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  1. Although I read/watched the spoilers (cuz I'm a spoiler-freak, yeah), I LOVED this episode. Not the best, of course, but I just lóaughed my ass off. I love (drunk) Beverly. :D Oh, and the way Penny said "I'm adorable" was sooo cute!
  2. YYEEEHHHAAAA!!!! Thanks, melyanna. :D
  3. Thank you for the interview, I really enjoyed reading it and, as it was said before, I really appreciate Jim's tendency of giving long asnwers and not cutting them to 1-2 sentences. Thanks!
  4. melyana, just saw it and came here to post right away, but you were faster. what can I say? HOLY SH*T!!!!!!! :D
  5. Well, Kaley is a sweetheart, but I don't think she is so smokin hot. If it comes to the vote, I'd rather click on someone else's name...
  6. I joined the Raj fangroup. This character just keeps on getting better. Sheldon great as always....mua-hahaha. Howard's song was hilarious, I loved it. Hm....I feel like I've forgotten something..........MY GOD, HOWARD HAD KATEE SACKHOFF IN HIS BATHTUB!!! Hehe. :D I hope she'll come back from time to time as Howard's very own Number Six. And I'd love to have her in my bathtub, too...
  7. Tripper, on an other forum, we just helped my favourite band to win the MTV EMA. Just give me a link to vote and I click the hell out of it! :D
  8. Oh, I would looooove to have her in my bathtub as well :D
  9. Only a few days now.....I can't wait to see Starbuck, I mean Katee on the show! :D
  10. Wow, I totally missed this. Nevermind, one more reason to watch it AGAIN! :D
  11. I wish we could get to know a bit more.... But thank you, now I know the title at least!
  12. I live far away and don't really care about Super Bowl, but of course I voted for TBBT! :D
  13. Come on, we've seen what's Sheldon's method of talking to students. Penny is up for a treat, I tell you. :D Can't wait!!!
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