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  1. I thought the episode wasn't great. A lot of great lines here and there but overall I think that episode was the worst one of Season 3 by far. I can't wait for the episode 7.

    Best line of the episode imo:

    "After the game, I can take out outside and teach you how to shoot close enough to racoons that it craps itself." - Sheldon


  2. Since we are on this subject, the biggest error I saw in all the show was in Season 1 Episode 2 when Penny goes in Leonard's apartment to get angry at them.

    When Penny says to Sheldon : "What kind of doctor removes shoes from asses?", she looks at him directly with her arms down in one frame, with 1 hand on the hip in another she has her 2 hands on her hips, all of this in a 3-4 seconds interval. Feels really akward.

    But it's a REALLY SMALL dent on a perfect show. Can't wait for November 2nd.

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