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    Huge Fringe fan here! Although the acting is far from great in it and I don't like where the Walter Bishop character is going - I mean, it's clear they want him to be the cool-crazy doctor, but they are exaggerating this to a way when the character actually becomes his own parody. And, oh for god's sake, Leonard Nimoy was part of the cast for some episodes, so of course I watch the series!!! :D
  2. Twilight Harry Potter Saw - any part. Shame to call it a movie. Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives and reality shows. Bah.
  3. Well, the link doesn't seem to work for me, but I found my way around and all I can say, without spoiling it all, is WOW. :D
  4. Love the promo, can't wait to see the episode :D
  5. I am in first semester only, cuz before this uni I wanted to finish some other stuff mentioned above. We will have Latin next semester and we will also have to choose between akkadian or sumerian. Any advise? Oh, hittite? Cool. I wish could study that, too, but there isn't any course on that here...
  6. Hey, you too? That's great. What languages do you study? I have lessons in Classic Egyptian, Coptic and ancient Greek so far. But I might need to take up some more in the upcoming year.
  7. Hi and thanks for the warm welcome. Noamy, I am from Slovakia, but my mother tounge is Hungarian, so: Igen, beszélek magyarul. Te magyar vagy, vagy csak itt élsz most?
  8. Noamy, you are absolutely right. I have been thinking about this theory as well. And yes, that video is just priceless. I don't care whether it is just harmless flirting or more, they are great together and it is a pleasure to look at them.
  9. I already have a degree (MA) from English and Japanese Philology, plus a translator's certificate from English, German, Slovak and Czech. And currently I am studying Egyptology and ancient languages in Budapest, with a minor in Literature. And I am also a permanent lurker at the university's astrology and meteorology department (gush, those guys have wonderfully equipped labs).
  10. I also see a big resemblence between Jim's and Sheldon's way of talking, the gestures etc. And it's Jim, he just takes this already apparent mimicry and applies it on Sheldon, yet in a more exaggerated way. Oh, and Jim is cute. Yepp, there, I said it.
  11. I remember a talk about the Shenny shipping on this year's Comic Con, too, so the writers are clearly aware that some fans prefer this coupling. As for me, I am a hopeless Sheldon/Penny shipper, but more in an "awkward, but beautiful" relationship way, than a romantic one. Anyway, what I want to say is that I really enjoy their scenes together and even the idea of Sheldon taking care of a sick Penny makes me giggle in a very absurd way, so I just can't wait to see it. And probably scream with laughter
  12. Such news! Wow. I am a HUGE BSG fan and Starbuck has always been my absolute favourite, so I can't wait for this episode. Gosh, I could give away a kidney just to be part of the audience that day... -sniff, sniff-
  13. Hello everybody! I am from Slovakia, but I study in Hungary at the moment (you know, with the Hungarian barbarians who wanted to use Penny for dragon fodder). I've been a fan of the show....well, since it started, but it was only yesterday that I stumbled upon this forum. If you have any questions, shoot.
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