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  1. True Blood-I love that song, Dexter, Friends, The X-files, Fringe, The Simpsons, Southpark, The L Word, Queer as Folk, Criminal Minds, Eureka, Star Trek & Star Trek:TNG, United States of Tara, TBBT - gosh, I love that song, too.
  2. Okay, if it was ever mentioned on the show, I am the one who just didn't pay attention, but I'd like to ask Sheldon: How old are you actually? Or are they all the same age? I think Sheldon is younger, right? Oh, and the usual - have you ever had sex, created a robot-girlfriend, tried to have sex with a robot....etc :D
  3. I just remembered a scene from the season - don't really know which episode though. They are playgon Halo (?) and Penny beats Sheldon, after he jumps and say something like "Noone can be that attractive and this skilled in video games". Was he only stating a fact or did he, in fact, hit on Penny?
  4. Nope, just had lunch Next person is allergic to something
  5. Hm, I hoenstly don't know. Seems to be only a radio....but now I'm totally curious, too.
  6. Oh, speaking about Penny catching up - one of my favourite scenes with her is when she's talking to the dead-h.ker-new-bee-queen about the guys and starts to explain the Star Trek shield. It's priceless. :D
  7. True Next person likes to read manga
  8. OMG, just can't wait to see this. And I already feel sorry for Penny.
  9. Although I'm quite a Penny/Sheldon shipper or, as it was discussed earlier, a Jim/Kaley shipper, I do see the cuteness in the Penny-Leonard relationship. Plus, I think that Penny is a really beautiful character in the show because she clearly cares about these guys even though there is nothing geeky about her. And she is great with Leonard.
  10. I really would love to see the promo for this. When does CBS usually start to promote the new episodes?
  11. I noticed that, too. However, he seemed to me rather tired. BTW, I already ordered a cylon toaster - can't wait to get it. :D
  12. Originally from Slovakia, but now I live in Budapest, Hungary.
  13. Thank you, melyanna. Great pic, noamy. And lovely earrings. Now it will be easier to recognize you on the streets of our town :D
  14. Sheldon and the Cylon toaster for the win!!! :D
  15. Oh, I'm sorry, about your cat. You look nice, btw.
  16. My mother tounge is Hungarian, but I can speak English, German, Czech, Slovak and Japanese, currently learning Russian and Swedish (plus Middle Egyptian, Coptic and ancient Greek).
  17. atheles

    Know you

    Basics Name: Myrtil Age: 27 Birthday: 01. November Sex: female Eye colour: blue/grey Hair colour: Blonde (sometimes almost white) on top, black on bottom Height: 174 cm Any pets if yes what are there names: 2 dogs, live with parents now: Charlie and Lordi Favorite Drink: coffee Food: pasta Colour: blue, black Store: amazon, FreeCity Either/Or Spender or saver: trying to be more of a saver Books or movies: I am a book-worm and a movie-freak as well Sweet or salty: salty
  18. False. Kirk for the win. Next person is a vegetarian.
  19. Hello there! I'm a newbie, too, but let me welcome you here. I had the same problem until I got my flatmate into watching it and now he is totally crazy about TBBT. :D
  20. Wow, you look beautiful. Don't know why, but up till now I thought you were a man. Sorry, my bad. I'm at work at the moment, but I will try to post a pic or two.... Here they are:
  21. Exactly. Plus, one way or another, they all are scripted as well. And some are simply disgusting.
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