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  1. Thanks to a friend, I was able to start from the first episode of season 1, even if the series was close to the end of season 2.
  2. Really? How strange, I always thought that he is really good looking! Sorry for the OT, Just had to comment
  3. Hi Tillie, and welcome to the boards! I am from Italy, so we are "neighbours" in a way.
  4. The more I look at it, the more I want Gilda's character to be in the series.
  5. Hi, a link to the episode is now here: http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/thread-84-post-8537.html#pid8537
  6. Hi! And welcome to the boards, I hope that you'll have a good time here! I really like your fan art, you are very talented.
  7. This is cool! You got the body language of each character absolutely right! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Raj Koothrappali + Howard Wolowitz + Kurt -- *** Leonard Hofstadter - 22 Sheldon Cooper - 23 Penny - 20 Raj Koothrappali - 22 Mary Cooper - 17 Beverly Hofstadter - 18 Missy Cooper - 17 Howard Wolowitz - 19 Leslie Winkler - 15 Stuart - 13 Kurt - 11 Alecia - 13 Romana Nowitzki - 11 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 13 Dr. Gablehauser - 9 Kripke - 0 - DEAD!
  9. There's a lot of fanfics on www.fanfiction.net and some of them are actually good. Many of them are actually Penny and Sheldon, but you can filter charachters in the search engine, so it's easy to avoid them. The fanfics there are not moderated, so you may find some really explicit stuff (but there is an age rating filter) and some really badly written stuff. I am sure that there are fanfics on Livejournal, but I don't know any specific community as I don't like reading fanfics there.
  10. I think that getting a new job might help develop her character, but I am not sure about acting: I like to think that wanting to be an actress is just a sign of her innocence, and that, when she "grows up", she tries to find something different. But I love the characters so much as they are now, I am not even sure I want them to change.
  11. I have seen it: I am really happy that they went with Penny, and that they made both Leonard and Sheldon outfits and flat geekier. I am happy about them adding Raj and Wolowitz, too. I wish they kept the geeky female friend, though. As a female geek, it is way easier for me to relate to a character like that, instead of Leslie Winkle, which is a grat character, but really, really unique (not someone you'd think "she's just like me!"). In the extras of the DVD set for the 1st season, Chuck Lorre and Bill Pardy mention making two pilots for two different ideas, that they then merged together. One of the two was this much darker series with Kathy. They also said that Kaley tried to get the part, but was turned down because her personality was way too bright for Kathy. In the end, they liked the innocent, sunny and sweet Penny and I am really happy about this. If they decided to have the geeky girl as a guest character, I would be really happy. I liked her so much!
  12. ^ The comment above wins. I think that she cares and do hope they get back together in the next season. *ducks objects being thrown at her by Shenny shippers*
  13. Hi! I am back after a really long radio silence (I moved and didn't have any internet connection - it's a miracle that I survived!). While I find some of the Penny / Sheldon interaction cute, I don't really like the idea of Sheldon and Penny together, even though I must say I actually don't like the idea of Sheldon having a relationship at all.
  14. Hey there! Welcome to the boards! My favourite character changes with my mood
  15. Hi! Welcome to the boards!
  16. I voted for "The plots", but I think it's because of the little bit of fan service with Sheldon getting kissed, and the Shenny moments. I am not complaining about this, I am completely neutral, as long as the show is funny.
  17. I am torn between disgust and uneasiness. Being the clean, pragmatic, tidy person beverly is, I can see a bit of disconfort because of the whole process. I voted for uneasiness.
  18. Welcome to the forums! You'll have good fun here for sure
  19. A belated welcome to the forums! Being without internet at home makes me comment really slow...
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