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  1. I joined the Raj fangroup. This character just keeps on getting better.

    Sheldon great as always....mua-hahaha.

    Howard's song was hilarious, I loved it.

    Hm....I feel like I've forgotten something..........MY GOD, HOWARD HAD KATEE SACKHOFF IN HIS BATHTUB!!! Hehe. :D

    I hope she'll come back from time to time as Howard's very own Number Six.

    And I'd love to have her in my bathtub, too...

  2. 3.08 was one of the funniest episodes of the series and my favourite of the 3rd season. And now we know that it's Sheldon "Lee" Cooper... :)

    Wow, I totally missed this. Nevermind, one more reason to watch it AGAIN! :D

  3. It was hilarious, but (to my BIG surprise) as many of you, I found the desert scenes the most hilarious. Especially Raj's plans about his rabbit-kingdom.

    However, I was screaming with laughter during the Soft Kitty scene. :D

    And the vanity card at the end of the episode was one of the bests.

    Oh, and I already noticed that Sheldon looks weird when he's sitting in a car, but now, while driving, he was okay. I think this is because of Jim's vehicle sickness. I know they're in the studio and the car isn't actually moving, but still, he can feel the nausea, nonetheless, right?

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