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  1. "And she is QUITE different from Sheldon, in her present form (though initially she started as 'female Sheldon'). She's so much more socially enthusiastic, though almost equally awkward, and she can even influence Sheldon in some ways because they're on the same 'wavelength' intellectually." I agree!
  2. "Interesting. You are afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic." Sheldon, 3.10 - The Gorilla Experiment
  3. "Stop toilet humour." This!
  4. That comment made me cringe, too! Just like any instance of toilet humour. But I don't see it as related to the character, I think it's more a combination of uninspired writing and mainstream jokes.
  5. I disagree. I like her, especially in the second half of the season. I like the scenes with Amy, Penny and Bernadette together. I do agree with BazingaGirl about Priya, but I suspect that the writers really wanted us to dislike Priya, so it's an epic WIN on their side. :D
  6. I am coming back from the dead (haven't posted here in ages) to share my thoughts on this subject, since I am very interested in it. First of all, I agree about the fact that pretty much all girls in the show are more "science nerds" than "geeks", meaning: extremelly intelligent, amazing at science, interested in scientific subjects even in their spare time, but not interested in comics, mangas, sci-fi movies, novels, tv series, table top games, videogames, etc... And I mean "science nerds" as a positive quality. I know that the term "nerd" usually has negative connotations, but that word is definitely a compliment in my dictionary. Secondly, I think that most girls and women here really like Leslie, Bernadette and Amy. I certainly do! Amy was a flat and boring character at first (as someone said, a "Sheldon 2.0"), but she developed in a very interesting and funny character towards the end of the season. In my opinion, there have been a lot of episodes in S4 in which the on screen time with the girls was as fun as the on screen time with the guys. This is definitely a big improvement! Actually, this is pretty much the only thing that I like of this season, as I find the rest too mainstream, with the geeky elements and science "dumbed down" for the wider audience. What's missing, IMHO, is a female character that shares the same love for comics, sci-fi stuff and games that the guys have, with the exception maybe of Leslie and Penny, though their interest in these things is only marginal. Ages ago, I complained that, as a female who is a geek, I didn't really feel represented by any female character of the show. This is still true, though things got a little better with Amy and Bernadette. There's no female character I can really identify with... but there's still hope for the next seasons! I think that having strong, smart and fun female characters that don't rely on their looks and place other things above being rich and beautiful is already a big improvement compared to what we usually see on TV or in the movies. Forgive me for the long silence and for the long post that doesn't really add anything new to the discussion... Also, please do remember that "science nerd" is something I consider a positive quality.
  7. I assume you're talking about the page I mentioned above. That's not from Wikipedia, it's from the wiki here on our own site. As far I as know, Wikipedia doesn't have anything about the unseen episode yet. Steve The Wiki You are right, Steve, I am sorry. I have amended my post.
  8. ^ unfortunately, the video has been taken down, so I can't help. The wiki article posted a few posts above is actually informative and there's a link to a showreel on Amanda Walsh website in which you can see a scene from the pilot. http://www.amandawalsh.net/showreel.htm
  9. Hi! I have seen some pictures online, but I haven't seen the actual play. This is why I hate living in Italy some times: all the exciting stuff seems to happen in the US.
  10. I liked season 3 and found it as funny as season 1 and 2; also, I don't mind Leonard and Penny's relationship. On the other hand, I do feel that there were less geeky and science references. This doesn't mean that Season 3 is not as good as Season 1 and 2: in my opinion it is different, but just as good.
  11. Or if Sheldon has a nightmare dream...:D And he wakes up screaming "The horror!"
  12. This is what I think! I like Leslie a lot, but as a female geek I see Gilda as a charachter I can relate with much more than Leslie. All other characters are fine, they should just add Gilda.
  13. Thanks to a friend, I was able to start from the first episode of season 1, even if the series was close to the end of season 2.
  14. Really? How strange, I always thought that he is really good looking! Sorry for the OT, Just had to comment
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