. Lucy as a love interest for Howard with her character along the lines of the Xena episode where her and Joxer(?) were reincarneted in each others bodies Lucy as a love interest for Howard with her character along the lines of the Xena episode where her and Joxer(?) were reincarneted in each others bodies Or maybe as Leonards sister
  14. Little correction- Sheldon has stated that the prefers "The Voyage home" (Star Trek 4) over Wrath of Khan. (And I'd agree, what's wrong with that?). Sheldon was able to recite quotes from Khan, he's a pretty close image of Spock, I'd say he deeply loves Star Trek and wouldn't judge him on one mis-made Vulcan greeting. I stand corrected I weas thinking of the right movie but the wrong # I will give you that 4 is the most humorous of the series but to place tourist jokes above the self sacrifice of Spock? For shame.... As for being able to recite lines I agree with Raj 4 is the ruler for which all other sucky things are measured but I can still "remember where we parked"
  15. One of the scripts I've written addresses giving Raj a girlfriend my solution is that they meet at a costume party in a bar with Raj dressed as ***** with a VERY loud band so that verbal communication is impossible and they communicate by texting. It isnt till the next morning that we find out that she is deaf. I see this part being played by Kat Dennings.
  16. real fan? the guy rates number 5 above Wrath of Khan he isn't a fan at all
  17. If we are going for the Rvenge of the Nerds how about the character of Booger as a new upstairs neighbor.
  18. I think that's a very good idea. I dont think she could be unfeminised, though - she is WAY too feminine for that .But she could slowly become more geeky. It could be discovered that Raj only has a problem when he deals with women outside of his/their lifestyle, if that is the correct term. Has it been established that he cant talk around Leslie Winkle? I can remember. So becoming "one of the guys" could mean she is entering their world. She would initially be insulted by the insiuation that Raj thinks of her as a guy, but then be very happy to realise that he actually now thinks of her a part of their group of friends.That way, he could still keep the characteristic of not being able to invite other women to his hottub, without a few gargles (alcoholic beverages , for non-Irish members) on board. I don't recall him speaking around Leslie but in the Pirate episode he couldn't speak to the female scientist in the office.
  19. I guess a hint is required at this stage. would that be Wolo-wizard in Pas-a-den-a cal-i-forni-a ? What is Penny's fathers name?
  20. just looked on ebay and there are several on there How much? WOW In the words of Bing Crosby and Danny Kay "How much is wow?" "Somewhere between ouch and BOING!!!"
  21. It's not exactly a card catalog but check out the Alexandria Codex at geekchichq.com it gives a similar look but with more usefullness. WARNING these guys are EXPENSIVE and yes if I had an extra 9K laying around I'd buy the table
  22. Birphq

    Set artifacts

    What I find funny is that these guys game on laptops when there is an alienware tower stuck in the corner.
  23. Any "medical show" ER, House, Greys Anatomy........I always wind up screaming at the TV
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